8K-X Status update?


As a classical musician who has strained his ears for many many years to here every little subtle nuance of what I’m attempting to play and also having a highend music system I personally appreciate the analog, maybe I’m just deceiving myself though. Obviously whatever senses we most use the wiring in our brains are changed over time allowing for greater development and possibly perception in those areas such as music listening appreciation, above and beyond the more common listener.:wink:


But keep in mind we are often not listening to a single instrument & one could say if your “straining” to hear differences; your wasting effort.

Human range is interesting. As some have higher aquity to different frequencies. Ie some hear whining/ringing that most won’t even if straining.

I don’t recall which Beatles tune it is but i remember an audiophile talking about a cuff link hitting a hat? Or guitar string (can’t remember) but he said you could hear itvin vinyl but not cd. It would be interesting to test this with the higher quality digital formats.

How does the free audio format Ogg compared to mp3?


Thats why a blind test us good to try. Listen while you know what is what then try random sampling to see if you can identify which is which.

I know Yamaha was great back in the day with their Natural Sound? Amps when they came out.

& some still prefer tube amps


I’ve read some stuff about harmony and resonance that happens in ‘real life’ which is about true natural analog sound. So having them missing in an mp3 might actually change the overall sound when it has left the speakers, sometimes even amplified by the room you’re listening in due to reflection and whatnot. Anyway, I believe this would seriously affect my judgement as an audiophile :blush:


Don’t fight the Vinyl Revival :smiley:

Saying that, my brother (who converted to digital years ago) still has his old Meridan D600’s wired up to a Sonos network, now add a high bit streaming service and it makes most people’s jaw drop, including mine. I haven’t heard a better set of speakers for the SH price you can occasionally nab them at.


I was a tube guy until I switched to axe fx, NOBODY hears the difference anymore at least on a recording. Ditched all my amps, my back thanks me for that.
The feeling while playing is somewhat different because I used to turn certain amps all the way up to achieve certain sounds which affects the way of playing. Now I can get the same sound at very low volumes.
Ogg btw is “better” (sound/size ratio) than mp3 but not every player supports it so I never considered using it.


Most don’t realise Ogg is free where as mp3 is licensed.


I usually go for 320kbit to be almost safe. 256 is sufficient in most cases though. It also very much depends on the kind of music that you listen to, the way it has been produced the type of gear you use for playing and exact spots that you are looking out for. I’m still using Genelec 1030 which can with no doubt be considered the most accurate speakers ever build. However a lot of plp would consider buying something probably even more expensive because hearing music is sometimes more fun if it’s a little colored. just like using tube amps that actually add overtones that were not there previously in a recording but making it far richer sounding. I hear less of a difference on my HD 650 and UE11 that I got sponsored although they are awesome gear as well.


I came for 8K-X Status update new messages and read about some audio stuff. I have nothing against high-end audio, but I guess some moderation may be deserved here :slight_smile:


srry you’re right of course, guess since we obviously need to wait anyway to get relevant news we spend the time with different stuff. I like it that there are so many creative and interresting plp out here and got caught off topic a little. Blindtest and human perception (including audio) is an intreaging topic though and ultimately will be an important topic concerning immersion in vr as well. Not only for plp with a synesthetic curse :slight_smile:


Moderation usually is quite relaxed here, no worries to go a bit offtopic, however when a ‘side trail’ is getting too large we move it to its own topic. We’re just about at that point with the mp3 discussion, it seems the discussion is over now, but if people will want to continue, I’ll move the mp3 discussion to its own topic and discussion can continue there.


I would like to see the 8K X. I believe in being prepared.

I’d prefer have the 8K X and have to do upscaling on the GPU today (slightly lower quality), and have the extra image quality in a year or two when graphics hardware is faster.

Rather than having to upgrade later.

Unless you provide a way to bypass the scaler on the normal 8K for later.


It’s getting on for August, I doubt 8K will be all delivered before December. So 2019 Q1 looks a realistic target for 8K-X, maybe powered by a monster next gen GPU and mega microchips that allow for optimal 4K per eye.


I doubt we will see any sign of 8K-X before Mar-April '19, but I agree 8K will most likely ship Nov-Dec '18.


Who knows. Not even Pimax probably really know at this stage. It may be a very simple job to produce the 8K(X) once the 8K is done, rip out the upscaler chip and simply replicate the cable and onboard chip. That surely should not be too difficult in itself. But they may want to address the 90 Hz, and that could be simple too, if the failure to achieve 90 Hz was caused by the upscaler chip (alone), or as complicated as it is for the 8K.

And then, Pimax of course may have new & other ideas and wish to make the 8K(X) a showcase of such features which then could delay the development too. So I am not sure I have any specific expectation about the likely delivery date of the 8K(X) today… as long as they have done a good job on the 8K, it can wait because the uncertainty remains if we can actually put it to any practical use if we ‘only’ have a 1180Ti in our systems… rendering true 6K with 90 FPS will be fun for my favorite games…:fearful:


On one side 8k-X could be released with the dual bridgechip setup. The v2 must hsve had dusl bridge chips due to using 2 hdmi cables.

However imho the 8k-X backers would benefit hugely if wait for Amalogics new bridgechip. Likely out late q1 or q2 in 2019. The bridgechip also features built in scaler.


Could you put a link to the news ?


Here is the discussion @sjefdeklerk started on it.

Analogix 4k120 bridge chip ready Q1 2019


At this point I’d be very ok with waiting until this chip came out if it allowed the 8kX to both do true 4k and upscale 2k. This is because I elected to have the 8k shipped in the meantime but also because the demands of the 8kx are going to be bigger than i Inititally expected in 2017.

I may not understand this topic fully but if this new chip would allow the option for 2k upscale and 4k native then this is my stance. Plus, having only one video input would be nice.

What about this supposed new dedicated video port for vr being rumored on the next gen nvidia GPU series?