About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti



No seriously, good job @PimaxVR , glad to hear about all possible performance improvements.


While this is true one shouldn’t start posting how bad an upgrade it is when the performance gain is quite massive in most games and only small in some games with older bad programmed engines. If you play just one game or only games where it does not help your statement is true of course.

I am not saying a 2080 TI is a must or even a wise choice. I just bought it because I want to optimize my experience with the Pimax. The price for that is a high one but hobbies are never cheap. I work hard and investing some of the money into my hobby is fine for me.


I’m planning to buy a 2080Ti also, for much the same reason. My headset won’t arrive for a while, so I’ll be watching to see if there are any discounts in the next few months, before buying a new video card.


Might help a lot if you implement something like Nvidia’s Gforce Experience where PiTOOL sets the settings for each game individually based on your hardware, which HMD (5k+ or 8k) and other factors etc… Tech reviewers and others will hurt the reviews badly when they have to fiddle with each game to get it right. In fact often they won’t bother and simply report very bad experiences.


Massive gains?

Can you quantify?

More than 20-30% FPS?


All the reviews are talking about a 10-35% (15% AVG) gain at this point. It’s the first time I heard about massive gains with everything.
Maybe its better in games with Direct X12 and Vulkan, that take advantage of more threads, but this is far of compatible with everything.


I’m currently running an RX 580 and I’m definitely not going to upgrade until there are decent graphics cards for a decent price.
Nvidia is playing their monopoly card harder than almost anyone anticipated and have increased their flagship GPU prices by 300% while delivering some of the lowest generational performance increases in history, over the last years.
Next year both Nvidia and AMD will release their 7nm cards, which should offer a big performance improvement, so that seems to be the smarter buy, since buying a new GPU for $1500 every year isn’t very cost-efficient.


Around 30%. That is massive to me when we are talking abou having 90 FPS or not. The smaller the resolution the lesser the gains. If you expect a twice as fast card because it costs twice the money steer clear of the 2080ti.


I wonder if that is why hellblade performed so badly? It would be nice if you could try it again marcin. Cheers


Just keep in mind the wobble with Seb; maybe due to him being a bobble head. :innocent:


Thinking that this guy is admin, while he snaughtily insults everyone disagreeing with him all the time
After him defending bogus tom hardware reviews, calling some youtubers " tinkerers " in an almost derogatory fashion…Implying they have less standards than a tom’s hardware reviewer stating that the vive pro is the best headset because of it’s headstrap

An administrator is here to regulate bad behaviors on forums, he doesn’t even do that
all that he does is spamming irritating smileys and repeat what Pimax already said

Coming here for technical answers, being stuck with random drama and trolls masquerading as admins…


Soo true…


Think what you like. Best on the market should not be confused with something that is not on the market yet & is not yet working as advertised.

But enjoy your patron membership. If we look Seb cannot see dots on 5k+ (others do) & is the only one that sees bad wobble compare to others. Plus he does like creating clickbait topics for views.


He speaks out what he thinks, thats not clickbait… I completly agree with him…


Glad you have the headsets to quantify his opinions. The others have spoken out fine without being pushy.


Another snaughty comment at play: implying that I have a patron membership to a youtuber and therefore partial opinions ( while i actually don’t)
much easier than confronting what i’m actually talking about of course

that one is amazing of dishonesty…
you would think that everyone could appreciate the hard work of making so precise reviews for such an expensive purchase…
The fact that Heliosurge is even able to say that those headsets need improvements is thanks to all the “tinkering” of the youtubers. Having spotted what are the problems of those headsets and making sure that all the buyers will know what they’re getting

And I will blame “clickbait tactics” when universal basic income will be here for those who need it
I find the need to call out “reviewers” advising consumers to buy a ridiculous vive pro much more urgent…


It is true. Oscar’s review for the masses was similar; some would say worst with the bs ,Spanish Bias".

Glad you don’t have a patron account. It was suggested I was a patron of someone whom doesn’t have a patron site.

Pimax only needed to have the Target resolution to get a 4/5. 3/5 fits as any hardware/game is expected to work on it’s default settings. The Team has had ample time to have this fixed as it’s been an issue from the start of m1 testing. Both reviews identified it is not released & software not ready. Hence not glowing. But once ready for release to market it will have a better review.

It’s not that hard to see with a greater tsrget audience.

I have a friend whom fits; can buy all the newest hardware & knows very little about settings. Game not running as good as he thinks it should? New gpu/cpu out? Buy it.

The Vive pro csn be bought now; pimax 5k\8k cannot be boight today.


I am Not interested in your opinion but I agree with Sebastians. Is that clear enough?


And it seems any of the other testers. Good enough indeed.


From what I have seen it appears that their performance increases are solely from the change in algorithm and have no relation to the cards being used. The old algorithm was less efficient but maintained compatibility with older games. The new algorithm gives ~35% better performance for most games but doesn’t work with older Unreal games (v4.17 and earlier).

The 30% performance increase when using the 2080Ti is mostly, if not entirely, due to the fact that the 2080Ti has ~30% better rasterizing performance in general.