8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



I only have 2 cheap DP extension cables from ebay (3 and 5m) which both works with 5K+, XR, 8K and 8K+ while it struggles with 8KX. For 8KX we might need a high quality cable though… can’t confirm yet as I dont have any hi-end extension.


There is a free program on steam that doesn’t need handtracking that uses passthrough cams to place your hotas & other peripherals overlayed.

Check free content directory.


Awesome. I remember Robin mentioned a 2m was usuable but no details given.


Of course. Real cockpits are more realistic for sure. And once u have put 50,000 USD into your garage, it might be difficult and heartbreaking to convert to a 1,000 USD VR headset :joy:


Indeed VR is a good compromise for the girlfriend who said no to the Cessna cockpit purchase. :joy:


@SweViver When is it coming the long and detailed review ?


Do you recall the name of this software on steam?


As for the 8K+ and 8KX, I will start with different topics, tests and comparisons split into many videos. Its too early for a full summarized review yet, I think. I did the mistake with the 3 hour 8K and 5K+ review, and a few months later it was all outdated and much improved :slight_smile: Never bothered to re-do all over again…


Yeah what happened to that update really? It was announced like 5 months ago… :thinking:


Reality Blender.

Here is a link to the free content directory.


Only problem is the pimax is one of the few HMDs without any front cameras, I wonder if the hand tracking module can be used for anything like this in terms of leveraging it’s cameras unless they are IR only or something.


I agree. Not sure why pimax missed even having a simple dual passthrough camera built in.

From my understanding Handtracker might be able to be used. It’s been awhile but think Reality Blender may have mention og leap.


Now I’m very curious if we’ll see the website being setup on the 3rd week of October. Pimax isn’t known to be punctual.

Good news or Bad News depending on how you see it is that there isn’t a Public Holiday in China till next year.


Martin, thanks for your work show casing the new headsets.

Like the idea of crisp clear images and cockpit dial reading with no need to lean in.

For those wondering about required performance, SweViver gave the specs he ran the headsets at. If you have DCS then run the same settings and see how you go with your current Pimax headsets as the Target Render Resolution SS will be the same regardless of the actual screen resolution of your headset.

Me, just hanging out till the end of October when info is released about pricing and upgrading.:grin::partying_face:


BTW Martin, I just posted this up at the Il2 VR forum. Hope that is ok.


I think optics is going to have to be the next quantum leap. GPUs are not powerful enough to do anything higher than 4K per eye, so what we need are optics that use the whole display with a large sweet spot.

It might be interesting if you could try 1920x2160 or 3200x1800 on the X. Im curious of its performance and look when subsampled.


I wonder if the leap motion module could actually be used for mouth tracking if it was placed in the opposite direction. :thinking:


i wish pimax made a RGB stripe oled unit,with the normal field off view if large isnt possible…


Looks like you are stuck with the V1 version. Since then they rectified a lot of the issues in V2. However your post looks like a proper character assassination.



Edit: In fact, you seem to be a lot more defensive these days. What happened to the old (a bit more laid back) Sweviver? I want him back.


I believe it is very much a question of what your priority is - do you wish to enjoy the general sensation/immersion of flying, viewing the scenery or arial combat ? Get into VR.

Do you wish to focus more on the technical/operational aspects of flying, i.e. a realistic experience of flying a real airplane, with all the controls and instruments at your disposal and required to be operated, e.g. as a civil airline pilot flying from A to B ? In that case the hardware cockpit is 70% immersion while even a hand-tracking enabled VR cockpit will give you just like 30-40% as long as no haptic feedback for your hands & fingers is present. The added value VR brings may not be that exciting if you are hovering well above the clouds for most part of the flight, while during take off and landing you concentrate on your gauges to make sure you are managing your aircraft properly.

Sure, VR would add to the immersion but the real instruments may simply add more for these folks, and not make it worth the trade-off.

Well, how often did I use them on my og Vive ? Hardly ever. Do I need the pass-thru capability on my Rift S ? Not really. Just on the Quest it is helpful because you can actually run around to get a cup of coffee as you are untethered. I have not missed a camera yet on the Pimax. A capable mixed reality headset is still quite a bit in the future, there will need to be a number of improvements (in AR tech) to make that work well. By that time Pimax can add camera’s to their next upcoming headset…