8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



For me the same i am waiting on a good rgb oled headset.

I hope pimax makes one someday…But for now i pass,i want great colors and inky blacks for immersion…
If i play a dark scene on the pimax its ruins the immersion completly.


You mean people always defending Pimax here? :slight_smile: This sword cuts both ways, often when you offer (valid) criticism, you are accused of being hater or fanboy. Best to stick to the topic and not discuss each other (person) or generalise like this.

Most people on these forms are backers which kind of excludes possibility of being brand oriented, unless that brand is Pimax.

The images look promising though. I’m even considering going for it but I will wait for some independent reviews (hope that happens before backer deals expire). Also we need to know if it is meaningful with anything less than 2080Ti, because that is something I’m not willing to sponsor. E.g. will there be any fidelity improvement also on 1080Ti? Or just less SDE?


Exactly this. If the 8k-X really is good, it will sell like crazy. However if it breaks easily again, if it’s shipped out again with high defect rates, no one responds to service request, you make people angry by over promising and under delivering, provide lenses with distortion/unstable geometry … I think you’ll always stay a niche product with haters.

You make it sound like the ‘haters’ will always hate it, no matter what. But like I just said, people have had enough reasons. If you make a good product with good service, most people will love it, simple as that. I think most enthusiasts just want the best experience and they really don’t care which company delivers it. I mean, I kind of hate Facebook/Oculus but if they build the best headset, I’ll buy it tomorrow.


Sweviver can you please do some through the lens shots of Iracing and Assetto Corsa?


Agreed. And tbh anyone should understand accepting a position with a company ppl will see the individual as having more bias working for a company; than accepting a free product to review.

Majority of companies have things in place to ensure employees either say favorable things or nothing at all.

The one company I worked for escorted a lady out after she openingly said she didn’t like the company’s product “bottled water”.

I do feel for SweViver as often folks enjoy something until it becomes their daily job. Imho SweViver’s Bias is more on Wide FoV than brand & with no other realistic offerings out there.

It’s often interesting that ppl label ppl when it affects their biased bubblegun perceptions.


@SweViver can we get comparison with 5k+ and 8K as well?


If StramVR resolution is set the same, will 8KX still look better than 5K+, and why?


It should do, and because it has more pixels.


Look at 1440p content on a 1440p monitor, then on a 4k monitor. Which looks better?


That will in part depend on how well the 1440p is upscaled to the 4k.

For example early 4k monitors many made 1080p content look terrible compared to displaying on a native 1080p monitor of equal physical size. Ie 42" monitors.


hard to tell honestly.

Issue is that GPUs are holding us back, even 5K+ I am running it not higher than 120%, and often at 80%. Without OLED, 8KX will be difficult choice, unless it really looks better.


Agreed. I am not running higher than 120%. There is room to run the 5K+ at much higher image quality and still get gains. Just don’t have the GPU horsepower for it.

But the corresponding resolution should look better on the 8KX’s screens.


No, 1440p panel hold us back and bottleneck clarity


I tried 400% (close to 8192 horizontal) man it looks much, much better than 120%. Basically even 5K+ still has a lot of potential, as you say.


Yeah, I tried a slideshow much higher res too just to see. And it looked amazing.


It’s a bit of both. Otherwise let’s just skip to 16k monitors. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I’d be happy to skip to 16k panels… even if we have to subsample for a little bit… not sure I’d like the price though.


sure but I was precise and mentioned only about current 1440p panels, powerful RTXs are able to render 4000x3000 pixels per eye and beyond depends of game/expirence


It all comes down to game/program as there are titles that are hard on say an index.

Can’t think of demanding Hellblade was when VR version released? Base Gpu reccommended with at the time narrow FoV was a 1080.

I can push in some games/titles on my r9 390 8g near 4000x3000 per eye. But not newer games with really beefy requirements.

Just search 8k gaming is still a bit scarce on performance but is coming. Next Nvidia & Amd series should be more on par for this. Especially with PciX v4.0 or 5.0?


I analyzed SVR advanced frame timing, that’s how I know that at least game I play is GPU bound most of the time, and that’s with 2080ti and 5K+. But yes, it will depend on game as well.