About M1 closed beta


I definitely would nominate sweviver to get one.

Very exciting to see that you’ve gotten this far, I can’t wait to receive mine. :slight_smile:


Good news!!!



Japan’s enthusiastic VR enthusiast, and PIMAX lover.
Do you want a report from Japan?
Of course I promise to report the best, but simply, I only want to experience 8K soon I am about to die! (joke


I’m afraid of reviewers who got free stuff from htc or other supported media. Do you follow the money? Or do you have the fire inside ?


Thank you for the updates, Hopes that you could find the best reviewers for the M1 prototype that can see and test what you could not. Let´s hope that the wait for the official (finisshed) 8K does not take too long. And of course, if help is required; I am ready to test it. :wink:


Looks as though pretty much all VR related YouTubers got a Vive Pro the last couple of days, so I don’t think that’d be any indication unless you suggest that all YouTubers ‘are following the money’.

SweViver used one of his last videos to talk about exactly that point, about how his followers can trust him and that he’s in it for the love of VR and not the freebies etc.

I’m convinced that is the case but of course companies will approach anyone that instills this sort of confidence in his/her truthfulness first and foremost, as that is where their ‘sponsorship’ will give them the highest reach.

So personally I take everything out of youtube in particular with a grain of salt and try and compare the gist of a mix of media before forming an opinion.


Awesome Closed Beta update! Look forward to hearing results when available. Well done!


You should just send them to the first 10 backers. They would probably be enthusiasts. I have over 10 different VR HMDs from over the years. I spent 2 months with another high FOV prototype (180°) from a different company a couple of years ago. It’s about time someone brought high FOV to the consumer. There is no going back once you experience a decent jump in FOV.


That would mean SweViver gets two 8Ks, and he doesn’t have two heads.
Also, the first 10 backers may or may not have the time/interest in being focus testers; I know I would certainly play a lot of ED if I got the M1, but would I also want the responsibility of giving constant feedback, suggestions, deliberating on dates and stuff? No, I’d be too busy playing ED!



I hope that the test units are SPREAD thru the globe, the more variated scenarios of testing, the better !


Great!! Just a question tho, so let’s say they receive their units on 10th april, they report back the issues on 20th april, and then when you guys (talking to the pimax team here) fix the issues, that new improved headset will basically be M2 …correct? and i hope it won’t take more than a month and a half to fix those issues (if any was found…)


Probably not coincidence that those shouting loudest for a closed beta test are the same people who hope to be a part of it. That said a closed test followed by a quick release of reviews and information sounds like a very good balance to strike.


If you are trying to guesstimate a timeline based on when the beta tester get their M1s etc, forget about it.

In general you can expect around 2-3 months to get a production line set up AFTER you have settled on a final specced product. Then you produce a couple of hundred ‘final test runs’ on that line, get them into Q&A for a month or two, adjust again and then start a limited production run.

If we expect an HMD that might be able to come close to the quality and reliability of say a Vive or Rift, we are talking Q3/Q4 delieveries to backers at the earliest. I hope people on this forum don’t go as mental on me as when I told them that December 2017, January 2018 and Q1 2018 are out of the question.


super exciting. cant wait


I agree that it’s probably going to be as it has been longer then prefered. But my hope is to have ks shipments out for June/July with hopefully the consumer release ready for late November early December for Xmas orders.

But as they say it will take what it does & all we van do is be patient & hope for the best. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

EDiT With the limited number of headsets I would hope they wouldn’t consider me for the test group as per there requirement & needs.

With that being said if asked I would respectfully decline. With 10 units being available; backers with options to test multiple configs are more valuable. Ie Tom’s Hardware could potenially test a 980, 1070, 1080 & 1080 ti(if available) with Amd Equivalents like @Pumcy did a nice range of tests on WMR headset & recently did an updated one trialing Ryzen Apu.


Glad to hear that things are progressing.


Every couple of months somebody pops in with a new prediction of when this thing wil release. Fucking July now? Christ. I was just getting by on scraps of logical deductions on what the experience would be like. They said they had all the manufacturing stuff squashed months ago. How many times doess my bubble have to burst with missed deadlines? I’m sorry just a bit frustrated, because of the emerging patterns. Maybe we should all stop going on this forum until the dicking around with people’s expectations passes.


I agree with the Closed Beta and I’m glad to see things finally moving towards an end. But if 10 units are sent for testing, at least one or two could be targeted at common users(backers). One or two uncompromising opinions would be of interest to me, far more than extensive technical details. But this is with Pimax. What I want is my 8K as soon as possible. :grin:


Well the beauty atm there is no new advertised deadlines only speculation. :beers::smirk::point_right::joy_cat:

But yeah as much as I say we need to be patient; I am very eager to escape this reality. :heart_eyes:


July is quarter 3, and honestly there’s a b it of community untimely logic about oh yeah, manufacturing will chew up a whole bunch of time and none of that’s even started yet. I’m eager for it yes, because my life is cleaning and being stuck in the house. So my current little pair of binoculars get limiting. This all really feels like the painful wait of the vive. But whereas, when the vive was a year away, two years, you could just casually hear about updates. The few months prior to rumored release though were literal hell. Atleast they were on time. This however, is like re living those 3 little months, over and over. Before you know it, it will have been a year, and that bleeding edge will have been dulled by other tech progress. I’m sorry I’m really sick today, but how I feel about this despite sounding a bit disgruntled is probably the same as not sick, me. I want pimax to put out a good headset, and if it’s going to take a long time, fine. Tell me the truth and don’t alienate with 1980’s commercialism tactics, you guys are going to take another 7 or 8 months? Fine. I can be at ease and go on with my life until the time passes.