A chinese guy received his 5k+ and posted some pics/reviews


Here is the link: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5910565617. Please use google translate to english if you want to understand something.


Or even better if someone here can translate properly?


At last some decent through the lens pictures best review for me so far and I don’t speak chinese! I’m not interested in seeing some one playing some games and tweaking settings, I want to get an idea of what it looks like :slight_smile:


Exciting thread, lots of great pics… gets the excitement going for sure.

So much FUD from people who didn’t back though, all sorts of wrong info questions and comments…

But yeah. loving the through the lens shots… Definitely a noticeable cool colour spectrum on the 5K+, but man is that ever sharp.

Video on page 3 in case you miss it (it’s not embeded):


He says that the picture shots were very difficult and that they really don’t do justice to what he actually see’s in the HMD. He says the picture quality is actually better in the HMD than the actual pictures he posted. He mentions that the SDE is much better than the VIVE and he can only notice SDE if he looks hard enough.

In the beginning he talks about basic things… what was in the box, the features, etc… Then he compares the lenses to his VIVE. He says that the VIVE has a more comfortable face mask.

He goes over the three choices of the FOV. He likes the middle one… says it’s the best because its view is larger than his sight and he doesn’t notice any distortion on the edge with it like he does with the large FOV. He mentions other issues he had in the beginning but goes on to explain that he has an IPD of 70 which might cause those issues. He said he needed a little time to get used to using the 5K+ but it got better for him over time.

Overall he likes the unit but says… “5K+ truly meets the standards of the second generation VR, but it is also a professional device that requires patient debugging.”

EDIT… I should mention that he liked the “clarity” of the 5K+


And without glare at all!!


Correct… I don’t think he really says anything that we didn’t know or got from the three amigos!


I wonder how many units Pimax has delivered to Chinese citizens? Since China blocks Kickstarter, how does Pimax distribute its HMD’s between Kickstarter people and Chinese citizens? Maybe that’s why it’s really difficult to pin Pimax down on the number of actual units they have created so far and distributed!



Thanks tomohm for the translations! This post does bring the buzz back for me :slight_smile:


How did I miss the video! Thanks FatalXception :smiley:


He said a lot of zealous praises for the 5K+. An over-excited buyer obviously.
I am curious about one thing he mentioned. He said at first he saw a lot of distortion, but after some careful adjustment he had no distortion at all. I don’t know what kind of adjustment he had made, but I guess it’s IPD and the wear position of the headset. He said that 5K is very demanding for exact adjustment, and there is only one position that can have zero distortion. Frankly I am suspicious about his saying, but I will try to find out.


Ok this is the translation for most of what the author said. dont kill me i am not a professional translator and english is not my mother tongue. So if are you looking for a translation with less meanings lost in translation through google. this is my attempt. read on if you are interested. Pls ignore slight grammatical and spelling errors.


“Shooting the video in 4k with mobile phone, can’t see pixels, but not completely without SDE, if i am looking at 1 single color starring hard i can seem to feel it’s there but no, I can’t make it out”


“I have IPD of 70, I have big glasses, it’s completely fine to fit in, wearing the HMD is comfy, HMD seems to not support adjustable lens distance, so if you are short sighted must wear glasses”

steam VR采样率100%, pitool画质1.5,游戏自带超采样2.0, 只能用惊艳来形容,可惜手机没法拍出来那种视觉效果。

Steamvr defaults SS to 35%, by manually dragging it to 100%, for the first time in VR can see the text in such clarity ever. SteamVR SS 100%, PiTool 1.5 and InGame SS 2.0, I can only describe it as STUNNING, pity mobile phone cannot take photos to represent that. TitanXp couldn’t take it, 2080ti probably couldn’t, perhaps SLI could.


autofocus is hard to take a photo with to show what’s inside, looking at the front of the spacecraft it’s easier to compare.
The actual image is more refined than the photo slightly.

No lag or dragging of image (maybe refering to stutter in reprojection or moving with world)


Distortion problem bothered me the whole night, when i initially put it on, i always felt the distortion, pictures from both eyes does not overlap properly, but I found out its the setting of IPD. I used a gunstock to play FPS on vive, because vive is blurry and distorted at lens’ edge so i purposely set a smaller IPD to make sure the inner area of the lens has clarity, but using this on 5k causes the picture mismatch, felt like crossed eyed. Setting the IPD to my actual value i get used to it quickly, cannot see distortion.


Let’s talk about FOV now, it provided 3 FOV, I tested the smallest and it’s totally satisfactory to use. only when I purposely to look towards the sides then I see black edges, the distortion at the edge is not pronounced.
Switching to medium FOV, the black edges on the sides are gone, but the actual increased fov exceeds the actual areas my eyes can see.
The Largest FOV, pointless, It’s fov is way past what the eyes can see(for me at least), trying hard looking left and right all i could see was images, but not clearly, because I’m unable to focus my eyes its pointless. Under the largest FOV setting the most outside edges of the view has distortions.


This is a new beginning, the right way to phrase it. Pimax fov is unique to pimax, because of difference in fov the scale of the world looks different, If you are coming from Vive or Oculus, you will need time to adjust. Pimax made you feel the world is bigger, like a baby hovering up in sky looking at the world, initially you feel dizzy but after careful comparison, the world looks 1:1, Its actually VIVE and OCULUS the world scale is smaller. Because we are already used to VR (refering to the VIVE and OCULUS) it felt weird, i felt dizzy even without distortion. But testing fallout VR, project cars, the world scale setting built ingame, reducing 15% felt like what VIVE feels like. Some friends never tried VR before, on the pimax they felt no discomfort, so this generation of VR is very suitable for first time buyer.


