About B1 with sn102xxx


I purchased a Pimax 4k from Amazon, it arrived last Monday. It was the BE version. I would suggest you wait a little longer till this all gets sorted out. Mine will be returned as soon as I get the go ahead from Pimax. Just waiting for them to tell me how to exchange it.


So if we are in Europe will we be able to swap with Euro based warehouse,had to wait ages for my original supposed proper 4k replacement to come from Gearbest China,or will they speed up delivery.

As long as BE HMD to be swapped is in transit already, would new HMD be on its way to affected customers this would speed things up big time as I’m on the fence for a swap.

Need to test some more but waiting for my new Ryzen build as it’s hit a snag.:persevere:


Another good question @PIMAX-Support


@PIMAX-Support Does this mean that there won’t be a sale on the Pimax during Amazon Prime Day because of the shipping mix up? That you’ll try to get the vendor to offer me a discount in 3 to 4 weeks? Amazon is showing 8 in stock and still for sale from Storm Store. Is the one from Storm Store a BE or 4K?
I’m beginning to believe that I’m not supposed to own a Pimax. First one was a known faulty unit. then my order was cancelled and the vendor wouldn’t honor the price I purchased it at. Now your telling me its going to be at least 3 weeks before I can purchase one at a yet to be determined price. ARGGGGGGG!!!


I’m really struggling to decide if I should swap (assuming they are willing to take back one purchased new from ebay)…

Apart from the panel and ghosting, are there any other differences such as weight ? Would the 4k be easier to read using the same supersampled source as inputted into a BE ? I mostly bought this thing to watch movies and play seated simulation games…

I don’t really mind the sde of the BE, but I don’t know if there will be a difference in visual quality given it is native vs upscaled from the same source…And if the difference is minimal, if it would be worth the hassle…

I’m also worried about loss of time and problems happening with the swap as I am in Australia…
Also my model says Pimax 4k on the actual unit …with the 102xxxx serial and firmware… I’m also concerned if I keep it , if I ever try to resell it in future, I’ll be accused of selling a fake or tampered product or something…

This really sucks…


I have the BE, and I’m happy with it. Really the only reason to go to the original 4k is if you just hate the SDE. For me, I don’t mind the little bit of it, and it may be for a brighter screen with no ghosting, sounds like a fair trade. If you can’t make up your mind, then … learn to be happy with what you have. Something new is bound to come up soon that will make you miserable again even if you did trade. If you like it, accept it and wait for the next thing.


Sell it as a BE model, and explain what happened. It is IN Fact a more expensive exclusive version product.


You have all the evidence you need here. But it Has Value so don’t worry.


Так есть ли отдельный PiPlay для B1? Или он одинаков для 100… и 102…?


I don’t think it’s BE though. Pimax calls it B1. And it seems to have lower refreshrates than the BE.


Hi guys, now we’re discussing a better solution according to the current consignee info we gathered . It’s also very hard for us to put off all suspicious products in Amazon vendors so that missing Amazon Prime Day of this year, but we can not let the wrong thing forwards and let you guys are more disappointed.

@Thick8 Yes, the helmet sold by Storm Store should be an early normal batch. Actually what I suggested before was to decrease the amount of your order, but the thing broke our expectation : )

@Aneurism As you see, BE version is used for our domestic business market rather than customers. Comparing these two versions, actually BE indeed has little SDE but higher refresh rate and lower ghost, also some options e.g. turn on/off gyroscope, brightness adjustment and checkbox of 1920*1080 resolution could not be checked, because they are not be used frequently in common situation and disabled previously by our engineers . Like @denali said, the cost of BE is indeed more expensive with better impressions.

Anyway, it’s up to you and we will remedy the situation like we said, hope for your kind understanding .



If my main usage was gaming, I would maybe keep my BE version.

But my main usage is watching 3D Blu-Ray movies, using LAV, MadVR, vorpX “lounge” mode and MPC-HC. I’ll post a tutorial soon if others are interested in how to achieve this. If you ever watched a 3D movie with a headset’s virtual IMAX theater, you will never want to go back to TV.
The BE quality is not bad, but the SDE is not good for that activity, that’s pretty much why I had chosen a Pimax 4K over other models like VIVE or OCULUS. So I definitely want a 4K model.


I’m not sure I understand though, you have tried both the normal 4k and the B1 version ?


pease post the tutorial.


I got the answer

Well noted with thanks.

We will give out a solution for this case soon, please use the current helmet temporarily. Actually except little SDE(Screen Door Effect),
the helmet you used has a better impressions with high cost : )

Best regards,
Pimax Support"


In other words “the screen mismatch wasn’t really a mistake. Please just keep it”


Still beats me how a 70 hz OLED display that’s widely used and available supposedly is more expensive than the 4k panel. I smell BS. My take on the whole issue is that they couldn’t get the 4k panel delivered for a while and decided to deliver the Pimax 4k with an 1440p panel that was available. At least that would make sense, although highly unethical of course.

Either way, I’m happy to see Pimax is now solving their mistake.


Hi Wildcopper,
Please post your Tutorial!


Hey i hear you there.

The mainboard might be more where the added expense. Now it is possible the oled screen might cost more than then the 4k lcd(especially as they probably bought more 4k panels in bulk vs the oled).

Though parts list they might be on par for overall cost.

Mainboard on oled appears to be upgraded; ie front USB connector(not used) we would need to check chips as it might have a better arm chip?

However no shutter glass or if mem serves no defogger/demister.

What i would be curious if oled mainboard upgraded as it still has connection points for shutter glass & demister. If one could swap the mainboard into the 4k & upgrade firmware to 4k model & if we would see potential increase in performance.


Hi all,
I just got my Pimax 4K from Gearbest and it is the BE with the serial number 102 … I am very unhappy!

I have sent an email to the support, is someone else here from Germany and has the same problem? Please PN.