8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



Same is true many have trouble seeing benefits of having cpu cores above 4 in gaming. Due to many games themselves are not optimized for it.

But as @Douglaster posted taking control & prioritizing processes to specific threads can & does improve performance as well. Otherwise why not just grab a high frequency ipc i3 & save large on a cpu.

Especially in VR where things like Headset drivers & such can make use of extra cores outside of game engine.


I was running my 5k+ in small fov at 72hz with 500% ss last night
looked great

20fps with 500% ss and 72hz in nature treks
need more than a 1080ti
After fiddling it would be nice to get 250ss at 90hz normal fov
can 2080ti do that ???


Small FoV being key. Should be interesting whenever pimax gets around to releasing next pitool with 5k+ 120hz small fov.


Have you tried this one yet?


Yes I have one of rankie’s cables , not as good as Amazon’s cable matters
Non of them can do it , cable matters dp cable sometimes works for a few minutes
the other’s display nothing at all other than occasional flashes


If Only they could use the igpu on the CPU to take care of some of the more menial VR tasks, you could take more burden off of the CPU.

The big issue I see with pimax is all software. If Developers had the means, they could develop games specifically for pimax, and have ways of dealing with distortion, optimizing the rendering pipeline, Etc.

I think Developers should start developing games for the quest, and then porting them to the PC. This way it lowers the bar of entry for Hardware to get into VR. If things are optimized to run on mobile Hardware at 72 Hertz, it’ll run fine when devs make the necessary changes for PC headsets.


I hope they work on the 8kX then if the reverb has so much trouble this doesn’t bode well for even a 2m extension!


I did think that the CAC-1022 - The Club 3D being rated at 8K 60Hz would have worked on the reverb , I have nothing with 8K 60Hz to test the cable on so it’s possible that’s it’s a defective cable although it works fine with the 5K+


With Both Vulcan & dx12 multi gpu can be used. But it’s more implementation. Like pimax piggybacking on RTX FFR; it works but to see real gains need game devs to implement the support. Which is something that Oculus has in their sdk is native agnostic ffr support that Game devs can use.

Even with other drivers can utilize things like multicore that a game might use. But for big gains need Game devs to optimize their engines to better utilize. However once the game engine passes off to other things like headset driver render. It can utilize extra features of one’s pc setup.

Years ago it was discovered (& patched against later) that one could have Cuda processing on an Amd gpu setup due to the integrated Nvidia gpu. I think it was in Rage?


Hopefully it works with the 8kX and the reverb isn’t just weird in some way!


Well on the positive side. I think it was said Reverb only has DP 1.3?


only? DP 1.3 has HBR3 as DP 1.4 (witch only add’s DSC)


The supplied 4m reverb cable is dp 1.4 and they say that its as long as possible without video issues
I could try a repeater or powered extender but they’re all dp 1.2 . and £75 ish so maybe wait until someone makes a dp1.4 one


Yes only. :smirk: not sure what all the competence issues are with HP. They are not likely even using all DP 1.3 features.

I just know in more recent years HP quality has degraded. And they used to be one of my choices for at least Half decent products.

Like with Pimax being able to create a headset with beefy requirements & longer cables. Lol


Last I read was this from a poster in July

“I think there’s hope. They rebuilt the maps and saw a 50% performance increase.
But this increase mysteriously disappeared when they recompiled v2.55.
I hope they still try to find what went wrong”

I don’t know how accurate the statement is but all has been silent since as far as I can tell.
I was hoping you as a Pimax rep might reach out to Wags for news.


Yeah, software development can be like that. Il2 they were going great with native canted display support and many updates and then bam - the last update has taken a sledge hammer to the sim and set it back a lot.

World detail has gone blurry in VR and their clouds which in the patch prior were like flying a work of art have gone to crap. Performance is also all over the shop. Hey, though for 2D people, they now have some weird V Sync implementation which only works in Full Screen mode.

C’est la vie.

I do wonder why people use 3rd party SS settings at other than 100% or 1 and just bump SS up via PiTool. Probably find better performance that way so for DCS use PiTool 1.25 and DCS SS Render at 1


@SweViver has 8K+ REV 4 . It’s 90 Hz



What rev is your Pimax 8K X ? Is it final ?


If you are into FS - check the insider survey.they ask for your interest in VR and what VR HMD you own - the Pimax fit nicely into the fs2020 ggf

( Sorry for dopple posting, but since it was mentioned above…)


You’ve probably considered it but is there any reason you aren’t using a 3D printed mount to hold the camera in 1 place above the lens? It’s really impressive that you’ve done all this so far just hovering with your hands.