A Few basic questions about pimax 4k from new user



I am new here and this is my first post, so hello guys! I am quite interested about buying pimax 4k but I have some questions before. I already sent an mail to pimax corp. but without response, so I decided to post here anyway. Forgive eventual grammar errors, my English is not perfect. :slight_smile: But I’m trying.

List of my questions below:

  1. Some people say that pimax 4k has not so high refresh rate, and you can choose between 1080p/90 hz and 4k/30fps, is it true? How this situation looks now? You can choose 1080p and upscale it to 4k, but does it look good enough?

  2. How long do I need to wait and how much will I pay for shipping from China to Poland, where I live?

  3. Can I send pimax back and get 100% money refund if the product will disapoint me?

  4. Should I buy pimax 4k now or wait till pimax 8k? What do you think? I can always buy pimax 4k now and sell it after pimax 8k will be relased, and then buy pimax 8k. Which option is the best?

And last 5th question: Which headset is better pimax 4k or Oculus Rift CV1? When I say “better” I mean everything. Lenses, screen quality, visibility of SDE, FOV, Refresh rate, Comfort and so on.

Thats all for now! Please answer me! Thank you in advance and I will be waiting for new posts!

All the best and have a nice day!


Okay lets start with some info.

Pimax 4k specs

Panel Resolution: 38402160 (1 Display)
Supported Inputs: 1980
1080 & 2560*1440
Refresh Rate: 60hz

Input Resolution is Upscaled to 3840*2160. The 4k doesn’t support native 4k resolution input.

The 4k also suffers ghosting (after image ghost during(head rotation) movement especially in high contrast games). Movie watching will be best on the 4k vs oculus.

Just checked out vector 36. Works nice can read cockpit controls & not bad on ghosting as you don’t need to do quick head movements.

While the image quality & sde better on pimax 4k; oculus has better refresh 90hz & very little to no noticeable ghosting. The Oculus also has positional tracking.

The 5k/8k would be best if your content to wait for release. Best guess at present for consumer release earliest xmas or perhaps q1 of 2019. If all goes well.


OK, Thanks, good to know.

If 60 Hz is enough to VR or too low? Will I have headaches because of this?

Also how about my second and third questions?


That’s difficult to say. I myself & many are fine even with 60 being low.

If you have a flagship android phone try Cardboard headset. As phones only run at 60hz.


I already have done that. Was OK in most apps but not in all of them. Google Street vieW worked pretty bad and caused me eyes pain…

I am almost ready to buy pimax 4k but still have no idea about shipping wait time and refund possibilities. Can someone answer me this? i mean shipping and returning between Poland and China using pimax ifficial store. (no gearbest, alliexpress or any other stores)

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Have you tried using Trinus ap to play steam games? (Just be sure to use tethered option with usb for best results).

Added some pokes to your post.


No, I dont have vr headset for a smartphone.


If your curious about 60hz a phone vr headset would give you an idea if it would.

What are you looking to do in vr?