About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti


Nah we still have that $9000 nvidia card with hbm2 memory for Road side TV. :v::innocent::+1::sparkles:


That’s not going to happen because Nvidia won’t supply chips to card makers that unlock voltages.

However, you can get user provided bioses with different power limits and the Asus cards have headers for easy bridging and hardware hacks:

Or you can do the nail polish + liquid metal hack that GamersNexus used…


if you can get the 2080 to be all you need for pimax 5K+ I would be happy.


THATS the thing that gets me overclocking !People spend the extra two Hundred dollars( OC partner cards )for what an extra one or two frames WHICH in (VR ) anyways, Doesn’t matter seeing as we need at least 20 Could just be me all I use my PC for is VR.


Where did they admit it to you? In the reply to me they stated that the improvements are applicable to any card, just RTX may perform slightly better.


“Braggung rights!” :beers::alien::+1::sparkles:


Cool thanks mate. Not sure why some of my friends are talking about unlocked cards coming out in a few months then :thinking:


Asw is not the same as svp. Asw I believe grabs color information from the depth buffer and has totally different algorithms for it unfortunately. What svp is nice for however is watching high framerate content, and would be an absolute delight to watch twitch streams at 180fps using brainwarp.


It was cathartic yes. :blush:

Thanks for asking the question.




Wishful thinking, maybe. But, I suppose a company could do a production run of unlocked cards if they were cool with not getting any more chips from Nvidia (or maybe sued, haven’t read the legal docs). You can try anything you want once (e.g. jump out of airplane sans parachute, piss off the largest GPU chipmaker, etc)…


I might need to add that during all my testings and videos since the review, I have had both Parallel Projection and the other mask setting ON. I never turned them off in any scenario. So some of the games might have a much better fps than shown, but thats good news I guess :wink: I will make sure to have it on only when really needed from now on!


Can the parallel projections setting be integrated into a per game profile or does it have to be enabled/disabled globally?


Try it in Skyrim and let us know!



I am appreciate your working hard, but can you show the comparision of sharpness between 5k+ and 8k?

We want to see how much the improvement such as small text.


p.s. How about grey black of 5k+, can make 5k+ has better colour like the 8k?


So then, If they has squeezed more FPS out of the 1080Ti-2080Ti, will the 1070 1080 get more FPS ?


Thanks, I am hoping your future benchmark videos will allow me to use a 2080 for 5K+.


This is awesome news and I can’t imagine ANYONE being such a debbie downer to shit on it.


That ending sentence was really funny :joy_cat:


Alright, but I believe this was already stated by all 3 testers right at the beginning: Forget about GTX 1070, if you want to use it for anything more serious than Fruit Ninja, you would need 1080 Ti (which I also believe was kind of expected).

Pimax just admitted it. I guess when they wrote matched they meant it would actually be possible to run the game at or close to the nominal refresh rate of the headset, so it was not meant in sense that the performance was even more degraded, but instead was improved, and I was surprised that you understood it as a negative point.