8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



Exactly, a tie in clarity is a win for Pimax.


The next development NEEDS to be the optics, not more resolution. The 8K-X is bringing your $1200 card to its knees! Double the resolution of the current HMD, and you will get about 15-30hz on that card. We will be two to three generations away from 7680x4320 at the required FPS. It would make better sense to try new lens designs that make better use of the already high resolutions.


Martin do you think it would be possible for Pimax to work on better lenses in the future that would be moduler whith the current gen headsets they have out now? If they could pull this off i would be pretty confident in saying that every Pimax owner would buy one. I know i would!!


dont count on this. lol Its a ton of money for them, and I have been suggesting this since KS. Its what needs to happen though.


I think that if making a better lens is something Pimax is interested in doing that they should make it moduler and backwards compatible to current headsets. I would hate to buy 8kx and a year from now they have an 8kx with better lenses. I woud feel robbed to have to pay another 1500 for it. But i know this is a long shot.


New lenses that we can swap out truly would be something. The Pimax lenses now aren’t really modular per say, but they’re easy to remove from what I’ve heard. Plus, there’s a protective layer for the screen. I definitely think it’s feasible.


Martin, although not as “modern or Sexy” which can be questionable to the angular look of the F22, you should have had a silhouetted frontal view of the Su27.

I assume that is the cockpit you are strapping your VR self into in DCS - No??

Also, can you record yourself looking sideways out over the landscape in your Su doing a Cobra Maneuver?:grin:


Not the only one Jo, not the only one :rofl:


Yep, my 5k+ has better blacks and better colours than my Rift. No question

-Oh, and it doesnt suffer from the colour banding of the rift


To be fair to the HP Reverb. There are better footage than martins of this cockpit. Sort of a bad representation of how sharp the Reverb really is.


T h at was the point I was making.


He wasn’t in the ( relatively small) sweet spot very much when filming the reverb , obviously that the pimax has much bigger sweet spot making it easy to get focused footage from it


I know Marcin is going to jump on me for saying this but screw it.

Some bias now showing through here with this comparison as far as I am concerned. As a HP Reverb owner, the images are not representative as proven by similar images using through the lens shots. In some ways Marcin’s images appear more skewed (not aligned properly or a really bad defective unit). Having already admitted to owning the V1 Reverb with all its faults, I can’t see why he is bothering with this comparison other than making the 8KX look more favourable against the leading headset for clarity (appearing more like 8KX marketing). It’s like entering a road-race knowingly with a flat tyre when you are secretly working undercover for a competing team.

I believe from what I am looking at, the 8KX speaks for itself. It has a nice clean image on par with the Reverb and better blacks and colours, wider field of view. That is really all that needs to be said to sell this product.

Marcin commented in another thread that he now feels for Pimax and the hate towards them having seen how hard they work to get these headsets out. But by the same token, doesn’t offer that same courtesy to HP who also must have worked hard on their headset, and is quite happy taking pot-shots at them.


I agree with the above in fact I’ve had to pop out to buy more salt, but sweviver please don’t stop posting eye watering shots in the 8kx

  1. The HP Reverb sweet spot is laughable. Which my camera can’t deny. Its maybe 15% of the whole view you see. Makes it extremely difficult to capture with a DSLR. Ask MRTV :wink:

  2. The center part of the view is indeed sharp on
    HP, similar to 8KX (sometimes worse and sometimes better) and Im clearly pointing that out by zooming in the video a few times in particular spots.

  3. Believe it or not, 8KX takes the edge somehow in many shots and personally I can say while using the 8KX, it DOES indeed look more sharp and SDE free than HP. I dunno even how its possible.

  4. Does this video make the HP look bad? No, what it does show is that 8KX looks even better.

Im sorry if I hurt your feelings about your HP, @RobCram


Maybe so, But there is plenty footage of DCS with Reverb with far better results. The New Pimax looks great, but…the Reverb is not shown to represent to how it really looks like regardless of smaller sweetpot. Also, you tend to do much better work than this comparison


Do you have some links, please? Would love to see them


Start with this one.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjmKdSDFYS4


The problem with many Through-The-Lens images and videos Ive seen over the past is that they dont represent what you really see in VR:

  1. Either a blurry mess that simply removes the pixels completely
  2. Close up shots of gauges 20cm away from the headset - which will look detailed close up even on OG Vive (go ahead and try)
  3. Angled camera/lens a few degrees that interferes with the pixel structure and makes the SDE less apparent
  4. Captures the center part of the viewable area only, which always is sharp

Despite the fact that I think high res photos are much better for SDE comparison, I still decided to show you a video. And in that video I show you the whole view of the Reverb. What you basically see. Not what your eyes focus on only in the center, but the whole view. Which I think is quite important.

No matter how sharp the HP might be in the center 15% part, it IS a blurry mess outside that zone and no V2 or v3 version of Reverb can fix that unless they switched to new lenses completely.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ny-8pmpXOM

Will look for more