8KX through the lens in DCS (4K video clip)



Well, what’s the point of 4k panels if the distortion completely breaks immersion? MRTV’s Sebastian has the 8k+, and even though he went nuts about the resolution and absence of SDE, he said all the previous Pimax hmd’s problems are still there.
I have huge respect for SweViver, i follow him in youtube since the beginning, but he’s a Pimax employee. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But don’t expect to ear the negative things of the 8k+/8kx from him.
SDE (or the lack of it) is the most important thing for me in VR, but i could never go for these new Pimaxes knowing that the lenses are the same as the previous ones. Sadly.


I know the plastic on my RMA 5K+ is vastly improved. Can’t wait to hear the news.


Just noticed this comment in another thread:


For the 10th time of asking - what are the black level like on the 8KX?


No one has the final revision of the 8KX.


I think SweViver mentioned somewhere it has LCD blacks, nothing can be done with that.


Even now I have no common frame of reference regarding how good my 5K+ panels are compared to others. To me, they are as close to my Rift blacks as frack is to swearing. Did I win the panel lottery? Are my eyes and brain less sensitive to that end of the light spectrum?

I suspect the answer is, depends.


My original Rift had piss poor blacks until I used a hack that disabled the factory set panel compensation. Then it was pitch black. But you got wierd colour banding instead. Which i just accepted.


Black levels will be the same as the 8k+ due to it having the same screens

Yes but black levels can differ from panels from different manufacturers due to differences in how they are made.
If you go compare demo tvs in a large electronics store you can see black level differences between cheap lcd sets & more pricey ones.
There have been companies like Panasonic & samsung who have been improving black levels on lcd tv screens to near oled levels with thing’s like light modulating cells behind the display & quantum dots.
Im not actually sure if this sort of tech has made it to small panels yet but if it does, we probably won’t even need oled


Thanks for the reply guys. I may hold off tbh. The black levels are sometimes quite bad and my fav game is Elite


I have heard that the blacks get pretty good with contrast and brightness adjustments in the new pitool.


Teaser video: 8KX vs HP Reverb (watch it in 4K on a monitor/TV)


ohh you just had to do that didnt you Martin… :laughing:
I’ll just sit here quietly waiting for an Asetto Corsa (competitizione) video of the 8kX to see how it looks for var sims, the course/distant view which my 5K+ sort og lacks :blush: but I love it anyways.


That is a very good approach.

I think, as long as you mention some downsides, even if it is just the very high price (so maybe it’s just for enthusiasts), you’d take a lot of wind out of the haters’ sails.

If there are some distortions, mention them, explain how to solve it (foam thickness for example), etc., I have noticed people have no idea and if it doesn’t fit right away, just say “this is crap”. Not that such nonsense would be a valuable opinion, but they still post repeatedly. I’ve been attacked on the IL-2 forums a few times already for mentioning that I consider the Pimax a better headset than the Index. Can give good reasons, people just hate it. People hate Porsches too. People hate Tesla. The next target, because clearly better and shortly released after the Index, will be the 8K+. The amount of buyer’s remorse this can trigger among Index users is something to consider… :sweat_smile:

If some people hate you, you’re usually on the right track.


Aah awesome! :star_struck:


The image on my reverb looks crisper than that , the reverb has a small sweetspot but once your on it most of the image is pretty crisp , I have the latest revision though , thing is I can run DCS with 250 ss on a 1080ti . And if I push my eyeballs into the front of the headset I do get 100+ degrees horizontal fov .
I can see that the sweetspot is much larger on the 8KX and colours look better too


Can we get through the lens on iracing or some other car game. BUT not the dash… like signs in the distance or corners in the distance … :slight_smile: nobody spend time looking at the dash :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you received the v2 Reverb or still waiting to RMA it?


Unfortunately it was mentioned earlier that he may have the reverb from when it was defective. @RobCram so might be early to compare with on even ground. Like Marcin said before to compare the m1 to other newer headsets.


Aside from different games…

Some of that just looks a bit sloppy imo.

However, I think if the 8KX can offer the same clarity as the Reverb but with a wider sweet spot and field of view then it will be a serious contender.