About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti


Accordingly, we tuned a special gamma setting for Pimax 8K under 1.75 rendering quality value, it can enhance the > sharpness but drop off some brightness.

@xunshu Thanks for the update, also, can that ‘special gamma setting’ be adjusted manually by the users in Pitool ? what if some users don’t want to trade sharpness for brightness in certain cases ?


I can’t be the only person that thinks that if we are going to have such a switch we need to have the software at the very least remember the setting per game? Ideally it gets profiles central as well so if it is known supported then we get it automatically but would be nice not to have to faff with these sorts of settings with every game especially since setting it wrong has such dramatic downsides.



Does this improved algorithm also work on 1080ti?


The non-coplanar mode can be accelerated with simultaneous multiview rendering on the 20 series. The 10 series was advertised with the exact same feature, but it was crippled to views that were not only coplanar but only offset along the X axis. So for engines that support that feature, it’ll be faster on the 2080 than 1080Ti (which otherwise have near identical performance). The result is that the opposite setting might be required to take advantage of MVR on the 10 series, but that might not outweigh the costs of making the views coplanar; it’ll work better in narrower fields of view.

What nvidia certainly won’t tell you is that the entire difference is likely to be driver side. The trick is sharing the geometry shading up until the eye matrix and perspective divide; using the typical vector processor, that perspective divide could easily be done for 4 views simultaneously.


that is defiantly your job @PimaxVR !


Relax, they are on holidays and already did their job providing information to us and working on render implementation.


Do you swap between games every minute? Realistically how often do you switch games. Until they have a better solution, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Seeing its a game engine thing, I see no reason why the 1080Ti shouldn’t also see these improvements.

They literally already tested it and have asked the testers to do comparison tests.


It´s simple fanatics! :grin: great work Pimax, keep going! Look forward to further enhancements!


Now that’s good and bad news.

Good because better performance is always good.

Bad because I’m starting to like the 2080 ti


LMAO! Absolutely excellent :smiley:


Yeah, I really do not know what to do re the 2080Ti. Perhaps wait for SweViver’s and MRTV’s videos :slight_smile:


My thoughts.

  1. This all sounds good thank you Pimax

  2. The OP is unclear whether the 60% improvement is something that can only be achieved with RTX, or if half of it is general improvement (achievable by 1080Ti) and half of it is the GPU increase. Rather typical ambiguity from Pimax and it’s getting quite tiresome tbh. I am sure the 3 musketeers will clarify.

  3. It is interesting that the PiTool settings recommendation is basically an admission by Pimax that to get decent quality on the 8K you really do need a very powerful setup. Pretty much as mrtv and SweViver suggested. [EDIT: actually I see they ask for higher Pitools but lower steam SS so I don’t know if this is more or equal performance required]

  4. I don’t think 8K sharpness will ever match the 5K+. Still shots of the dials from both on maximum Pitools and SS settings show the blurriness is a result of the pixel layout +/- upscaling and so no amount of colour correction or extra performance can sort it. Sure the image may look sharper with colour alteration but that’s different to actual clarity in terms of pixel information. But I am looking forward to updated testing by The Three.

  5. @PimaxVR I am still waiting for a response to a simple question posted in several places: what are the screen sizes and PPI of the 5K+ and the 8K?

  6. I think we are all fanatics.


In case you didn’t noticed, they suggest to use 2080ti with new algorithm and current settings:

5k+: 1.5 x 100% (steam supersampling)
8k: 1.75 x 60% (steam supersampling)

Performance wise not much difference. 1.75 is needed because special gamma settings are linked to this value which might help with clarity (not yet working, requires firmware update after holidays). As mentioned they advise not to go below 1.5, but still able to reduce steam supersampling.


You’re right I just noticed this and have edited appropriately.


Glad to see continued improvement.


Bossing a company around as a customer? Off course they are testing, it’s great they ask extra feedback from them


Except that this feature was added 2 months ago.


Could you share any reference to those statements? Until now I thought that the only difference between GTX and RTX in multi-view rendering was the number of views it could do simultaneously, the former only two, the latter four, but no other restrictions. If, as you say, GTX support is limited only to co-planar projection planes then it could significantly sway my decision about which card to get.

The whole discussion also spins another interesting question. It seems that originally Pimax had to, apart from pre-lens warp, also transform the rendered results from co-planar geometry to its native geometry.

This sounds totally reasonable, except, how is it supposed to work on non RTX card? Is the engine rendering into non-coplanar planes and skipping the GTX stereo-view feature? I guess the HMD has to pass its geometry to the game engine and the “Compatible with parallel projection” simply make Pimax HMD fake its geometry as using co-planar projection planes, but at the cost of additional transformation.

This explanation however does not explain, how using (or to be exact, not using) this feature can result in 35% performance improvement, unless their transformation algorithm was really eating up so much.


So this from yesterday…

Is really this from July 31…

I would love to stay and discuss this but I have to go vote in the 2016 election.


I feel like there isn’t much adult people here, mostly kids who needs simply explanations.

Let me explain you basic things, what ‘new’ means and how it’s used. When someone somewhere creates something it becomes anything until new version comes out. From that moment to recognize both versions people use ‘old’ version and ‘new version’. New version doesn’t necessarily means its fresh, mostly it’s a synonym of the last / second / evolved version.

Pimax team has received their 2080ti and checked how the algorithm is working, and reported to the backers that it (algorithm) is functional and in Order to activate it you need to disable the checkbox. Not a single tester did know how the shit works and I’m pretty sure they all disabled that feature even without knowing this.

Pimax has also asked testers to try this out, so they could confirm overall boost of 60% compared to 1080ti (in supported titles, currently only with 5k+). Unfortunately we have only 1 tester with 2080ti at this moment and no tests were done for now. So please, stop bitching around, it’s annoying.