About B1 with sn102xxx


@PIMAX-Support it seems like people repeatedly struggle in getting GearBest properly handle their replacement. Maybe instead of sending people to GearBest, you could create official online replacement request form where the customer sends the item to you or gearbest, however the process managed by you so the client won’t have to go via so many emails and stress with GearBest.

  1. Customer fill in replacement / RMA form on your site.
  2. Get RMA confirmation ID.
  3. Receive shipping instructions for his specific country.
  4. Send the device to GB/PiMAX with this ID attached.
  5. No needless questions or stress from GearBest.
  6. Client get his new item replacement shipped to him.

Seriously, customer should not be wasting days on trying explain GearBest things which he already agreed upon with you. Especially, when clients got the wrong product (not as described).

Hope it helps!


@xunshu @PimaxVR @pimax.li


dunno why this starts smell like fish.

It will end up with a dispute between Pimax and Gearbest, if , and only if, they both didn’t set up this trap for buyers.


As regards @Virus experience with Gearbest. If they tell you to declare what is the defect of the headset in order to be replaced or refunded, DO NOT say it is not defective.

Just say simply that it can’t display images at 4K resolution as it was supposed to do. Plain and simple. That’s the actual flaw of your headset. And it is real.


@mirq only just realised he rec’d the wrong headset (less than 36hrs) not sure on @Virus.

Should be better once PiMax gets more Amazon stores going. Though the funny thing Amazon on the BB website has more negative reviews vs positive when compared to GB & yet BB gives Amazon a better rating.

Personally haven’t had a really bad experience with GB; even with canceling a 3d printer due to them not having their ship methods properly sorted out.

DX.COM on the other hand is pretty decent to deal with and has free shipping (just takes a long time to arrive @ times)


Just keep it simple & go through @PIMAX-Support.

This comes down to a simple manufacturing error (which happens more than companies admit).

Just be glad its consumer electronics & not an issue with food bought.



You know what is funny ?

In the very first days I received the headset I stated here loud and clear that it might not be a 4K headset on 22 May 2017. I was convinced then by users like industria, sjfsffdjsj (or something like that) , rain, and you heliosurge that I might be wrong. And look at me now, struggling to get my right Pimax.


@Heliosurge, I went to pimax support who told me to open a ticket on gearbest.

What you mean then by “go through @PIMAX-Support” ?


Yes & 1 month & 2 days the mix up was identified. I know myself & i’m sure others checked their serial # to see if they were affected.

So up until the screen mix up the info we gave you was correct and folks often had the question about displayed resolution vs reported input resolution.


& now support has asked you to wait while they sort Gearbest customer service out.


This whole pile of rubbish was caused by Pimax in the first place by sending GB the wrong units and so Pimax MUST accept blame and sort this out.

If they don’t, what it says is that Pimax really don’t care about what happens after they sell a unit.

Sort this out once and for all Pimax and stop giving your customers the runaround.


I have a few days ago a Pimax 4k at Amazon ordered (Germany)
Today it has arrived! What a surprise - a Pimax BE serial number 102xxxx! They send the shit all over the world … This is fact, I do not believe in a provided by Pimax, who want to get rid of these units.
I have sent it back, at Amazon and here in Germany no problem.


Truth it just demonstrates Gearbest has some poor procedures. Once PiMax informed them of tge mix up & how they were going to rectify the issue. GearBest should have assigned part of their customer service team to deal with this. Having support tickets related to pimax rerouted team members assigned to look after the issue.

As a result this creates unneeded stress on affected consumers & must be very frustrating on @PIMAX-Support to constantly having to sort this out with Gearbest of whom should have selected a team to deal with this issue.

@LukeB agreed this should have been looked after by now for folks like @Virus as i beleive has been waiting for some time now. @mirq though only just realized rec’d wrong hmd.

While Gearbest is not really that bad “if” you read & are okay with them only having a limited support on what they sell. Truth i prefer dx.com even with potenially long wait but free shipping(i imagine paid express shipping would arrive sooner) & bulk discounts on 3 or more of same item.



With your unit just being rec’d suggest’s some channels may still be affected or this amazon vendor is a reseller.


Hi, all previous Amazon inventories has already been disabled and now they are selling the latest batch with white and black color. Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:


Guys problem solved gearbest payed the refund to me some hours ago. Probably it was just a language issue…maybe they didn’t understand some of my messages and answered with their normal conditions…today they asked me for the shipment receipt to pay also the shipment to china…so all ok.
Thanks to pimax support and to everyone.
Now i will wait for the 8k


Awesome to hear… Hopefully 8k will be ready in the fall sometime.


Good news @Virus. I don’t want a refund I kinda like the idea of no SDE. Why didn’t you exchange ?
About 8K. There will be no 8K headset from this brand if they don’t treat customers well. But they do , huh ?


Well keeping my BE edition,after going down the waiting for months to exchange my faulty 4k route it maybe be a blessing in disguise that I got a BE,I’m not really seeing the SDE effect maybe it’s just me,also have way less VR sickness pretty much nil now.

Before I would have to take off headset and would emit a belch/burp as in feeling a tad sick pretty much all the time,I’ve since tried many titles and the only one that really made me gag was Dreadhalls which is a game in which lots of peeps are having VR sickness issues.

Also if these other future headsets are going to replace my Pimax,maybe this BE will be worth a bit more as it’s a bit of an oddity on the VR scene if not somebody may get a bargain :wink:


You think you have a BE edition, huh ?
Many make this mistake.
I am talking about my headset now:

  • resolution 2K
  • SDE: as in Gear VR with Samsung S7 (2K) so noticeable enough
  • ghost effect: awful. If I move a little bit my head, it doubles all lines and letters on the screen well enough
  • maximum reported refresh rate : 66 Hz
  • colors very dull, washed, dark
  • brightness not enough even with debug tool codes

Do you still believe you have a BE edition ? BE should work at 90 Hz, supposedly, but it would be a surprise for those who bought BE to find out that they have a max 66 Hz capable display. Or shouldn’t be a surprise if they read this forum.


2k = 1920x1080 (FHD) 1080p
2.5k = 2560x1440 (QHD) 1440p

You seem to have trouble with the BE where as others who have chosen to keep report good things.

Yours may have other issues. Esp if it came with a 1080p panel.