8KX backers screwed?


I haven’t heard a SINGLE peep about the 8KX since the Kickstarter ended a year ago.

Is the 8KX and its backers forgotten about?


8k-X was said to take about 3 months after 8k-X.

As for updates any improvements to 8k were improvements to the 8k-X with exception to details regarding scaler.

The 8k-X should be a shorter to develop as pimax already has experience with dual inputs from the v2.

The only delay I could see that would be beneficial to X backers is the new anx7538/9 bridgechips being good to wait for their availability. The new bridgechip has it’s own flexible scaler. Native & upscaling could be available depending on input signal.


Doesn’t change OP’s point that Pimax hasn’t said word one about the 8kX. It’s all very well and good to speculate, but it’d be nice to have someone actually say something even if they’re doing nothing.

The latest update, #32, isn’t very encouraging. It seems to suggest that if you paid $950 or more for an 8kx, you can choose to go with a 5k+ that all the people that paid $500 for a 5k will now get upgraded to.

Again, not one word about progress on the 8kX, maybe they aren’t doing an 8kX and instead are gonna foist a lesser product on us and shaft us for the price - oh wait, we would get a $100 coupon I guess to cover the extra $500 we shelled out.


Any progress on the pimax headset is alsio progress on the 8k-X. Pimax did say the 5k/8k would be finished first. Since the 8k & 5k are being released. The 8k-X will start seeing updates, in all likelihood an update towards end of October. Since the v2 was a dual input setup they already have experience needed.

@xunshu can you get an update to fix cost difference on switching 8k-X? I presume 8k-X users have the following options:

  • Keep Order unchanged
  • Switch to 8k (difference in ks price credit)
  • Switch to 5k+ (above +$100?)

The update recently posted is creating confusion as it appears X backers would only get $100 credit. Now is the $100 credit for those whom chose to pay extra to keep loaner?

Do the X backers have a choice on which loaner headset?


I’m with you - i feel like i’m getting totally ripped off by being offered a 5K Plus with $100 to ditch the 8KX pledge. Instead of the original promise which was that 8KX backers could keep the 8KX and buy in to one of the other pledges.

The 5K pledge cost $349 FFS, it’s not a fair swap.

They also said if we did buy in to one of the bottom of the range models, we could return that HMD for a full refund when the 8KX was ready.


The offer of the +$100 credit is for 8k-X backers whom opted to pay extra & keep the loaner unit. Switching paid for loaner from 8k to 5k+.


Sorry, I am still confused from Update 32 and this thread. Can you please clarify:

  1. 8k-X backers: the 5k+/8k will be a loaner unit?
  2. 8K-X backers have an option to pay extra and keep the loaner unit?
  3. Only if 8k-X backers keep the loaner unit, they get $100?
  4. Is the $100 off the purchase price of the loaner unit, or in-store credit for accessories?
  5. How much do the loaners cost?

I apologize if this seems rude, I am trying to keep my language simple for easier translation.


Ya that is the point of this topic. It is now fall 2018 and no news for 8KX backers.

Another topic I’d like to bring up is that by having dual Displayport 1.4 chips/cables means that we could easily have 4K/90 Hz or HIGHER refresh rate per eye. But I haven’t seen any mention of that either.


8k-X backers whom paid extra to keep loaner have a choice of 8k or 5k+. If they go with 5k+ they get $100 credit…

Now that the 5k & 8k are complete. The 8k-X will start working on developing as was the origunal plan.

The updates to the 5k/8k also reflect to the 8k-X as all of it is identicle except the X has dual bridge chips.

Dual Dp 1.4 input maybe able to go higher than 90hz. However tge displays I beleive are 90hz making going higher moot.


We had the opportunity to pay extra to keep the loaner?! When was this? I never got this offer. There was a survey a year ago asking if we would be interested in getting a loaner while we waited but that was the last I heard about this. Is purchasing the loaner still an option? For how much? How do we send the money? I’m sorry, I am very confused.

I am happy to hear the 8k-X is still being developed- my fear was that it was being dropped.

@xunshu @Pimax-Support


During the campaign it was asked. Folks also asked about ordering extra headsets. Like myself I ordered both 8k full & 5k full & added the value to the pledge.

Many 8k-X backers asked about keeping the loaner & pimax said to add 8k value to pledge.


Ahhhhhh okay I must have missed that. I was looking at updates for the past year or so, it didn’t occur to me to look at ones from during the campaign itself.

Okay, so I have been getting worried over nothing then. Right. Well, that’s a relief. Thanks for the clarifications!