A tool to switch the modes between pimax mode & compatible mode


I found a magical tool from a chinese BBS
Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1skE6YM5 Password: wkgg

If u have a goggle with english firmware, and u wanna use it with oculus runtime, u can use the tool
If u have a chinese goggle, I’m not sure if it works, maybe it works well (I don’t try it)

The specific steps are as follows

  1. Install the piplay english Version and the tool “OCPlugInSetup_x64.exe”

  2. connect goggle to PC

  3. open piplay and ocplug.exe, the ocplug window is as follows:

  4. If u wanna play gamse developping by oculus sdk0.4/0.5/0.6, u can select “Oc_extend” and then restart
    If u wanna play games by oculus 0.7/0.8 and steam game ,at 1st, if ur pc’s display card is Nivida, u have to ensure ur display card diriver version is under 620.00(not support Geforce 10 series), then u select “oc_direct” and then restart.

Essence posts summary
So far a sub-par experience, feels like beta testing
You guys want to play steam games with your PIMAX? Just take a look here!
Works the english Firmware with the oculus runtime?

WOW, magical tools:slight_smile:


I think this could fix my issues, but I am unable to download because I have to login to baidu cloud and I cannot read Chinese


Hi forumuser, there are steps to download the tool


Hi This looks like the fix im looking for but I need the Baidu downloader and account (you really need to speak Chinese for this). Can you host these two files on Mega.nz so English speaking people can download it also?



Wow! We can play some games from OC now!!


BoomSlang, did you end up finding this files?

I too want to download this, but the link above requires me to log-in or make an account and I do not have a Chinese phone to register with.

Please link me if you were able to find the files.


I don’t believe this is needed anymore. The current version of PiPlay 1.1.174 should enable reliable switching between EXTEND and PIMAX modes.


Oh, ok. Thanks.
My unit has not arrived yet, so I will sit tight until its here… Thanks for the clarification… I was going nuts trying to decode the pan.baidu website, haha.


[quote=“dzeek, post:8, topic:72”]
[/quote]You still cant change it Can you give us a link where we can download it i got my pimax today i ned that plugin.


Yes you can, If you can’t change to PIMAX mode then you have something wrong in your configuration. The usual problem is not disabling the internal gpu and not having the pimax and monitor both on the external gpu.