About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti


Asking the testers to confirm/try is not foolish. It’s validation of a feature that was not overly explained.

Especially now we have a reference of which UE version.

Ethan Carter is UE & unless it changed does not play well with the new headsets.


Hello sir, thank you for pimax, first of all.

Would it be possible to try running the 5k+ at high refresh rates than 91hz?


I guess @PimaxVR wanted to say that your engine does not support non co-planar projection planes in VR and just put it (wrongly) into this group of games without actually verifying with you what was the state of the affairs.

While you are here, as it seems, the support for non co-planar projection planes in VR might help to almost everyone (who plays IL2) on this forum, do you think you could add it?


We tried ~50 VR new games on retail version RTX2080/RTX2080Ti with Pimax 5K+ and Pimax 8K recently followed some optimization and new findings. the overall performance is very well with high visual quality. so we got confidence that 2080Ti match with Pimax 8K and 1080Ti/2080 match with 5K+; By adding ASW and 72Hz/65Hz mode in the future, both headsets have the high possibility to match even lower video card.

The main reason why 8K need more demand than 5K+ is: 8K need rendering higher quality to do the compensation for the sharpness. with rendering quality set to 1.75 in the PiTool and the newly tuned gamma, the overall sharpness is competitive with other VR headset.
But the sharpness of 5K+ is still the best one in current VR market. better than vive pro and much better than others.

[Personal opinion] The 5K+ is not better than the 8K. The problem is that the 8K is below the expectations and I think Pimax can correct its blurryness by software

Okay that’s all good for Nvidia. Will you please answer the question on Amd Gpu testing. Aa a partner I would hope you have tested Amd Gpus.

The test group we know was only Nvidia heavy.


Guess you’re one of those people who don’t get sarcasm when it’s in front of you.


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Now this is very interesting. When you say ASW are you talking about interpolating frames to help keeping the framerate high (like oculus do if I’m not mistaken ?) or are you refering to brainwarp ? (alternating the rendering of left and right eye to double the perceived framerate, that’s it ? I also suppose both brainwarp and ASW could be combined if brainwarp trick really works).

Back to interpolated frames, do you know about SVP (Smooth Video Project) ?
This is framerate interpolation software for video/movies and it works really well (and is GPU accelerated).

Initially this was a community work based on avisynth filters. Then the idea became the SVP software (you can still see the avisynth scripts in ffdshow when using SVP software) which refined the method, added a userfriendly interface with quality presets, and added the GPU acceleration support.

If this may be of any interest to you to help you developping your own ASW I could check where this avisynth method was discussed, there were A LOT of technical informations shared in these forum discussions about framerate interpolation through avisynth filters.


In these forums? Hard to keep up on every mud slinging post vs reasonable ones. :laughing:


@PimaxVR Are you saying that the overall sharpness of the 8k is competitive to current HMD’s on the market other than the 5k+? And the 5k+ has the best sharpness over everything currently on the market including the 8k even with the new software/firmware adjustments for the 8k running on a 2080ti?


Why are you making such a statement, dear Cdaked ? What exactly are you trying to suggest ?

There are three beta testers who issued extensive reviews using the Pascal generation GPU‘s, and I am pretty sure, that you didn‘ tmiss those and all the ifnormation around it.

So what exactly are you trying to stir up here when you post such a statement - the RTX 2080Ti being the minimum spec ?

Please explain.


I’m just surprised that the two Prosecutors Haven’t Dropped a like on his post yet …mmmm well the day is still young.

(Mud slung)


@PimaxVR What do you think about the “world not staying fixed” issue on 8K+ reported by @mixedrealityTV

He explained that when he rotates his head the world does not stay fixed in the same place on 8K. He mentioned that in the 5K+ the world stays fixed, so it’s an issue only on the 8K.

He thinks this is caused by the lower fps 80 Hz on 8K vs 90 Hz on 5K+. Is he right ?

If he is right then this issue will be even worse on 60 Hz.


I think I’m pretty clear. All the extra software corrections are greatly impairing performance and we have gone from a Pimax 8K that worked on a 1080 to a Pimax 8K that Pimax just admitted me as needing a 2080 Ti.

As I say, they have to optimize the software a lot more and not let the user spend the money on a card that costs double for between 10 and 30% more performance.


Majority rules. Same as him not bring able to see the dots other testers mention in the 5k+


As foolish as allowing people to believe the 8K was 90Hz, that it would run on 1070, that it is true 8K, that it has 200degree FOV etc etc etc. Most of these are technically defensible once the truth comes out by pointing to some wording or diagram somewhere but by that point the ‘lie’ has already been let loose and will reverberate around the minds of the less inquisitive masses who won’t follow up by watching hours of verbose video analysis or read 100s of pages of forum posts. It’s the same principle behind all bullshit marketing: misleading headlines with the devil in the detail (endless T&C’s etc).


Is Cdaked post and comment sarcasm too then ? Okay, I honestly didn‘t get it when I read it. I‘ll just give up trying to make sense of the stuff here then, I used to be good at spotting irony, but that was/is before/outside of this forum.
I will just wait for further viedos from the three betas and for reviews from those who get their devices, a growing portion of the remaining discussions is not feeling like it justifies my time spent reading it…


I am interested in when Ben weighs in with his review article as well as others for more technical review than the testers can give overal.


Point taken ! :confused:20 characters

Glad you got that off your chest …hope you feel better.


Yeah Pimax have since confirmed above they’ve basically been cheeky ****s (yet again).

Still, I’d keep the 2080ti. It’s the best there is and you’ll enjoy your Pimax more. I’m thinking of getting one but am waiting for one with an unlocked voltage.