8KX backer, still never recieved loaner headset



After months and months of waiting, and several dozen support tickets, I still have never received any headset. I just get excuse after excuse.
8KX backers were supposed to receive a loaner headset to use until the 8KX was ready. I got nothing.
I don’t even care if it’s an 8K or 5K. They say there is no stock, yet I can buy a 5K on amazon right now.

The last response I got in may was

Derek VVV commented:


8KX is expected to be released in July,

how about we just wait for some time, because if I send the device to you now, you may play it for a few time and return it back,

that is not easy.

It’s been 3 months, I’m still waiting. And it doesn’t look like the 8KX is coming anytime soon still.

Any other 8KX backers still waiting for a loaner too?


Why some sale manager tell me that 8k x will released next year.


Who was that lol ?..


Hi @crfx, the delivery time of 8KX will be known on September 16. Thanks.


Thats a bit “funny” for him…


I’m sorry that I don’t know about his case, but I can arrange an 8K or 5K+ to @crfx recently.

So, would you like to receive an 8K or 5K+ first @crfx?

I am very sorry to have kept you waiting, sir. I hope I can solve your problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.


Finally someone who will actually do something.
I would like a 5K+ if you could.
backer #1770


I’ll send you a PM later. I need to confirm your shipping address. Thank you.

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