8K X Survey Concerns and Minor Issues


I just completed the Survey apparently successfully after receiving an email confirmation stating so. As an 8k X backer I have a few small concerns about the survey though that I and maybe other would like to find addressed who have backed the 8k X. The list is as follows;

On the survey form you are asked the following questions that give issue.

You are asked if you want the 8k loaner first and then to send it back to receive the 8kx. or the only other option available is to select to receive the 8kX after May. This is an issue for me and others who have added the (499) to keep the additional 8k. This standard 8k doesn’t show up on my rewards only the 8kx is listed. In the hopes that this will be clear enough I have added the information into the additional add-on text box hoping that some Pimax employee will see that and the form is not entirely automated at this stage.

The form also requires you to select what type of controller sticks or thumbpad and will not let you complete the survey unless you make a choice, since I only ordered the HMD this was still required and I hope it doesn’t lead to confusion for the timely completion of my order? @Heliosurge @xunshu @matthew.xu


Yea… I’m kinda concerned my self about the survey…

I ordered the Full 8K kit… but I pledged extra for another set of hand controllers. Because Pimax is building two separate kinds (thumb and pad)… I want a set of each. It’s gonna suck if I receive two sets of the same kind! I had to write my intention on a single line in that survey and when I re-read it from the email I received… darn, wouldn’t you know it I made a grammar mistake in the request and the 10 mins to edit it expired! Though I still think I was clear in my instructions.


I would recommend sending @matthew.xu a pm with order details (backer number)

But yeah the survey is a bit unclear. I want a set of each controllers & detailed it twice in the survey


Im a bit worried this survey is a recipie for disaster in its current form. With 4000+backers and all the language barriers Pimax need to clarify how we can contact them to give specific order details

Sending Matthew a PM is probably not going to resolve anything. What is he going to do with that message? Do they have a system to manage and update all the specific details for each account? If they dont this campaign could end up being a disaster

Pimax need to clarify how we can update specifics. What info do they need from us? Backer number only? How about extra payments made through their website… Hows that being monitored and recorded?


Just keep in mind there will be some backers whom didn’t add any exras. But yeah it could be cumbersome.

Like i said in the meantime i would message Matthew just as a potenial extra layer.


If as a full package ($999) 8K-X backer who has paid this, if you pay $500 for an additonal 8K headset get sent this in January 2018 and send it back to them once you receive your 8K-X with lighthouses and controllers later on, how much do Pimax pay you back once they receive it their end? Do they pay you back 50% or 100% of your $500 for your 4-5 months use of the 8K product they ‘loaned’ you?


They dont refund you anything. If you paid an extra $500 you will own the 8K you recieve in Janurary and they will send you the X later

Did you pay $500 extra before kickstarter closed?


Thanks for replying. So 8K-X backers who think you ‘send the 8K back’ are very much mistaken.


No you are just unable to understand simple english. If you paid $500 you keep it, if not you send it back and get an 8K X in its place.


Did you order the 8K X? Did you add $500?


8KX+500 for the Standard 8K meant you’re free and clear to keep the Standard 8K because it’s already been paid for.


Hi @Fresco,

I am sorry for the inconvenience, the information in the survey is not perfect.

You can fill in the comments your requirements and the parts that are not covered in the survey.

Thank you


Hi @Davobkk,

After we collected the order details, and we will double check the order when we export a CSV on kickstarter.

Thank you


Hi backers,

If you have any question and request about survey and order details, please send message to PimaxVR on kickstarter.

Thank you

Can I use the headset without controllers and basestations

I did back for the 8K HMD only. I considered adding two controllers but all the survey and pledge adding was prone for ending in disatster from the moment they started this.
HMD only is my best shot at getting a HMD as quick as possible. I own a vive meaning I can buy new controllers later.

I am sure they will figure it out. I think they let the backers choose way too freely though.


No need for rudeness.

I have a neurological disease so I find it harder to understand new information.


I back for the 8K HMD only but had to add controllers or I could not finnish the servay, It looked to me as if you get the controllers free, if thats not the case how do you remove them ?
If they are free will this hold up the shipping of the HMD ?


No, you didn’t add controllers to finish the survey, you answered the question:
“Which style of the controllers do you prefer?”

This is because Pimax only sent out two different surveys (afaik).
One for all the 8K backers, both the only HMD and the full package, and one version for 8KX.
This may have been a bit confusing as even the only HMD backers had to answer if they prefer, Trackpad or Thumbstick.

So no you wont get free controllers.


Ok I get it now thanks.