8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



90hz yet? Any news on that?


maybe a quality and display port 1.4 standard 2m cable might work and I think would qualify the headset for many more users if it worked!

This many 5k+ owners are using and works but more importantly is DP 1.4 according to the manufacturer, might be worth a try? https://www.amazon.com/Rankie-Extension-Cable-DisplayPort-Female/dp/B01KRLQG2M/ref=sr_1_3?crid=MFURSALN7MS8&keywords=rankie+dp+extension+cable&qid=1570473772&sprefix=Rankie+extension+ca%2Caps%2C200&sr=8-3


As my being influenced by TTL is only marginal, I am more interested in performance comparisons between the 5K+, 8K+ and 8KX. How good it looks only matters if I can run it. I look forward to those videos as always. :smiley:


Agreed, we need an FPS comparison between the 8kX and 8k+


Probably gonna take a while to hear back from nvidia on that!


Cool. Can you do the same with the HP Reverb please.


Kinda hoping Pimax gets an AMD card to see if not only Nvidia is having problems fully supporting Displayport 1.4 + DSC 1.2?

The AMD 5700(xt) cards are supposed to support it (from https://www.amd.com/en/products/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-5700-xt):

“DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression is ready to power extreme refresh rates, frame rates, resolution, and color depth for next-generation displays, supporting up to 8K resolution at 60 Hz or 5K at 120 Hz.”


8k+ input = 5k+ input but its ~15 % better thanks to smaller panels


Just bought this cable from scan.co.uk to try with the reverb
if it works with reverb then possibly would work with 8KX

2M Club 3D CAC-1022 DisplayPort 1.4 HBR3 Extension Cable 8K60Hz Male to Female Black


FPS versus quality comparison between the headsets.
Say tune them all to run a game X in 90fps with full (reasonable) eyecandy ingame and compare the pic quality.


Cool, that should work. But thinking about it, the max bandwidth for HBR3 is ‘only’ 32.4Gbps, so DSC is needed to increase the refresh rate of the 8kX. So Nvidia is likely having problems with DSC.

Without compression, min. bandwidth for screens at 8 bit colour should be something like:
3840 x 2160 x 90 hz x 2 screens x 3 channels x 10 bits = about 44.79 Gbps (thought it was 8 bits, but another 2 bits are used to encode the data).

Even the max amount of data that can be transferred with HBR3 is ‘only’ 25.92 Gbps (80% of 32.4Gbps).

But with DSC 1.2, apparently a third of the required bandwidth looks as good - or a third of 44.79 Gbps = 14.93 Gbps. So a display port 1.2 cable (HBR2, 17.28 Gbps) should be fine, if it works.


Didn’t expect to do all this arithmetic lol

EDIT: I think 10bit colour would be fine too since:
53.75Gbps / 3 = 17.92 Gbps < 21.60 Gbps (HBR 2 bandwidth)

Going off-topic, will stop now


I know you have lots of work so I wont ask for any specials pictures or what.

The thinking part of my brain is now off, only the In33dOn3 part is overheating


I think Robin said tested with 2m to 3m cable extention was okay. Just not 10m cable.


I’m on my fourth dp extension cable with this one , it does dsc 1.2 too , it’s the fastest extension I have found so far with 8k @ 60hz and Male and Female ends , I’ll have it tomorrow

CAC-1022 - The Club 3D DisplayPort™ 1.4 HBR3 Male/Female, 2m/6.56ft. Cable enables the extension of your connection to your DisplayPort™ supported (Gaming) PC or Laptop to an (Ultra) High Resolution Monitor or other DisplayPort™ supported device. DisplayPort™ 1.4 adds support for Display Stream Compression 1.2 (DSC), Forward Error Correction, and extends the maximum number of inline audio channels to 32.


Well this has been the Elephant. Amd cards are working decently on other VR Hmds. But are having issues specifically with Pimax headsets & Amd & pimax haven’t to my lnowledge resolved this yet.


Can we get confirmation from sweviver and others on this and which cable exactly?


I would imagine so. @PimaxVR could likely answer specifics to this as he was the one mentioned extending & why the 10m cable would not work.


@SweViver Did you end up going to Disney? The Avatar ride (Flight of the Passage) is a must see if you haven’t already. It’s like a hybrid VR/3D experience with a motion rig. 3D glasses but the screens are high res and close to your face so it’s almost like full FOV VR.

And thanks for the new vids.


Actually does “PimaxVR” have a name, or is it a secret or perhaps multiple persons?


Thank you very much!

Edit: and a fast side by side, note its done quicke and dirty with screenshots at 4k from Martins Videos, taking the images like that and saving in jpg, does not makes the quality better, but does show the “delta” in sharpness.