8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



Hehe I must say she havent even tested it. VR doesn’t seem to be her thing. Ive tried many times :wink:

Thanks man :kissing_heart:


With the new headsets, Desktop work and movies will be more viable. Hopefully that brings in interest from people who aren’t interested in VR.

Looking forward to more content!


Cost. Btw was pimax before short for portable imax? (Pimax 4k days) Huawei now wants that with VR Glass. They claim IMAX cert. Cool form factor…


Yes definitely. Virtual Desktops, watching movies, playing flat games in VR, professional work in VR etc, all benefit from the significantly higher resolution. This is what people wanted and expected from VR in the first place. And the previously low resolutions and narrow FOV are also reasons why many people didn’t jump on the VR train 2-3 years ago.


Hehe no, Pimax has nothing to do with IMAX :slight_smile: Nor does “Nokian” tires have anything to do with Nokia…


This needs to spread to ALL the flightsim forums. Currently there is a war going between those that want VR support for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and the old codgers who hate vr. Their main arguement is VR isn’t clear and headsets are too blurry.

Try saying that now.


Logo (old)on this forum and gearbest page say different story. Type pimax imax in google. 3dof 4k was best for media. But SweViver also has nothing to do with Vive :grinning:


I agree. But Im sure we can convert the old monitor-pilot grandpa’s to VR, sooner or later :wink: They first need to try it. Then u dont need to convince them.

I still own a HTC Vive. Its… somewhere… eh… hmm… so much dust I cant find it anymore.


Would love to see a picture of elite dangerous On the 8KX!


Do you know if Pimax is considering a 8KX OLED?


Hi SweViver, For some of us the increase quality of the color saturation, contrast and black-level will be as important as the higher definition I hope that you will find a way to show us how munch improvement vs the 5k+ 8K has be made on theses specifications even if were are still using LCD for the 8KX

@sjefdeklerk, @neal_white_iii


I’m sure they are but not much OLED panels of these dimension are available on the external market. Unless you are Samsung, LG or Sony procurement is very difficult even more for 4K full rgb


I think OLED in RGB stripe arrangement at that size are unusual/expensive still! You’d probably get an oled panel in pentile though.


I agree, the Index diffuser is better than the O+, but it’s still definitely noticeable in some scenes and makes things washed out. It’s hard to focus perfectly on things because of it.


Truth old school Simmers with Full motion cockpit sims would still prefer this over vr as the cockpit has full real controls.

But yeah Home simmers VR at this level would be awesome & more economical.


I should correct myself, it’s actually one huge screen, and I didn’t realize how many people were on the ride at the same time, it felt almost like a singular personal experience even though there were a bunch of people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ki0TvK2hmQ

Gotta remember to book a “fast pass” a few months ahead of time so you don’t have to wait like 2-3 hours to do the ride. OK, enough off-topic stuff lol.


Haven’t heard anything about a 4K RGB OLED panel yet, so I dont think its coming anytime soon. Its for sure the future, but its probably 1-2 years off.

I must say its very difficult to catch the brightess/color differences in through the lens images. Mainly because the camera needs custom manual settings for all headsets, refreshrates, different panel types etc.
It was very difficult to even compare the 5K+ vs 5K OLED on camera, even if the difference was huge with our eyes.

It may sound easy to just set manual shutter speed, manual exposure, aparture and ISO and leave it the same for all tested headsets, but its not that easy after all. Some panels just behaves differently on camera. Maybe its some optical factors doing this, or maybe its the camera sensor, but the colors and blacks/contrast u see on through the lens images are not always telling the truth.

And LCD will always be LCD and never OLED. We can get closer by improved panels and manual adjustments in PiTool, but don’t expect any miracles from LCD.


@SweViver as it has been left unanswered. Which brands of 2m or 3m extensions seem to work on 8kX?


True but hand tracking combined with a hotas setup is the best of both worlds. I think this will be the way forward instead of huge full cockpit builds.


An Oled though no full details was from a chinese firm that demoed a 4k Oled 5-5.5" panel with 732ppi targeting VR. But no info on it since 2015. At just under 100ppi should look quite good even if simillar to Samsung Pentile matrixes.