8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



Hey guys! Sorry for the delay with my content and my downtime. I took a week off not long after Pimax Day to celebrate 15 year anniversary with my girlfriend while in Florida. I know, I should have said something in advance…

Anyways… im back home again, working on some Through The Lens content for a video later this week. Here’s one of the clips, in DCS with 8KX.

Shot in 24mm (not macro), 4K 60fps video. So preferably, watch it in 4K. Its really a challenge doing videos like this with manual focus, especially handheld moving around, so it may not be perfect, but Im working to improve the quality somehow.

How it looks, if u ask me? Stunning :slight_smile: Never seen clarity like this before. HP Reverb can’t beat this.
SDE is gone, yes. And if u see any pattern, then u must have some eagle eye vision. Congrats.

And well, while 8K+ looks identical in terms of SDE and already better than HP, the difference in clarity between 8KX and 8K+ is bigger than u might imagine.
Simply everything in the cockpit is fully readable from a sitting position and height.

Simmers will love this. Pimax haters will hate this :joy:

Pitool 1.0, SteamVR SS 100%, in game 1.2 ss and around 50-60fps (without the “default button” hack applied) so fully playable. Haven’t tested smart smoothing yet.

Oh and btw, dont mind the sound, just mute it. I have no idea what that noise is. The video is not edited, straight off the camera.


8K+ (for comparison) - Sorry a bit darker video.


Oh and you may wonder why Im not coming closer to the gauges? Well, you dont need to. And it makes no sense to do close ups, as everything just gets even more detailed up-close of course. I think it makes more sense shooting from a normal sitting distance in the cockpit. Because that’s how you play DCS. Leaning forward to read buttons is now history :sunglasses:


Any thoughts yet on if the 8kX cable can be extended by 2m? That is a deal breaker for many vs the 8k+ and also if it can reach 90hz after speaking with nvidia? I’d still like to see just how much worse the 8k+ is in terms of clarity as the 5k+ is already so clear and if the 8k+ is better than that, I am already impressed!

Congrats on your 15 year anniversary by the way!


I’m looking forward to getting my 8KX and very happy I took that leap of faith during the kickstarter. These little glimpses of what is coming is much appreciated :slight_smile:


It’s not like those of us with 1080TIs are punching out great fps in DCS even on our 5K+ so what’s the damage to run DCS on a 8KX? Minimum 2080 ti and an 8800K?

THX for the vid Martin


DCS really needs to get their stuff together and finally release that VR terrain engine optimization patch they have been talking about for seemingly ever that is supposed to be a big gain!


I thought I read somewhere, they were having trouble with what they thought they could achieve with it and still trying to work t out.


Well…if this not create an insane hype dunno what will do.


Looks like my 8kX bet paid off. This is really nice.
Thanks for the recording!


Here’s Pimax 8K+ for comparison (Also 4K footage, so watch in 4K). Sorry this video is sometimes slightly darker. DCS and the dynamic cockpit lightning screw things up. You should be able to see the difference in clarity and details.








Can this be referenced to a 5k+ or index so we can see relate it to current gen HMDs?


@michaelnyden Of course, Im on it !


if i see this the 8kx is worth the price difference for the extra clarity


Thanks man!

Well I tried 3 and 5m and I got a black screen only. I think I need much more high-quality extension for this…

In terms of clarity, 8K+ is noticeably ahead of 5K+, much thanks to the SDE, despite using upscaler.


Native resolution on same panels will always win in terms of clarity :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the new stuff!

I would be very interested in a lens shot comparison between reverb and 8kx.


Im sure there are plenty of YouTubers that will hype the Cosmos a lot more than 8KX…lol


Coming of course!