About B1 with sn102xxx


Is the reverse also true?
I mean, if the serial is “102xxx”, is it 100% a 2K business version and not a 4K version?
Is there a software way to check that out?


yes you are correct, ALL 102xxx are NOT 4K versions. the 4K versions have S/N starting with 100xxx
also on the front of the HMD unit the 4K ones have the Pi symbol and the BE versions have flames with the Pi symbol.
the box that the HMD comes in (Red Writing - 4K, Blue Writing BE version)

Hope that helps?



But my 102 version has no flames on the front cover.


I don’t have flames on the front, just the Pi symbol. And my box is not blue.


Same just the Pi Symbol.


this might be the reason why the units do not have the flames.


I have both the Deepoon E3 (which as an OLED 1440p panel just like the B1) and I have a Pimax 4k with serial 100 (so with a true 4k LCD panel)

Advantages of the E3: better colours, more contrast, more brightness, more ‘steady’ image (the Pimax 4k is a bit ‘wobbly’). When I look for example at the ‘dome’ from SteamVR and when I move my head, the image stays really steady. It’s like I look into a room. But with the Pimax 4k the dome lines wobbles a bit when I move my head. That’s because of the (much) higher response times from LCD.

Advantage of the Pimax 4k: SDE !! There’s virtually none. Image fidelity is higher, the image is much sharper and therefore feels more realistic to me.

I personally prefer the Pimax 4k LCD, but I certainly can see why others would prefer an OLED 1440p panel.

Both of the panels come with their own disadvantages and it’s really a personal preference. It’s almost like asking a person, what do you prefer, to live without legs or live without arms ? Tough call ! :slight_smile:


I really hope that they use their software to detect the serial number of the models, and unlock things like refresh rates


I think I’m leaning on the side of keeping my sn102xx…

and might wait for the 8k so long as it actually has a decent connector that supports the bandwidth… Anyone else likely to keep their sn102xx ?


I will keep mine the SDE is not as bad as some might say it doesn’t bother me at all. I think the ghosting would annoy me more.


Yes I share the same thoughts


I’m trading mine in. I use a 4K monitor. SDE hurts me physically.


@PIMAX-Support So it is safe to buy the Pimax 4K from Amazon.com. Is this correct? Prime day is Tuesday and I’m either getting a Pimax or a Vive. Gonna depend on who has the best sale…


Should be. But i eould confirm with @PIMAX-Support

Also send mail stating to amazon vendor you will only accept serial 100

Just remember anytime you want support’s or another user use “@username


They don’t exactly reply though if you do @bigboy


That’s due to none of them having that user tag lmao


@heliosurge Ah like that. Thanks


Hi, I confirmed with that vendor just now who said that the listing of Pimax 4K already stopped until new batch of Pimax 4K (new logo with all black color) arrived Amazon inventory.

It should be sold at the end of this month or the beginning of August. Please let me know whether you still want to buy at that time and I will advise that vendor give you some discount or a coupon :slight_smile:


I wish I could have a discount, but seriously when can I return my headset for what I ordered?

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