8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



The passthrough could easily come from the handtracker. I have the Leap Motion v1 and it can show the infrared camera image in headset. Funny when your’re in a dark room and the misses walks in thinking you can’t see her but then surprise butt slap


@SweViver thank you for the videos, great quality as allways.

Are they taken with the same camera? I’m sure they are, but the flickering and Low brightness makes the 8K+ looking very bad imho


I love the quest and have never played so much VR!! Congratulations on your anniversary Martin.
The pictures do look truly amazing and a big step forward. I’m very interested in an exact backer £ to order the 8k x including all available vouchers.
Thank you.


Now all is left to do to have the best VR headset is to improve build quality and comfort, refine the software and add more features plus better integration and hopefully AMD Navi support, sort out any compatibility problem with the upcoming accessories (including the ones some are experiencing with valve controllers) and hopefully make better lens (perhaps pancake type ?).

Go Pimax…aim for the top ! :smiley:


I would even recommend those automatic settings profile for known games. So we don’t have to dis- or enable parallel projections.

When Pitool becomes a smart assisting program and word goes out that using the Pimax is a breeze then the value for non-super-enthusiasts becomes much higher!


Doesn’t he work for pimax now? There’s no impartiality if he does and I wouldn’t expect anything less, you’ve got to promote your employer, it’s in your best interests as an employee. The 3 amigos green lit the backers first headsets and after trying the 5k+, I don’t trust their judgement or impartiality, out of the 3, voodoo has always seemed the most credible and honest to me . I’ll wait for some independent reviews before even taking another look at what pimax have to offer.


The most independent reviews are the rest of the backers.

I’ll probably try to write a detailed review hopefully my headset doesn’t come with as many flaws as my 5K+ Loaner.


@SweViver as a simracer, i would be more interested to see the clarity difference when looking at a far object, like the interior curb of the next corner (end of the long spa straight line ?). Interior screens are already readble with 5k+, but it’s really missing higher resolution for far objects.

Anyway, i feel really amazed. I hope that i will be able to upgrade to the 8kx…


Thank you very much, Martin, for your efforts of trying to show us the quality of the new Pimax headsets. But for me it is impossible to judge the image quality by watching those videos or looking at the screenshots. To be honest, the render quality shown on the screenshots and video of the 8K+ seems to be worse than my 5K+. Quality of the 8KX seems to be on par with the Reverb I tested lately. I think, those images can´t give us the real impressions when wearing the headset. Only thing one can say is, that quality of 8K+ seems much worse than the 8KX in direct comparison.
I was looking forward to the 8K+, using the future upgrade program of Pimax. But now I am not sure any more about purchasing the 8K+. 8KX is surely out of reach, regarding my system specs (6700K, 1080Ti). I already do have problems with the 5K+(regarding DCS).


Yes this. I’d also like to see this in reverse - choose identical settings in each case and then compare FPS and quality.

8K-X native vs 8K-X upscaled vs 8K+


Well yeah. I should try to contact them again…

You know… When u work hard on something, side by side with the whole team working their *sses off day and night to get things done properly, its quite easy to get defensive when people only see the negatives. Its not only frustrating but also heartbreaking at times.

This is also one of the reasons I dont take my channel super serious right now. Theres been too much negativity around everything I do from the public. No matter how much efforts u put in. People love to hate. At some point I forgot that my channel was made because I thought it was fun. And it still is. But being daily accused for being a paid chill and fanboi just doesn’t motivate me in the same way it did.

And when u see the same people praising the HP and throwing sh*t on Pimax because its Pimax, then you realize it may be a good idea to change your approach in general. My idea is not to hype things as I did before, but to simply prove with facts and tests that the products from Pimax - despite being far from perfect - are the number one choice for the real VR enthusiast.


Yes its the same GH5 camera with 12-60mm lens at 12mm (24mm equivalent on full frame). The flicker comes from different refreshrate (90 on 8K+ which u cant set in the camera and causes loads of flicker). The darker image is because the light changes dynamically for no reason in DCS. Sometimes the cockpit is fully bright, suddenly it just goes darker. Probably light/cloud reflection or something. I didnt pause the flight, maybe I should have…


Well maybe you don’t need to push-back so hard against any naysayers, it’s a never-ending battle of opinions. Let the products speak for themselves at the end of the day.

My takeaway from your comment though is you are a lot more invested in Pimax (the company) now than before which is totally understandable.

Thanks for clarifying.


i was able to test the 8k+ for some minutes and i directly saw a big difference to the 5k+. It was a really nice experience and that moment i couldn’t imaging that the 8KX can be so much better anymore…but now i see this pictures and the 8kx looks much better ^^


Thanks for the footage Sweviver. Great work as per usual.


Well this 8K 60hz extension cable was not as good as the 4K cablematters one from Amazon , so no reliable extension for the reverb yet , maybe try a dp1.2 repeater next , not looking good for an easy extension for the 8KX



Don’t be so hard on yourself.

People these days are all brand oriented fanboys anyways. If Valve does something Clap. If Epic does something BOOO!!!

Coming out of left field and telling people some company from China is producing a headset that might be competitor blows their mind and they simply cannot accept such a fact can ever happen.

I do think you should continue doing videos but focus on the informative side. There is lots of misinformation about VR and I think VR in general benefits from people who see things from different angles.


Their is still lots of people who are rooting for you Martin and look forward to your content.


These high resolution, wide fov panels look really great. It’s tempting but a downside for me is it’s LCD. After 5k+ washed out colors & blacks I will probably wait for some OLED solution. I would love some 4K oled panels, even pentile with a difuser, with at least pimax 's small fov.



So true, it is sad to see emotions get in the way of rational decision making and facts.

The cr@p I got when initially talking about the 8K on flight sim VR forums was huge. Eventually it died down but for a while people were so defensive of other headsets.

It seems less of an issue in Audio HiFi where people embrace good audio DAC Amps from China or Mic Pre Amps and Microphones in audio recording. Strange.

Anyway, don’t see anyone else doing a 4K native per eye wide FOV headset so for me there is only one choice.:+1: