8K-X Status update?


Don’t forget the real graphics lib Vulkan aka glnext :smirk:

Why use restricted libs when you can use a good crossplatform one (less work) see valve conference.

Instead of DirectInput use SDL etc


You stated that you would need two cards to run a 8kx and this is not the case. I referred to sli as running two cards at the same time and used „special“ to describe your „non sli way“ of using two cards (rendering not sli which literally means scan line interleave, so both cards render one frame at the same time) but one whole view per card, which is the case with vr-sli from nvidia and also amd has an equivalent library. But hardly any game uses that feature (i read somewhere there are only two games which use vr-sli)


The main advantage of a 8kx versus an 8k would be the 90hz refresh instead of 80hz.

We should not forget that even pimax stated that there is little to none visual difference between the 8kx and 8k prototype in their kickstarter page. So, yes, the 8kx is a bit overpriced and for geeks.

This is why i ordered both :joy:


Depending on how things pan out, I would expect Pimax to offer something similar to the 8KX to the public in a few years. I think there’s a good chance I would buy one.


I indeed have backed both the 8K and the 8K(X). As said, I will try to be patient and wait for the 1180Ti. Only if the 980Ti simply does not really allow me to play the games with 8K in any acceptable compromise setup, would I consider going for anything less than the 1180Ti. Patience is a virtue… :relaxed:


I am happy about the delay of the 8k-X. Sure, would be always great to have it earlier but than i had to buy 2 new Graphic Cards while they were really expensive (thanks to mining). Also I’d like to see Pimax listen to the Feedback of the 8k to ‘maybe’ fix minor/major bugs in the later Version, so from my side even waiting longer would be OK.

The only thing i am afraid of is that Google/FB or any other Company will announce something similar or even better to the 8k-X and release it even before Pimax. But how likely is this?


If you want dual 4k @ 90hz then yes multi-gpu(At least with current gpus released). Which is called Gpu-Affinity. Sli/CF are not tge same.

Granted Fruit Ninja could likely run at 90hz on a 1080 ti😏.

For dx11 games for gpu affinity there is Nvidia’s VRwerks & Amd’s LiquidVR


Oh. So i can not run two monitors with 4k @90Hz on one 1080ti?
Dp 1.2 does not have the bandwidth for 4k@90Hz?


Here is Tomsguide for 4k gaming benchmarks. Now keep in mind your Rendering 2 4k images instead of 1.

This is Eurogamers 8k uhd gaming (now we know the 8k-X is half height)

Display Port 1.2 4k specs

Display Port 1.4 & other goodies on 4k.


This was actually question for you.

Can you run your card in this configuration? If you look at Nvidia specs for 1080Ti it says DP 1.2 certified and DP 1.3/1.4 ready. There are already know examples when “DP 1.3/1.4 ready” means it supports DP 1.3/1.4 protocol/signaling but not the transfer speeds. The marketing newspeak is at full swing here.

See the fine print at full spec page here:


The 1080Ti can certainly run multiple 4K monitors, but I’m not sure about the 90Hz refresh part. Iirc, there’s a limitation that the card doesn’t support the compression protocol required for full DP 1.4 certification, which is required to achieve the highest bandwidth (highest rez at highest refresh rate). Another factor is how demanding is the game itself. With a single 1080Ti, you may need to lower the in-game quality of a game like Elite Dangerous.


You are funny :joy:.
How can I test without a 90Hz capable monitor?
I have two 4K monitors, but they are only capable of 60Hz.

Anyway, we have to wait for the next generation GPUs a while and until then I play with the 8k :+1:, which hopefully arrives soon.

Btw, if one card can not handle 4k@90Hz, how could two cards handle it? Any info on how that should work?


Linus where just showcasing the Asus 4k 144hz monitor on a 1080ti, so the 1.4 ready displayport seems to be able the hit our needed speeds. Since it is really a variant of the Titan X (pascal) I’m guessing that that will be able to as well and for sure the Titan Xp should.


Polite thought regarding this well repeated reference to 8K-X is barely superior to 8K…

How do Pimax actually know there is little to no difference between 8K and 8K-K is they haven’t tested it yet though?

And we know they didn’t test it when they made that statement as the technology didn’t and still doesn’t exist to test it at 90hz as no GPU exists to run 2x4K panels at a 90hz - the industry standard minimum for VR.

A cynic could think that Pimax are telling backers a ‘half truth’ probably to stop existing 8K backers demanding they want to drop their 8K pledge for an 8K-X ONLY) as Pimax know its far less profitable to invest in and market a $1000 ‘niche market’ HMD so then logically the fewer 8K-X for them sold now during the KS especially, the better. Hence they limited numbers to 400 and people were like, huh?!

I would liken it to Ford offering a Focus RS car at the end of the product life cycle to the enthusiast vehicle market so when the car is newly launched they can concentrate on the vanilla model years beforehand. As selling in volume nets maximum profits.

Personally I think once the hardware exists in 2019, (at the very least to watch 180/360 movies if PC games are too high a hardware requirement at 90hz), then 8K-X will still be the best ultra wide FOV HMD experience available. Thus, I believe 8K-X gen 2.0 with either wireless or single cable will become the new 8K model in 2020 or so and the 8K-X backers now, in 2018, will effectively and perhaps unwittingly have become beta testers for Pimax as they know we’ll give endless feedback and feel ‘grateful’ only 400 of these headsets exist in the world in 2018.

If so that’s a pretty smart business model to reduce costs. The enthusiast 8K-X backers using the gen 1.0 headset will be uber excited and tolerate various quirks (2 bulky cables etc) and other phenomena because they want and demand the best, for a premium price.

Thus to me, the idea the 8K-X is impercievably different to 8K comes with the unrevealed but critical caveat 'when we tested 8K-X using a 1080Ti GPU and NOT at 90hz.


That’s been answered by Pimax already. They tried it with the Pimax 4k. At first I was sceptic just like you but if you think of it, it actually makes sense that there’s not much difference. To really enjoy 4k native input you need content and what content is available for such resolution? Really just none. Sure you can run current gen games with higher res but you’d actually need high res textures for it to really make a difference and none of the games support that at the moment. So without content, yeah, I don’t think there will be much difference. In fact, think of it, without higher res textures all a game engine can do is ‘scale up’ pretty much like a hardware scaler. So I think that’s why there’s not that much noticeable difference.


Agreed it’s not hard to test with 2 single 4k panels.

Panel A runs with native 4k uhd input

Panel B runs Qhd upscaled to 4k uhd

Compare & voila. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I do not agree , there is couple games I played with true 4k textures like IL 2 Bos , BoM, Kuban (planes , tree , roads) , Elite Dangerous have 4k planets textures, Skyrim Vr with mods


Now did you do a blind test? Without a blind test most will see a difference because they know there is one.

MaximumPC did such a test on Audio with a group that had in the mix an Audiophile who swore he would know the difference between Analog & various sampling rates. The Audiophile was surprised by the results.

Often we see/hear differences because we know there should be one.

In WW1 and/or WW2 they ran shortbon morphine & used sugar pills to make ppl believe they got pain killers & it worked.


Really ? do you think that game devs or moders cheating on that. They usually showing screens A this 1k or 2 k textures , B 4k. And yes I see difference even in orginal Vive, but probably will see more difference in Pimax 8k and 8k X


Then try a blind test to be sure. Otherwise you might not be seeing what think you are.