8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



Well most ppl should know from the campaign as he posted quite a few times. Robin. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Can’t get better info than from him.



Specs wise we can calculate ppd reverb vs 8kx.
HFOV reverb ~100 (for easy math) PPD 21.6
HFOV 8kx 170 3840*0.9(ipd adj related)/170=20.3.
Also price is huge factor. All in reverb is 600usd, 8kx is 1300+500. So 3x the price. Factor in also rendering 2kx2k vs 4kx2k, gpu req is a lot higher on 8kx, that is 2070S vs 2080ti. Another 700usd diff. 4x the price of entry to wider fov gaming…


I think the quality difference could be bigger between these two, if I bumped up the “in-game” resolution scale above 1.2, which makes wonders to remove aliasing and increasing detail level. But then again, it makes DCS unplayable at that high resolutions…

Sure and Oculus Quest is probably still the best VR headset released, right? Built in PC, built in tracking, wireless and 400 bucks. Bang for the buck. Im serious. Its an awesome headset.

HP on the other hand, is the headset that wants to be a premium car, but unfortunately all it got is a nice paint job. On the inside, we find nothing but problems - well hidden by the shiny looking HP rims. Like my old Peugeot 206cc back in the days. It might tempt you. Until you unbox it and try it. Then you’ll find more problems than the 8K M1 beta unit had. Oh, and on top of that, suddenly you realize you cant even use the damn thing because they cheaped out on the IPD adjustment.

I have the HP in front of me here, and all I can say is that its the biggest piece of crap I have ever spent 900 dollars on (yeah in Europe you pay money for it). I never even bothered reviewing it, even though I bought it for that reason alone. Making a review would take me too much time and efforts to visualize all faults. Eventually, I only made a private first look video for my Patreons, they know all about it :slight_smile:

Yes, and wide FOV gaming is here to stay. Just like Ray Tracing. Either you jump on the train early, or miss out something big. I remember paying something like 500-550 usd for my first 3DFX graphics card, that was back in the late 90’s. Loads of money for me as a kiddo. My friends called me stupid… Weeks later, all of them wanted to play GL Quake on my PC.


Specs wise, the HP Reverb (or any other headset on the market) appears to be inferior to Pimax 8K-X. If so once the reviews are out of the final product purchased from the Pimax store, then arguably the price of the 8K-X is fair, especially as far as I can see, only the Xtal headset with better lenses comes close but for $6,000.

The ‘cheap’ HP Reverb in comparison to the ‘expensive’ 8K-X isn’t really ‘hype’: Reverb has…

  1. No hand tracking 7Invensun module probably the best on market (ask MRTV).
  2. No eye tracking module.
  3. No prescription lens module.
  4. Inferior screen resolution.
  5. Inferior SDE
  6. Inferior FOV
  7. Inferior tracking. (Pimax uses V2.0 Valve).
  8. Inferior controllers (Valve index are better than HP Reverb controllers which have received poor reviews).
  9. Probably Inferior audio to 8K-X (ask Sweviver who got a ‘sneak peak’ at the audio).
  10. No hardware IPD adjustment.

To compare the cost of an addmitedly expensive Pimax 8K-X top model Vs a bargain basement HP Reverb appears not very sensible at this point as they serve different markets, so are priced accordingly.

To me it’s like comparing a 5700 XT blower GPU with a 2080 TI FTW3 and then pointing out an OC 2080 Ti is $1500. Really, those who can afford it would simply say, so what, what other GPU can touch a 2080 Ti. As an AMD fan, they’re correct and really the same applies to the VR headset market.


Oh and FYI…HP FOV is around 85.



Quest indeed is best bang for buck, but we digress. Reverb had issues in first batch, and I focused on visuals. If ipd is in range reverb has higher ppd. Simple fact, no need to bring cars into discussion about vr :wink: .

  1. Red smear. EVERYWHERE
  2. Mura. Lots of it.
  3. Flickery right panel after 20-30 minutes. No solution yet.
  4. Vertical lines on bright backgrounds. Looks like vertical interlacing.
  5. Huge cable connector on your backhead that keeps disconnecting from time to time.
  6. A 4 meter cable. The thickest ever made.
  7. Works sometimes. 1 out of 8 USB ports on my ROG z390 mobo supports it. The others doesn’t work with HP at all
  8. Sweet spot is hilariously small. Even Quest and Go has a wider sharp area across your view.
  9. Gigabytes of malware required upon first install, and a laggy Mixed Reality portal eating your PC in the background.
  10. Smallest FOV of all headsets up to date. And rectangular view if u try to push it.
  11. Win+Y key eh… wtf MS???

And I could probably list 10 more.

And my HP has latest firmware.

If HP Reverb was a Kickstarter, they would have the most toxic forums on the Internet.


My unit has none of these…


It’s roughly the same sharpness from going from the original 8K to the 5K+! So another big jump between the two! I just wonder the difference to the eyes.


The difference is huge. Although, it makes me wonder if a future step up to 6K or 8K resolution headsets can do so much more in terms of SDE? Maybe the next big step would be pitch black OLEDs.

Going 4K is basically taking the step to a non existing SDE. Unless you are an eagle or something :wink: If VR headsets in general were introduced with 4K panels from start back in 2016, no one today would know what SDE even means.


Oh wow, that sounds awesome! Maybe something for the next trip if its not too busy hehe. Nope, we never got time for Disney, even although we were driving past the World Disney area many times :slight_smile:

Actually, Kevin took me to NASA Kennedy Space Center :sunglasses: that was quite an experience!


The thing is, for almost no sde you dont need 4k panel per eye, you just need good diffuser, ala Odyssey+ or Index or PSVR. Pimax 5k xr with diffuser would be interesting product, agree?


Then you are lucky :slight_smile: i reached out to HP two times questioning these issues. Nobody replied to me. Although, im not the one doing instant refunds, I assume they could at least contact me offering a replacent. But nope. Maybe I should have done a salty youtube review after all haha. Obviously, it works to get the attention needed…


Maybe if done right. I tried Odyssey+ on two occasions. It looked blurry to me. No clarity at all. Like a poorly upscaled image. Or maybe Im just too picky…

Index has surprisingly good SDE indeed being 1700p. The problem comes once you want to bring out the details in cockpits, on race tracks, on far distances etc. The diffuser wont help with that.


Then do 5k++ with diffuser ala Index? Both are RGB, that would make 8k+ pointless tho :slight_smile:


@SweViver What about distortions ? XTAL has no distortions.


I am sure if you contact the support you will get a replacement…
But anyways the reverb is far from perfect, that is why I use the Index the most…



Run the 8K+ or 8KX with a lower SS/PiTool value to keep the performance, bring it down to something around 2600x1600 and it will still look way better than the 5K+ and with no SDE. And sharp.



What does your girlfriend think of the 8KX? Also I’m glad you managed to spend some quality time in Florida. Don’t burn yourself out from work.


Peripheral distortion is all about lenses. XTAL lenses are something like 2cm thick aspherical pieces of glass. Thats what you pay for.