About B1 with sn102xxx


That isn’t my problem. I ordered at gearbest and they have send me the wrong product. Period. So what should I do? Send it back to China? wait 6 weeks until in arrived in China, wait another 6 weeks until the one I’ve orderd arrives here in German?


To Pimax Support:
I want you here to write an answer how you want to handle it!! Writing “Hi, well noted with thanks” won’t work. And I won’t have a private PM. Write it here so all who got another product they have ordered get an answer.

You can’t just tell GearBest that you handle that and hope that the customer keep the wrong Pimax because of the circumstances…

I am really angry about that.


Gearbest only sells the one model. This one of the reasons they are working to sort it out.

At the end of the month they have stated distrubers will have fresh stock of correct headsets for purchase.

If you read Gearbest’s policy before ordering its not like a box store. Sure they will exchange an item & such but you get the shipping fees both ways.

Deal with the Pimax team as had been said you will get alot better results. Send them an email with the info requested. You will yield much better results.

I am sure once complete they will likely arrange using one the local distributors in your region.


I think deepoon e3 is good solution for you - ideal tracking and oled 2560x1440. Only one issue - god rays, like vive and cv1.


Isn’t the BE also 2560x1440 OLED?


You got it. :blush:

He has a right like any of you do be upset with the mix up and with the much longer wait to have this resolved.

But mail order is not like going to mall; no matter how much we would prefer it to be.

Tbh I was nervous about buying my PiMax 4k at the time it was very difficult to find a “real” review. I finally found one on Reddit that spoke of good & bad. The fellow even mentioned the software felt 70% complete & such. Even had a coupon code after 2 weeks looking for a review found one that gave me a go; even though i hadn’t dealt with Gearbest before & i read their policy careful.

Now i didn’t know or realize there might be a customs fee with using dhl express but unlike some in other countries; i only had to cough up an extra $25. Best xmas gift i bought myself last year, even had it in time fir xmas. Lol

Granted it would have been nice ti know what to expect with the auto defogger/demister worked; i don’t know how many times i rebooted the pc thinking part of it crashed. Lol


@PIMAX-Support @PimaxVR @PiMAX
So the week is over now, and we still don’t have an answer…


I’m also waiting for a positive reply when the exchange starts!
I hope for myself and everyone else that this story finds a good end.
Keep this thread and results alive.


please could you help me?
As with your instructions i contacted Gearbest for returning back the Item, then shipped to them in China.
After more then 2 weeks of travel the package arrived but they didn’t refund me. They answer me with their return policy: refund if hardware is Dead on Arrival but mine was not dead on arrival it was just 102 unit instead of 100 one can you please explain this to them?Because probably they don’t understand me when i write to them.
Thanks very much


Hi Virus, sorry for that. I’m contacting GearBest and will reply you soon through email, please be patient.

Edit: Please send freight bill to GearBest who will in charge of your ticket again. Also please send email to support@pimaxvr.com directly to avoid missing something, thanks. @mirq


@Virus and @PIMAX-Support

If this is the case with Gearbest who refund only a defective unit, what do you understand by replacing the wrong units ?

Why are you sending us to Gearbest when you know for sure that they won’t ever refund or replace a non-defective headset ?


Thank you very much.
I hope they can solve so i get my refund and can think to buy another headset


Probably they just don’t understand what i write them


Why , you can’t write English ? Do they need Chinnese ? Or what ?


Gearbest won’t change it because they pretend there is no problem with the headset.
I am curious if someone managed to exchange the headset.


No i can speak and write english…but they keep answering me with their conditions…
Now they wrote again to wait


Tell them that their conditions are flawed, it is not your fault for that.
Their condition are flawed because it is possible to happen things like this on their site: products that are something else that they claim to be.

Their conditions allow that. Tell them.


I wrote this to them


It’s why Pimax is dealing with Gearbest. This is a deal setup through Pimax using Gearbest to complete. Becausw its outside gearbest norm is why the extra steps


@mirq yes, you’re right, it’s not you guys’ fault. :slight_smile:

Appreciate @Heliosurge It indeed over GearBest’s previous norms or return policy. GearBest has many Customer Service, so one of them may reply you an official letter rather than the solution we confirmed before.

Therefore, please directly contact me (support@pimaxvr.com) if you meet the issue in communicating with GearBest.

Pimax 8K VR Frequent Asked Questions

I will never buy anything from GearBest. I will never trust them.
I cannot believe that this issue has been going on so long.
Pimax, you need to sort this out because word gets around fast and you really don’t want your product associated with such a company.
Please provide a direct link to a reliable company in China that customers can order from.