A chinese guy received his 5k+ and posted some pics/reviews


You would normally run stuff at 100% and 1.0. What he’s saying is he cranked up the settings to get a really nice picture but the settings are too high to run anything with current gpus


Thanks for the reply. I wonder if it would still play movies though with maximum settings? I don’t understand the technicalities but I think movies are less FPS than games, so watching movies is less demanding on the GPU than gaming?

Having said that I think I’m confused as you can’t watch movies within Steam VR or adjusting the PiTool thing? I’ve never used a VR headset, I’ve only got Gear VR, hence I’m clueless. :slight_smile:


There are many players available for SteamVR, just watch SweVivers episode on movie watching in VR on the Pimax HMDs.

And yes, watching a movie in a VR theater will allow you to really crank up the settings as it’s way less demanding than running a game.


I went to the thread and it’s all like funny typing and stuff, like heiroglyphics. Why doesn’t everyone just speak English in China, this stuff looks really hard. English is really easy though, like literally my 2 year old speaks English fine. I mean how are we meant to understand this stuff. wtf


Because they feel the exact same way as well about english :rofl:


Yeah but English is normal. Like, everyone can speak it. It’s just intuitive and the normal way to write. Chinese is all weird stuff, it must take them years to learn it


The answer is so simple: You are not meant to understand it!


Google translation …

Finally got it, the world’s first crowdfunding version


You are right, english is more intuitive.

over the years I have lost my ability to write in Chinese, I can read it fine. It’s like “oh it’s this picture I know this and how to pronounce it but it’s a vague picture I cannot reproduce it but I know what it is when I see it”

I spent the first 10yrs of my life in Taiwan and then 29 yrs in NZ. I can’t believe I remember this sh1t :rofl:


Haven’t you seen my posts? I doubt barely anyone understands my english filled with misspelling and stupid choice of words. And mix it with IQ issue the result is garbage.


Glad to hear about the proper world scale. It always bothered me, how
tiny some things in some games can be (Vive: my body in Elite, NPCs in Skyrim).


The interesting is image in pimax is bigger than old headset.

In cardboard, you can set 2 variable to increase or decrease the image scale.

  1. FOV
  2. Distance from eye to display.

The bigger image is relate to “world movement speed”. If this is too much small or too big, speed of image will not relate the head turning and make dizzy.

I think bigger image can make more performance by decrease the object to show in bigger fov (so we need more bigger size of image), but not be sure that it will be real scale as developer want to present in their game or not.

Who know, may some blur cause by bigger scale, may pimax launch feature to adjust the scale and make image to be clearer when the gpu is high enough to run their headset.


Hehe I was only joking, I haven’t a clue really but yeah I can imagine it’s easier to learn a phonetic language rather than pics etc


Is this the pricing of the Pimax units?


kickstarter price (early bird)


Oh right. Ok thanks.


I would agree with that (as a native English speaker with no secondary languages). Basically, pictographic languages start out as just a picture of a thing (ie a horse/dog/person) and changes over time until it looks nothing like the original subject.

As such, pictographic languages become more convoluted over time and the once easy task (draw a dog, see a dog) is no longer easy. On top of that, you need a different symbol for every word.

In contrast, phonetic languages will have a similar number of words BUT you can typically guess the spelling based on how it sounds. If you mess up the spelling a little it is usually easy to get the meaning from context - sometimes to the extent that the original typo isn’t even noticed. On top of that, since words are a combination of letters, you can have certain combinations of letters to represent a variety of concepts (root words, prefix, etc) and improve your ability to guess a word’s meaning. For example, boating (a combination of boat and -ing) refers to going out on a boat.


where’d you get the price?


Of course Pimax scale looked larger for him if he used Vive with incorrect IPD. Scale should always be 1:1 on all headsets if correct IPD is used.


Thanks for taking the time translating.