A collection of review for 5K BE in Pimax Seoul Meetup


1.The 5k be is good in color and brightness, but the sde is visible. I think it is not much different from Oculus.

  1. I have experienced 8k, 5k +, 5k be.
    5k be, I can not feel the difference except the brightness.

  2. As soon as I wrote the 5k BE, it was definitely darker in color. It was OLED, and I felt that it was colored and bright. But 5k is PenTile, so sde surely felt more than 5k +.

  3. Because the brightness of the display is too bright, I personally feel bright and intense color, but if you pursue realistic colors, you may feel a little exaggerated color.

  4. The pixel part is less visible than the 5k plus and looks more clearly

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more than 5k+ i could live with but if the SDE is like Oculus Rift that would be quite a downer…
any chance you mean “not much different from Oculus…Go”?:sweat_smile:


It seems to mean rift, but it is just one opinion. Many people rated 5kbe very good.


does anyone one said they will opt in for the 5KBE in the event?


Yes, it was popular.
The 5k BE was rated as attractive with a dark black and vivid colors.