A chinese guy received his 5k+ and posted some pics/reviews


Kickstarter prices. 20 char


He only mentioned that for playing a fps game, he purposely do that to get a clearer view at inner and middle . so I wouldn’t know if he sets correct ipd or not when playing other games on vive.

I guess the only way to find out is receive the reward and try it out.


I hope there will be a global option in PiTool to set the scale of the world.
That’s one of the things I hate in VR when the world is bigger making you feel like a baby.


No trouble at all. And it’s the least I can help with. The community has helped me a lot more in this kickstarter journey


Btw I am only translating the author’s words with as least as possible lost in translation, to my ability.

So if you have questions about his review/experience I’m not the one to answer those questions.


Nice to here some more “positive” reviews after the Real o virtual Patreons who to be honest got me worried… and i am still , but less.

Do you know if any other backer has written a review?


If you’re talking about the Spanish guys, any clarification as to why their reviews are so against the grain. Do we know if they got dud hardware or had wrong settings?