A new rig - any suggestions



So Ive owned a pimax 5k+ for over a month now and not been able to use it… Why? My PC is just too old (i5 2500k and HD 7950) the GPU doesn’t have a full size DP and would only be DP 1.2

With the release of the new Ryzen 3000 series its time to rebuild.

So i’m looking to see what the community think is worth putting together

Choice of CPU
Ryzen 3600(x or none x)
3900x -seems over kill

Choice of GPU
2070 Super

I doubt any of you guys will have a 5700xt yet to let us know how it handles the pimax.
The 2070super sounds to be around the 1080ti almost 2080 for a lot cheaper (then again the 5700xt is similarly placed)
the 2080ti might be best but the price compared to the 5700xt/2070super hardly seems worth the 100%+ increase of price for 20-35% more frames.

Any body got any great insights?


I have a r7 2700x with 1080 ti

I would say any of the Cpus yoi listed there will work fine.

With the 3600 i would go with the X version as it auto oc like any if the x versions. Yeah the 3900x series would likely be overkill.

Biggest thing with doing a new build buy a mobo with the latest features. Ie the is it x570?

Atm Nvidia will likely be best. Really need pimax input on how well there making out working with amd.


Looking forward to the 8K-X
I would go with / wait for
2080 Super
3700X or 9700K (better for gaming…)


Looking at test on the new AMD CPU they seem to be doing great, hope they come with a Radeon 7 Pro or something so i can jump back to team red on GPU.


dont get a amd gpu for vr. im not sure about cpu’s for vr performance, but with normal games at higher res the gap gets smaller and smaller. so a 3600 should be fine


I would definitely get an RTX card over AMD - the foveated rendering is used by Pitools.


If you’re looking for price/performance, I think a 2080 would be a good choice. I have a factory-overclocked board from MSI, but there are several good options if you’d like to get just a bit more oomph. If you can wait a bit, I expect there will be a 2080 “super” coming in the near future. Even if you don’t get one of those, the plain 2080 prices should drop.


1st and foremost get what you feel comfortable spending.

As for CPU, there is not much reason to choose an Intel chip, as the 3000 series has Intel beat for IPC, and multi threaded is becoming the norm.

The $329 8 core R7 s the one I would go for, and for GPU get the fastest you can afford. If not 2080 TI, then hold out for 2080 Super.


First question I always ask when people ask “what hardware?” is “what specific software do you want to run on it?”

If you are working to a budget that first question is most important otherwise you could just put the fastest everything into it.
If you play games “created” for VR then gpu is where I would spend the money.
If you are a simmer (flight in particular) then cpu will likely need more consideration.

If you have specific titles at the top of your “must” play list, you could post that and ask people here to comment on what hardware they run them on and what performance they get.


Pimax headsets do not work with AMD 5700 and 5700xt for some reason.
There is no way to get the Pimax connected to AMD GPU until now.

From my point of view the Pimax VR environment only works with NVIDIA for the moment.

This issue is known since july 19 and even with latest drivers and bios you cannot get passed the connection error 10935 with Pimax and AMD 5700 or 5700xt.



Wouldn’t buy an expensive card from this generation anymore unless you buy every generation anyways. At least if you plan to buy a monitor/TV that benefits from HDMI 2.1. Hope the next card generation will support that and thus will probably be a must-buy for people who care.

Advantage of AMD GPU is:

  • open source linux driver, less hazzle with updates on Linux
  • eyefinity allows mix and match of monitors, for nvidia surround all have to have the same resolution
  • better performance per money
  • it’s not nvidia
  • no cuda
  • people above mention incompatibilities with Pimax headsets?
  • worse performance per watt

Advantage of Intel CPUs:

  • have an on-board GPU, so you can passthrough the dedicated GPU to virtual machines. E.g. for CUDA applications
    • Worse performance per money

I have an AMD CPU and an NVIDIA GPU (because of CUDA) for the moment, so advantages/disadvantages are inverted :slight_smile:

Perhaps a used 1080 TI can be gotten for cheap?


Building a 3900X system myself with a RTX2080 but if I was to go a bit cheaper, I would have chosen the 3800X.

Now with Il2 at least in simming, it is multi core optimised, as of the latest patch. Most other modern games are also multi core and all stuff being written for consoles are to be the same with the next gen consoles about to hit the shelves. Any cross ports will again be optimised the same.

Older games might benefit Intel single thread performance but those days are coming to a close. Not to mention all the lovely exploits CPU’s Intel have suffered from.

This year, Nvidia GPU’s are where it’s at for VR, next year, who knows. GPU’s like CPU’s are going chiplet design so we see where this takes us.