About M1 closed beta


Just to be sure of how many M1 exists. 3 of 10? 8 of 10? all 10? or just 8 for the 8 testers?


I don’t know nothing about that, Pimax is not very communicative on how many testers there are or how they were even selected and for which purpose. We’ll have to wait and see.


They say they have eight testers and a few days ago they said they would make ten M1. There are four people manufacturing or, at least, in a photo and comment that they have finished the first round.

It may be two batches of four M1, so I imagine they have made four and there are four more left to do, minimum.


Those are good questions and need answering. I agree.


Wait, did they say the manufacturing line can only produce 800 units per month? I am backer number 4000, would that mean another 6 month delay for me?


Here’s a link of saying 1000 to 2000 but if you want this info confirmed; need to go through ks comments or maybe @xunshu can validate.


I understand that xunshu reply for the question

if pimax find some issues in few M1 samples (for example numbers 2, 6, 7 of ten) while the others are ok.

What is your decision ?
a) you send M1 samples 2,6,7 to beta testers without changes

So we get answer that the tester don’t need to wait for the new unit.

This answer don’t mean it will have issues (but can be happened by manufacturing).


But could ruin all accurate tests with that prototype.


You missed the point of the question which was prompted by the use of the word “if” suggesting they had not finished evaluating the new lenses which after a month would have been a concern to the timeline. Although not directly responded to, the question of where we are in relationship to the testing the new lenses and moving to making the beta tester units was made more clear yesterday with

“We got the first batch of trial assembly units from the factory yesterday, and we are now testing them in-house”
“Q2 is still the planned shipping time”


I understand that

  • get new lenses
  • testing new lenses.
  • produce new unit for tester by new lenses
  • Testing new unit and may found some issues by manufacturing and these issue may be happened accidentally.
  • Fabrizio ask that if new unit has other issues what pimax will do?

if pimax find some issues in few M1 samples (for example numbers 2, 6, 7 of ten) while the others are ok.

What is your decision ?
a) you send M1 samples 2,6,7 to beta testers without changes
b) you send M1 samples 2,6,7 to beta testers after solving the issues manually in the lab
c) You do not send these M1 samples to beta testers. M1 beta testing go forward.
d) You delete M1 Beta Testing for a new M2 beta testing round up

This question for checking of timeline

Then xunshu reply this question that

If M1 units happen to have some issues, we will notice the testers in advance and then send out the units.

This answer is for operation which will not effect the shipping plan.

Then Fabrizio reply

OK thank you

it’s the answer A).

Then you qoute some reply from xunshu

If M1 units happen to have some issues

To be fair, you said March 9 you just got the new lenses and would need about a week to test before producing tester units. Are you saying now (1 month later) that you still don’t know if you have issues?

I understand that xunshu reply the question and the issues can be happened or not be happened and that sentence is only answer of decision.

May I have misunderstand , but I understand like this explain.


I would also like an official answer, but I must point out that even if the lenses appear to have no issues, there could still be problems with the headsets. These are the first units off of a new assembly line and there are numerous things that might not be quite right. These are high-precision devices, if the lens positions are off by a fraction of a mm, that might affect the focus or the IPD. There could be an issue with the circuit boards, perhaps an inadvertent solder connection. Etc.

These first units should be thoroughly tested, before sending them halfway around the world.


They could be highly susceptible to sweat! :sweat_smile:


I have no idea why you are posting Fabrizio’s questions. My question was not his. Nor was it directed to him. It was purely to establish that they were successful in testing the new lenses for the “week or so” and as they had said, moved on and produced the beta tester units. Since a “month” had past without advising that this had taken placed, I was looking for and indication there estimate was accurate and that they were on time as far as that process goes.
All the potential future issues that may or may not affects things and what they might then consider was not in my mind or even my question- it was Fabrizio’s.
Like I said, my question was answered and you missed (my) point.


If you suspect about the new lenses, I think it should ask the new question because I still not see any problem of that sentence of xunshu because that sentence reply to Fabrizio, it is not affirmative sentence.

Although the new lenses is used or not, I believe that they will choose the best lenses for the M1 unit after testing the lenses (may be new or other).

The lenses news on march only be some little update for telling people that they already solve the problem of v5 lenses which be used in ces2018.

I think we are going to the next step right now.


Again mate you are reading more into it than is necessary. I was questioning the timeline after a month without a post from xunshu. that is all. I will repeat-it had nothing to do with Fab’s questions-whatsoever. I got the answer I was looking for as I already said.


Thank you @xunshu for the update! Very good idea to start a closed beta test!
Of course I hope, I will be under the 10 testers, I’m VR enthusiast since release of the first VR headsets as I have all VR headsets at home (Vive, Vive Pro, Rift, PSVR, WMR Samsung Odyssey, Daydream, GearVR, Lenovo Mirage), so I could compare them on my SLI 1080ti MSI powerhouse. I pledged for your 8k and 8kx so getting it right it most utmost important to me.

Thanks for your consideration!


It’ll be nice if the testers also try watching a 3D blu-ray quality movie on the headset. That’s what I’m personally the most interested in.


Good idea. Because of the limited FOV in current headsets, including the Pimax 4K, I have forgotten about watching movies in one but in the 200 FOV it would be awesome!


Hi @xunshu

I’m also willing to take part of the closed beta. I’m a software engineer, a maker and VR enthusiast.
I’ve owned VR headsets even before Oculus was a thing and I’ve worked on VR applications on Unity since Oculus DK1.
I’m used to test report and debuging.



Hello @xunshu,

If you want you may include me as part of the closed beta.

I am already a developer and really excited to get my hands on the brand new Pimax 8k. I was also included in the developer batch of LEAP motion when that was released and contributed a few apps in their app store while it was working. I’ve worked on VR apps using Oculus and leap Motion on both unity and UE4 and want to check if pimax would work with leap providing much better immersion (based on it’s specs)

Thank you and thumbs up.