About M1 closed beta


Not at all meant to be negative - as General_Jeno points out, I just read the question of Skantate to be about the availability of ear phones on the shipment of the initial 8K to the backers, to which the current answer would be no so I just wanted to avoid people (who interpret the question as I did) to form a wrong expectation.
If Skantate referred to a later retail version or the final form of the backer 8K once all stretchgoals have eventually been delivered, your answer stands.


From what they said you will be able to plug headphones in in the meantime.


As far as we know, the DAS headstrap ships to backers at a later point, hopefully fast enough after launch. You will be able to easily connect it to the 8K, similar to DAS.

Meanwhile, you can use the headphone jack for your own headphones or headset.


Thing is though, I don’t have a headset and only some cheap travel headphones. I don’t want to buy a headset just for a little while :confused: So hopefully the audio strap will come soon after the hmd eh :slight_smile:


Well even the cheapy headphones will work. :wink:


Well this is not a case. Promised DAS like headstrap seems to be 10x more comfortable than orginal strap as its lay on forehead and not pressing face. We need it ASAP. I have rEvolve headstrap for my Vive and this is night and day im terms of comfort and fast wearin.


Well if you saw @mixedrealityTV did have the vive delux audio strap attached to 8k. So ppsdibly in the meanwhile maybe revolve might be able to attach to 8k until deluxe headstrap becomes available. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I’m almost sure it will not fit . And yes i have velcro straps ready for this operation :grinning:


That headset strap looks nice. Being able to flip the HMD up should be a standard.