About B1 with sn102xxx


With all the talk About deepoons choice of 1440p OLED it may have swayed them to follow suit. I wonder if its the exact same Samsung soft light amoled…


I am from Germany too and ordered at GearBest. Got the headset since a few days now. To @PIMAX-Support : please turn on the greyed out functions in the piplay software as soon as possible. If that’s gonna happen I’am fine.

Does the display resolution have an other aspect ratio then the 4k version?


I am a little confused:

In Piplay it says 102 for the serial number. On my package is the text in blue. The options in the Piplay software are greyed out. So it seems that I have the BE version 100%.
But I have a resolution of 2560x1440 in Windows and also in the Nvidia driver. Is this 1440p or 4k?

I try to get Elite work with EDTracker and Tridef 3d right now. EDtracker works perfectly and tridef 3d or Depth3d in Reshade is working too. But I need to change the resolution so I have another aspect ratio. The screen is squished.
So I need the option in Piplay 1920x1080 badly. Or the ability to create my own resolutiion in the nvidia driver, but it doesn’t work.


The 102 serial is 100% the BE qhd oled version (1440p)

The BE model supports max 1440p resolution. This version does not have the 4k lcd panel.

The Pimax 4k supports 1080p (option in settings) or natively 1440p (default). The headset’s internals interpolates (upscales) to 4k. As a result tge 4k has virtually no screen door effect (sde).

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Elite Dangerous should support VR natively in PiMax mode. Try executing ED in steamvr; you might need to add a launch option to get vr running directly. @lukeb is one of our members here who plays ED.

If you can please post your system specs.
Gpu model & driver version
Windows version
Piplay version


Am I going to be able to access all of the functions of the BE model eventually? Can I have the software and/or drivers that normally ship with this version? If I do have one with a higher refresh I’d be very happy to be able to use it, and I am sure if you made the BE available fully functionally you would have a market for it as well as for a 4k upscaling model at a lower refresh. But it’s not that great if it doesn’t do higher refresh, it’s not a full BE. Maybe some other kind of B?


Elite Dangerous works natively in vr and Pimax runs it perfectly without any additional tracking support unless you want 6 degrees of motion.

There are two ways the program can be started, but both methods require that SteanVR to be running and Pimax must be in Pimax Mode NOT Video Mode.

You can start it via Steam by selecting ED in you Steam games library, or it can be started directly by running the EDLaunch.exe in the ED directory.

Steam used to have a problem with some HOTAS units and that’s why I used to launch it directly, but I notice that my HOTAS (Saitek X52Pro) now works correctly if I launch via Steam as well.


Yes I’ve tried Elite Dangerous with Steam VR and it works fine. But the gyro sensor is really bad of the Pimax. So I wanted to use the EDTracker instead.

And today I’ve seen that the sensor of the pimax is really the problem. I used Tridef 3d and Depth3d in combination with the EDTracker. The tracking was perfect. So the sensor of the pimax is not so good.

For me there are two different solutions:
Pimax support make it possible to use EDTracker instead of the tracker of the Pimax(the data from the EDTracker must be translated into HMD data, so all games recognizes the data as HMD data.
This would be the best and most comfortable solution!!

Allow us to set custom resolutions in the Nvidia driver so we can handle injectors properly.

Maybe it is possible to increase the performance of the gyro tracker of the pimax due to a firmware update…?

BTW: I have almost all HMD available: Vive/Rift/DK2 and now the pimax. And the pimax i love the most. Grrrrrrr but why is the tracker so bad, makes me sad :)))) To be honest I am able to fight properly in Elite, no problem at all, no dizzyness. But a better tracker, and I don’t need another HMD for years…

And I got the 102 BE version and the resolution is 200% better then the Vive/Rift. How cool must be the true 4k edition. But I want to keep mine because of no ghosting, better colors etc.


Personally I think you are lucky to have got the BE version.
Yes the 4K (I have the 4K) is great with hardly no SDE but for gaming I think the OLED’s faster response and no ghosting would be better than the 4K.

I was actually considering buying a BE version for that reason, but I think I’ll wait till the end of the year and see what develops.


Okay makes perfect sense. At the core you need them to ungrey/support turn sensor off like the 4k model has.

@PIMAX-Support @xunshu @PimaxVR

Could you expedite a firmware patch for the 102 oled to support minimally the “Turn off sensor” please. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hi, well noted with thanks. I will push this ahead and reply you guys soon.


[quote=“LukeB, post:67, topic:2397, full:true”]
Personally I think you are lucky to have got the BE version.
Yes the 4K (I have the 4K) is great with hardly no SDE but for gaming I think the OLED’s faster response and no ghosting would be better than the 4K.

I was actually considering buying a BE version for that reason, but I think I’ll wait till the end of the year and see what develops.
[/quote]Where are you in the world ?
I have a BE and want a 4K because my main usage is 3D Blu-Ray watching.


NO WAY ! if you seek for VR other then CV/VIVE - where you need to TOLERATE some issues [ like ghosting, lower refresh, lack of positional tracking, drift in gyro… ] -> at least you need something to TRADE IT FOR, like no SDE, increase level of DETAIL = so you definitely want a 4K !

How exactly did you calculate this 200% ? :slight_smile: CV1: 2160x1200 vs BE:2560X1440 [ H:+18%, V:+20% = so for EYEs / SDE point of view => NOT a HUGE step forward ! but a little better on total - 2.5MP vs 3.6MP, +42% ]
when in case of 4K you know: 2.5MP vs 8MP [ HOW COOLER ? 4K: 320%, BE:40% :slight_smile: COLORS in 4K are awsome and totaly better, as looks like a real color with deep, when OLED has still GRID = you don`t feel the color at all due to Screen Door ! ]


I’m in Australia.
Why are you considering selling a BE unit?


I was not considering a sale but an exchange.
Doesn’t work though, I’m in Europe.


@LukeB - @seattime lives in Australia [ Newcastle ] and has BE [ and would probably exchange to 4K ] - maybe you should talk to each other :slight_smile:


@seattime If I remember correctly, It is a familiar nickname. last year I was studying diy 6dof simulator, he made a nice carbon cylinder & 6dof simulator. I remember.
This is one of his YouTube videos.


Yes ! @seattime made a great DOF :slight_smile:


Wow! It’s a small world.


I really don’t want to get rid of my 4K unit. Besides I have modified it to make it the correct focus for my vision with eye glasses.

I was just considering buying a 2K BE because it would be better for playing games due to the lower ghosting and brighter colours. But no doubt, the 4K would be better for movies.

I’m in Melbourne by the way. Would be great to chat with a fellow Aussie about Pimax and VR :slight_smile:


Ok I changed my mind. I want the real Pimax 4k I’ve ordered at Gear Best. And I won’t handle it through Pimax support. I ordered it at Gear Best and they need to fix the problem. No discussion here anymore.


I contacted Gearbest and they told me to contact Pimax Support. This was when this issue first started.