8KX Backers. Update from Pimax. We should be receiving an email/update next week

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If I missed any 8KX backers tag them here.


Good way!:handshake::handshake:


Can you give an estimate on when the 8K X will begin shipping to non-backers? I’m a new customer whose never owned a Pimax headset before.

Can we please keep this thread to the OP - I don’t mind if you open a separate thread on your question though but this way every thread soon will be filled with all sorts of different requests. Which happens often in this forum and then at the end it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack if you need to dig out certain information.


I would but at the same time people hate scrolling down in a 100+ post thread to find what they are looking for.

I’ve asked the question before with no response. So I’m doing it now because the question is related to the OP’s and also Matthew is already in this thread.


Is there a rough estimate @Matthew.Xu and @PimaxUSA that can be made when there will be stock? Or possible delivery windows?
For my own curiosity, numbers on how many Backers and Upgrader Units are to be made would be nice to see, but understand that you might not share them as of now.


The comment was not directed at you, I actually applaud you for creating a specific thread for a precise subject. I was rather trying to protect it from being hijacked for related matters.

50% of the many many posts in the forum are related to an 8K product and its delivery. Glad that nobody is bringing up his dish washer repair question because the manufacturer of it is next door to Pimax offices… /s

So let’s fill this thread with dozens of related issues too so it just joins the big swamp of information that is this forum…


Tagging myself? @cazman321

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Please continue tagging X Backers. I’ll add them to the list whenever I make a relevant thread.

The 8kx backers are in the low numbers. It first come first serve after 8kx backers

Think many backers don’t regularly (or at all) visit these forums, so better use the list of backers from Kickstarter than counting raised hands here? The list should contain a few hundred names…

It’s just some 2% of the Pimax users that visits the forum.


Does this mean 2% visit this forum or 2% are active on this forum ? Surly a lot more people visit it for important information but are not registered.


Well, to be honest I’m not sure. Kevin stated that mere 2% of the Pimax owners uses the forum.


I visited this forum for many months just to find out what was happening with the Kickstarter campaign before I actually joined . Considering this is the only place you can find any real current information about Pimax I think and hope a lot more than 2% visit it but are not registered or logged in . But I am just guessing .


@Tino. …

FYI: There’s a bookmark button on posts… :+1::wink:

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Yeah but if users don’t log in, how would you know apart from checking site logs of public IP addresses? Which is never an accurate way of checking for the number of unique visitors. You can have many devices behind one address, some home user setups change router IP every 24 hours so each daily visit from one home setup would show a different address etc etc

And then out of those you do have logged, you wouldn’t know who is a backer or not. Anyone can hit the site via Google.

I suppose unique visitors could done with a cookie, but not usually the way these days. And it wouldn’t identify backers :+1:

I’ll guess Pimax have compared the total number of registered users on the forum compared to the total number of customers to get an approximate idea, and 2% is a pretty low proportion whichever way you look at it!

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Let me know when we are getting notice about shipping our pimax back