About B1 with sn102xxx


Yes, I meant QHD all the way.


Let’s get this straight I’m not exactly over the moon about getting this BE/B1 or what the heck you wanna call it,but I have one advantage I tried the 4k it had issues I replaced it got this back which took a damn long time.don’t wanna go there again and also I would have to take the risk of the replacement 4k actually arriving faulty again.

Also like I said newer HMD’S are on the horizon,also just had a PM from Pimax regarding a coupon so still have that option regarding the 8K.

So I knew my HMD was slightly different and thats when it was confirmed with the serial,box colour,software options on Piplay greyed out,no shutters on lenses,etc yeah it’s not the defacto 4k I ordered and originally received.

But it really does seen to be better for me sickness wise and I have played many titles even have Leap motion and replicated the controllers,now I’m damn sure if my mystery HMD was so bad I would not have the refresh rate to run Leap with a modicum of accuracy or for that matter run any VR games at all from Subnautica to Vive,Oculus titles and even be able to see the replicated controllers in action as some are near transparent so if my head set was that dim you think I may have noticed it by now ?

Lastly a big thank you the guys like Heliosurge and the real experts who helped initially and diffuse the situation and like they say your HMD may be slightly off kilter but mine is identical to others who have had the mixed up orders sent to them and who see the advantages and disadvantages with this model compared to the original 4k.



So you had the original 4K version ?
How was the SDE compared with what you have now ? Hugely better or slightly better ?

You are saying you don’t have ghosting at all now? I mean when you look at a black square on a white background and move your head, you can’t see shadows of black on the background ?

Have you check your refresh rate somehow ? Is it 90 ? Mine was max. 66. I am really very curious if I am the only one who has the worst headset from both worlds.

Oh, scuze, now I ve got an idea, could you do please something for me ? This would clarify a lot : please run Unity Chan from Piplay, and during the play, press space and se what is written there, especially at refresh rate and resolution. This way I will know for sure if my headset is BE/B1 version.


I would say the SDE is slightly more pronounced especially bright colours on a dark background,one instance is an oculus story/movie title,that practically screams SDE as it’s bright red on a black background,just did the First Contact demo and SDE was practically nil same with Farlands,watching a film there was a noticeable difference,but not enough to spoil the viewing of it,but that is the 4k’s forte but for games and such the BE/B1 does seem to have the advantage as it’s lower on latency so you take the good with the bad.

Also it pretty much depends on the title I suppose,also I’m short sighted so maybe as I don’t need glasses in VR and it’s not as pronounced to me personally,but one thing is certain there is less ghosting steam home VR has some blur on movement but my card is a 290 4 gig so really apart from my new Ryzen 1600x 4ghz 16 gig build I’m being told my card is ancient,but still I’m getting damn fine visuals very nearly on par with the 4k,and have my credit card on full alert for a Vega card so should be running a ninja comp very soon no doubt that will really help and shut up that Pimax nag screen alert :wink:


You are bloody lucky,that is the only demo I managed to download they seem to use servers from the dark ages !

I use this as a tester also she is strangely hypnotic in a weird way.:smirk:

FPS was 66’ish

RES 3318X2074

PRED OFF (not sure what this is,need to Google it)

No blur bright as a field full of multi colored K-POP unicorns,slight SDE mainly on pink bits but nothing major to effect this catchy little number.


Pimax shouldn’t be nagging ya as you do have min rec spec with the R9 290 4g. I have the upgraded version of your card the R9 390 8gig. Was getting the nag but they fixed it. Lol

Steamvr perf test score around if mem serves was around 7.4 green.

Now even my old 2x7950 cf worked well average steam score was 3.4(yellow) with the odd just green result of 6.0.

Ryzen from what i read is quite the comeback.


Link for BE performance from support.


Yeah Ryzen is smashing it on my comp at a stable 4ghz,it multi tasks like a boss did a test had 4 rar’s unpacking,surfing the net,bit torrent in the back ground steam/pimax and running a game and all kinds of windows 10 background crap.

