9900K. Potential saviour for 8K?


2080Ti seems a disappointment and in old times that would be that, but now we know CPU is also important for gaming. I hear 9900K has good gains for gamers. Could a 2080Ti and a 9900K do the job?


I will order it as soon as its available :slight_smile: If its overclockable to 5.3 or so, im sure it will gain a lot in VR sims!


I’m really interested in the upcoming zen 2! It has potential to rival Intel for the first time in years and for alot less money.


Im actually intetested in the I7 even though it lacks hyperthreading. 8 logical cores probably means better clocks on each core, even sans hyperthreading.

Ryzen is price per performance king without question.


Yes thats something Im concerned about as well. Im not sure if HT really helps anything in games anyway, and if single core performance is better on 9700K i might go with that instead.


Wond r when we’ll start seeing cpu’s In the 6ghz range


The fix is gonna be more software than hardware at this point. I’d take asw and fixed foveated rendering while we wait for eye tracking.


Screw it. Just pre ordered 9900K lol… hopefully I can OC the sh*t out of it :slight_smile: You gotta do what u gotta do for your lovely VR sims lol…


5.3 GHz on all cores with watercooling and a 1.4V Vcore… sounds good to me :slight_smile:


My crystal ball says the 9900K is the same as the 9700K but:
a) Binned higher (edit: so should have more OC headroom)
b) HT enabled
c) bit of cache enabled (edit: erroneously said disabled)

You should get better performance out of the 9900K if you OC, but IPC will be the same.


When LN2 becomes mainstream? Lol


Yep. But what makes me most excited is that they finally use soldered IHS. Which should give temps similar to delidded CPUs. My 8700K plays fine at 5Ghz now with Kraken x62 water cooling, at least in games. But exporting a video in Premiere Pro is impossible. 95 degrees and sometimes BSOD (probably too low vcore but cant push higher because of temps).


This might be actually good, and unfortunately only good, reason to go i9-9900K or i7-9700K instead of i7-8700K. Apart from that I see it the same way as @kw23

The benchmarks will be available the 19th of October (the same day the chips go into retail).

What is even more meh is Z390 chipset.


Isn’t 8700K enough for unlock all potential of 2080 Ti ?


Probably. But we’ll see when the reviews drop.


I thought to buy 8700K with 2080Ti together but now I’m starting to doubt. Maybe I need to buy smth better than 8700K?
Who of reviewers have 8700K? We need then comparison I think: 8700K+2080Ti vs XXXX+2080Ti in the same games and situations. To figure out if there is a difference or not.


They are PC gamers ! All they look for is a reason to buy new shit.


Thats what I will do. I have 8700K at 5Ghz currently


Did you have to up the voltage in bios for 5Ghz


Nice. Let me buy your old mobo+cpu then
Edit. or does it fit to your current mobo idk.