About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti


No, pimax are just talking about minimising the impact of their compositor, ultimately big performance jumps are going to need to come from game devs


Yes, that is big if. After all DLSS is trained for single screen, not for stereoscopic image. So while both images (left, right) might look Ok standalone with DLSS, it could be that combining them will produce artefacts (because things for left eye might be guessed differently than for right eye as the scene is bit different).


And we also don’t know if even though it works in VR it will add latency.


That is my single biggest concern.

Isn’t In Death meant to support the VRS RTX feature already?

My Zotac 2080Ti will be here tomorrow, I’m hoping it’ll provide a noticeable improvement over my Titan XP.


Yes, one game now uses variable rate shading (and gets a 25% boost from it too). Would be nice to see more gamedevs make use of stuff like it.


Considering the quite noticable gap in performance for DLSS, it is clearly something to look at, but will eventually depends on how “hard” it is to implement for the game devs.
Since this time (again) it is a proprietary feature that can’t be use on AMD gpu nor earlier nvidia’s, it won’t be as a simple choice as FXAA.


Is it a VR Game? What game is?


Yes, he means this game.


Yeah, now I’ve seen the improvement here.

Thanks to using NVIDIA’s Variable Rate Shading technology, the team [of In Death, Sólfar Studios] were able to realize immediate performance measured in milliseconds of 25%

It seems that, at the moment, the only valid technology is the Variable Rate Shading; it still remains to be seen if it works on the non-parallel screens of the Pimax 8K and 5K+. Maybe this could be tried by testers as soon as they have access to their 2080/2080 Ti.


Does anyone know of an American website where you can preorder the MSI GTX 2080TI? On Amazon only some resellers with insane prices are available, bestbuy still has them ‘sold out’ and newegg shows ‘out of stock’. I don’t see any site where I can pre-order for < $1300, maybe I missed one?


evga releases nightly stock of their cards So you can try there


Ah nice! I was looking for MSI but might change to EVGA if I can’t find the MSI anytime soon. THanks!


5 days and no answer on such simple question. Pimax you are really master of deception hiding real specs and publicly claim something completely different. Thank you.


Your post is not very clear, its probably difficult to reply if they don’t understand it in the first place.

Are you talking about the 8K model? In which case as far as they’ve said it always operates in 1440 mode, the reduced refresh rate modes are basically for video playback compatibility, not to try to make the 8K run in full 4k mode.

Thats not deception or hiding anything, the 8K was only ever listed as being 1440 input.


No one seems to have any 2080 Tis in stock:



Interesting, it shows that Newegg does have some from time to time


“RTX 2080 Ti shipments have been relatively small which is due to production yields”

Yeah, it looks like retailers aren’t letting folks backorder. Huge demand, poor supply. Waiting seems to be the only sensible option.


What is not clear? If I’m asking about native 4K support how can be about 5K?
It is clear must be 8K and nothing else. From Berlin they announced this 60Hz 4K support for 8K model. Is it hard then understand why I’m asking this?


They never said it would have a 4k input mode. I don’t undedstand where you are getting that from. 60hz for movie support yes, but still at 1440.


4k input never get confirmation, but there is some “checking of possibility” without any promise. It is some recommendation in a topic.

@xunshu Has any update from the engineer?

Lack of detail can make us making the wrong decision if you support some feature in some version only.

  • 5k colour and contrast. (some confirmation)
  • native 4k for 8k. (some confirmation)
  • 8k sharpness compare to 5k. (image and video)

When we can get more details?

We have another official topic for asking a question, but I still not see any answer.

At least, please tell us that you are checking , trying or do anything and may we will wait until you can answer us that what you can or you can’t do that. We don’t want to wait to make the decision forever until knowing that what are you doing.

Check the vridge (riftcat) plan

We can check what are they doing and that make us to know the plan.