My Ryzen just laughed at it if it could talk it would be like “pfft,that all you got bring it on !”, :smile:

Will be nabbing a 56 Vega very soon if the UK price ain’t to nuts maybe a 64 flavoured one :wink:

Did try the new Beta but it seemed to crash steam/or steam crashed a bit to often,on the latest stable now.


Awesome can’t wait til able to ryzen lol


I am glad to know that AMD has finally begun to force real competition. I use Intel since i7 3770, but I want to boycott.
Intel is very elitist, the brand helped to inflate prices with minimal differences in performance between generations.
They have market dominance, the cpus does not need to cost so much.


Indeed. I remember during the 486s Amd & the likes of Cyrix(sp?) taught intel a few things about mfg chipd. Like putting Cache on the processor & gave us 100mhz 486 chips (yes folks that was once fast up til then 486dx2 66mhz was top) lol


Yeap, looks like I have the same headset. But it is strange why it says 3318 x 20174 at resolution. It must be a bug, or who knows ?

But I have great news. I received my NoloVR yesterday, and tried on my smartphone which is a FHD (1920 * 1080) panel.
And I put into a Shinecon headset.
And guess what ? SDE is BETTER than on my Pimax, not to mention brightness and vivid colors.

Regarding the SDE effect better on my FHD screen then on Pimax (supposedly) QHD screen, here is what I observed:

  • SDE is highly dependent on the distance between the screen and eyes (or lens, dunno which one)
  • a higher distance results in smaller SDE effect (better). The trade off is the FOV. My Shinecon has awful FOV but very small SDE.

So , to trick customers to believe that one sells high quality display, one only should do the math and arrange the geometry of the headset so that it would be the best tradeoff between FOV and SDE.

It all reduces at this: balance between FOV and SDE. And we all know that Pimax’ FOV is not one of the best (forget about what they advertise).

So people here are very satisfyied with their BE superior version, since it already has better SDE that Vive or Oculus.

Nice try.

I stil need to show proofs of the terrible ghosting . I ma trying to record the bleeding for several days, but I need a better camera.


Well i remember you saying your headset had a hum. So its likely yours has some defects.

If your using Unity Chan the res can show higher as it goes by render multiplier. So foe example if headset set for Qhd n render set to 2 Unity will show res qhdx2.

As for sde on your phone interesting. But Shineon is not bad truth i found my lg g2 looked better than the oculus presume dk2.

Just go through the channels & get it exchanged.

Your BE model should look similar to the E3 as shown through the lens comparison @vts demoed in other hmd discussion.


No Heliosurge,

I believe my headset has no defects. I am playing DCS and works perfect with one exception, fighter planes that are at a distance about 5 to 7 km, doubles if they move at high speed in a parallel plane with me (not towards me). That’s annoying. They doubles because of ghost effect, in fact they shadows one other.

You are right about Unity Chain render, but not about figures. My render scale is 1 and I see 3318 X 2074 in the game.
I went to Pimax settings and put render scale 0.5 then I could see 1659 x 1037.

So natively, my headset resolution is 3318 X 2074. Great.


If its serial 102 it can only max display qhd.

What Unity Chan reports is what it is rendering at. For example while my TV is only 1080p i can run 3dmark benchmark with 4k for example. So it renders at 4k then down samples to 1080p; the picture will be better looking then if had rendered at 1080p & can eliminate the need for anti aliasing.


Pretty much why I will keep my B1 SN102 headset even though I wanted a 4K one… because with gearbest, you may as well end with no headset at all and no refund, losing your money.
But for sure, I will never ever buy anything from gearbest again.


True. Heared I7 7700HQ is literally same performance as I7 6700HQ. Why would you bring a whole new generation without any improvement in performance?


Hi, @Pimax-Support is it possible to get an answer why the BE/B1 with the serial number SN 102 only have 66Hz refresh rate? I couldn’t find anything in the forum.

Pimax B1 Refresh Rate

Same here. I was under the impression that the BE headset had greater Hz