9900K. Potential saviour for 8K?


That’s interesting. I looked it up, but unfortunately, it’s not a solution for me. I don’t want to buy an AMD card just to have the “correct” video cable connector, especially since this solution involves per-game settings.


Monster Hunter was apparently running on 100 threads. I think games are using multi-threading more and more frequently.


I agree that it wouldn’t be feasible to purchase an AMD card to make this janky workaround. However, most of the people using this are going to be the ones that already have an APU (CPU with integrated graphics) like the Ryzen 2400 (and possibly the Intel CPUs with AMD graphics).


I believe so yes, but display port is more open and license free. HDMI is not and has strict standards.


I hope the red team come with a good card that at least is close to green teams performance becase i prefer the red teams image quality.