I heard pimax only needed 1 base station, but i found it works without a base station, just that you cannot move around.
static rotation is smooth,


A small conclusion:
5k+ has met the 2nd gen VR standard, but at the same time it requires patience in tweaking this pro equipment.
pimax lenses are wavey shaped not the standard lens, resulted quite a polarized distortion result, Its either no distortion with right settings and position or distortion everywhere if you missed the right position and setting. This requires the user to spend a certain amount of time to adjust until it matches you.
Pimax world scale is realistic, its a vast difference compared to the last gen vive and oculus. When you use pimax for the first time, the world seems bigger, but thats because we are used to VIVE and OCULUS. comparing the real objects with objects inside vive and oculus, vive and oculus objects are smaller in scale, its not pimax made them big, it’s last gen made them too small.
When you use pimax, it could give u the uncanny valley effect, you will have a sense of fear because the scale is too realstic (old VR users perhaps even more, the fear will cause you to feel dizziness. this is why at beginning i thought distortion existed), this takes time to adjust, I the writer of this piece spent over 20 hours of game time to gradually adjust to it, once you got used to it you will find that, the VR games, especially the ones with a big scenary, the impact is completely imcomparable (meaning superior than the gen 1)

5K+ 8K(17年的M1) VIVEpro
晶格 S(注意不到) EX(完全找不到) B+(容易忽略)
硬件帧数 90 80 90
拖影与延迟 无 无 无
色彩与保真度 A ? S
价格(美金) 349(众筹) 449(众筹) 799(零售)
实际视觉宽度 全覆盖 全覆盖 潜水镜
配置需求(最低) GTX1070 GTX1080 GTX980

Lastly, a simple comparison (comparison in order of left ot right)
5k+ vs 8K (2017 m1) vs Vivepro
Sde S(unnoticeable) vs EX(totally cant find it) vs B+ (easy to ignore)
refresh rate 90 vs 80 vs 90
lag and drag none vs none vs none
Color and fidelity A vs ? vs S
price 349 vs 449 vs 799
FOV Full vs Full vs Scuba mask
mininum requirement 1070 vs 1080 vs 980

3.试下summer funland这款游戏,里面的海底遗迹与蝙蝠战车能让你迅速忘记恐惧。
5K下一定要试试summer funland,和第一代设备的感觉完全不同,非常震撼。

If you felt fear using pimax you can through the following ways to feel better get used to it by

  1. adjusting the floor height, make your character lower than your actual height, closer to the ground you feel safer.
  2. seated down playing project cars 2 and falloutVR. these two games supports world scale adjustment, through making the scale smaller at 1gen vr level, and slowly adjust it back until you get used to it.
  3. try summer funland, inside this and this (never played it i dunno what that is sorry) will make youj forget your fear quickly.

You must try summer funland with 5k, it totally felt different compared to gen 1, very stunning.


Pimax is officially in the SteamVR club, Installation is a clean process, plug in the power, install the drivers, setup room-scale, and its ready to use. Most of the time is spent on familiarizing the hardware.

The anti fogging performance is very well done, totally not fogging up, I tried deliberately to do it but unable to. Marvelous.

(He answers a few question about framerates in project cars 2 and skyrim with steamvr 100% and pitool 1.0 with medium fov)

Project cars 2 runs at around 60fps

Skyrim a steady 90fps, but the default textures do not keep up with the resolution of the panel, it looks blurry, framerates could drop if we install some visual quality mods.

I participated in contractor vr beta test (looks like it’s a fps game), I’m going 1 on 1 with the sniper on the other side. I’m aiming with iron sight and he’s using scope. I can see better than him.
I’m using the smallest fov 120 degrees setting, the red circle in the photo is how the fov on vive pro looks like, for comparison.

顺便说下,这款游戏叫Contractors VR目前在国内小规模开放测试,想玩的可以进群领客户端 官群号637279744

High definition with a large fov gives quite an advantage in fps games. You could possibly sense their movements in the far distance in the peripheral vision, where they could be looking at you your way and still possibly unable to see you.
The game is called contractors vr and it’s in open beta

EDITS: translation correction and some additional comments made by author, I will update as the author tests more stuff and make his impressions.


it could give u the uncanny valley effect, you will have a sense of fear because the scale is too realstic (old VR users perhaps even more, the fear will cause you to feel dizziness. this is why at beginning i thought distortion existed)

That line has me hyped (more)


I don’t get dizzy in vr period. I’m all for being excited but somehow this sounded silly for me. Although if I’m wrong, then hype! Time to play some horror games in a super immersive hmd.

Also…20 hrs already?!8$(/+)/#)!! Wth how are we only just hearing about this?

It’s gonna be quite a challenge getting the forest vr running at 90 with this baby.


Thanks for the translation!


all good, sometimes auto translation gets the meaning wrong and not a good source of accurate info.


That’s a pat on the back for the 5k+


Interesting that in the review, the backer said: ‘‘SteamVR SS 100%, PiTool 1.5 and InGame SS 2.0, I can only describe it as STUNNING’’, but sadly adds that an Nvidia Titan XP is insufficient to run it maxed out like that.

For those familiar with Steam VR and SS, does the result of a Titan XP being insufficient at this setting surprise you, or is it what you would have expected using a Pimax 5K+?



It’s just the wording in mandarin

It could mean dizzy or vertigo or just vr sickness.
He did not use the word nausea tho.

I usually say I felt dizzy playing vr but hey pick your poison lol