About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti


I just noticed this video on VoodooDE’s channel:

Check from about 4 mins 12 seconds in.

Not much better than the 1080Ti on the FPS front, if I am not mistaken, and 2x cards aren’t worth it at all.

I could be totally wrong on what I have inferred from this…hopefully :slight_smile:


65Hz for 8K works internally. we’re trying 60Hz next step.


What are your plans in ramping up the production? Can you make an estimation? It is hard to believe that you can manage to deliver before christmas this year…


Great news! Accurate 60Hz is really needed for movies, and if possible please also check if u can get 72 working, like mentioned before :slight_smile: Thanks!

About the RTX this is good news, I was hoping for at least 30% increase! With some OC and optimized drivers we can make it better for sure.

Also about parallell projection yes you can get a good performance boost but its highly uncomfortable to switching it on/off as starting a game without PP that needs it will give you a veary unpleasant experience crossing your eyes. That’s why I alsways have it on for now… most VR simulators and games heavy on the GPU seems to need it anyway…

Skyrim VR actually doesn’t need PP in game, but in menus and loading screens looks sometimes very weird without PP on.


It’s the old “compatible with parallel projections” system, which we already knew reduced performance; but as much as 35%? Perhaps Pimax have optimized.

What they’re not talking about is the “Hidden Area Mask” checkbox, which I think reduced performance more and was only necessary to fix artifacts in a few games.

By the way ¿are you going to try two 2080 ti in SLI? You’ve already seen in our game datasheet the few games that take advantage of it, haven’t you?

Games with SLI:

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone
NVIDIA VR Funhouse (needs another nVidia 980 ti or higher card por PhysX)
Prepar3D: Lockheed Martin (only without Flyinside)
Raw Data
Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE
Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope
Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter
The Lab (only Robot Repair)
The Talos Principle VR
Trials on Tatooine (Star Wars)

X-Plane 11 VR (only without Flyinside) In theory it is prepared for SLI, but in reality it makes it perform worse, so I remove it from the list.


Since when does XP11 work with SLI? Laminar’s position is that it isn’t worth the effort.


X-Plane 11 VR (only without Flyinside) In theory it is prepared for SLI, but in reality it makes it perform worse, so I remove it from the list.


What about AMD RX VEGA 56 and 64 Users?
What will their experience be?


@PimaxVR Did you also get a 2080? Could we see some regular benchmarks with that as well?

Also thank you so much for these benchmarks and this is great news so far. Looking like the 2080ti may just be worth it.


PLEASE, do not make claims like this very poorly worded title!

The RTX2080tidoes not give 70% better performance.

Half of that performance improvement has nothing to do with the RTX2080ti


Please please please make it possible to save user settings for each game.

We do not want to have to change settings every time we change a game!

Bonus points if you make a recommended settings DB


It’s pretty much obvious that the render algorithm is achieved through some features of rtx cards and might not be supported by pascals, isn’t?

Another scenario is that the render algorithm is supported by all cards, but with rtx cards provides 30% more performance. Why don’t we try to clarify thing first and always need to make such (quote) “poor claims” and right after this ask for something saying please please please…


Yes, they are wording it like only 2080Ti benefits from the new rendering algorithm. In fact 2080Ti shows the same ~30% increase over 1080Ti as it does in non VR games.


If you read Sweviver’s and Cdaked’s posts you will see they mention it gives a nice performance boost and they don’t have a 2080Ti yet.


It only proves that the thing is working.


Yes but not exclusively on a 2080Ti


That doesn’t means RTX card will not gain 30% more than Pascal. Let’s wait for more benchmarks first.


VoodooDE has 2 videos out, where he uses the Pimax (8K I believe), with DCS, Skyrim, and a few others, and it looks like, as far as FPS is concerned, the 2080Ti is not much of an improvement on the 1080Ti, unless I misinterpreted what I saw (quite likely).


Can we expect benchmarks with 2080ti and new algorithm anytime soon?(in supported games with 5k+ for example)


They are wording it like that, but that checkbox has existed for a long time already and the testers like SveViver have been aware of it and the performance improvement for a long time already.

And anyway this post did not say the algorithms have been made recently, only that they did tests with RTX2080ti recently.

If you look at any of the benchmarks of RTX2080ti for VR games, none of them give more than 35% performance improvement.