About M1 closed beta


Agreed, my vision:
we are now delay (8K) by almost 3 months, they are going to send M1 units to testers (1 more month), testing time and feedback (1 more month), then repairing and mass production for final 8K (1 or 2 months) … July or August 2018


This is moving at a snails pace.

Here’s what I think

Shipping units:
5-10 business days unless, like other time sensitive business’s matters they do expedited or better.

Testing time for the secret fellowship of the beta:
1 week. Although when I get mine, it will take me about 5 minutes to tell.

Time to relay info on telling pimax what they already knew was wrong:
One email…possibly with pictures for entertainment value.

Re-tooling for beta concerns we all (really) know will be there as much as they already do, as well as manufacturing, dumb delays when we all panic about the quality of the boxes they ship in, waiting for a response for a month about the boxes, issues with customs, waiting for a response about customs, and whatever else:
I have no idea.


One week for testing is too much time…

2 days for testing, no more than that!


You honestly cannot fathom how much I empathize with your emotional stance and I hope you get well soon as you mentioned you were ill right now.

I actually quite enjoyed the last few weeks before my Vive finally arrived (wave 1, 4 minutes lol) but that’s because I chose how to deal with waiting for a much anticipated gadget a long time ago. It’s a conscious choice I made and it really worked.

I do think August or September 2018 is realistic for wave 1 backer pledge fulfillment if Pimax don’t hit any major snags. That’s still some time I admit, but please consider that it was only January 2017 when they showed the first 8K prototype and that was 3DOF!

I‘m praying the HMD runs without the PiPlay mumbojumbo straight via SteamVR. To have developed a decent HMD AND an intuitive UI is most definitely beyond a setup the size of Pimax; if we do get HMDs (and in my mind this is a big fucking IFFF) I‘m actually more worried about the sw than the hw tbh.


@xunshu : Great to see this progress and thanks for keeping us updated.

I’m VERY concerned by item 8: “testers can now answer questions engage in the open forum”

Are Pimax really going to require that M1 testers can’t communicate their experiences with the community until the testing period is over? If so, It seems like a very harsh and completely unnecessary restriction that Pimax BADLY need to reconsider.

We all realise that M1 may still have small issues that can be fixed before the production run. I mean that’s the whole point of M1 right?.


You don’t think that there is a slight chance that anyone here might overreact to any single negative?


Well this question has been answered multiple times. Lol

Launch Piplay is only needed to change some of the settings. You csn close the piplay launcher; the Pimax driver (pi server has a tray icon) of which you can right click & change some settings without launching the launcher.

Like Steam the piplay/PiHome is just a launcher user interface. It can be closed.

But the pi server is required as it handles hmd rendering.



Well we should take a page from Engineer Scott.

Star Trek: NG episode where he reveals.

When giving an estimate of time double what is needed. When task is done well ahead of your estimate; everyone will think your a miracle worker.

Lol just shows how naive Kirk was all those years. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


If by slight you mean like continuously then yep.


What are the requirements/process of submitting myself for consideration into the beta? I’d consider myself qualified, as I was one of 20 public (non-developer) testers for the HTC Vive Pre in 2016, and was granted beta access to many of the first roomscale VR experiences. I continue to be a daily VR user, and due to my background, am experienced in providing feedback on beta hardware and software, and consider myself a very knowledgeable power user.


The testers should be able to talk to each other in some private forum, so they would have an opportunity to help each other or otherwise work together. This sounds as reasonable compromise between not talking to anyone and trying to explain to the eager public what they are seeing and experiencing and risking giving wrong or misleading impressions, or being misinterpreted by the crowd.


“1.We will email our chosen testers to confirm their participation (around 10 in total, to account for availability of headsets and manageability of the program), starting this week”

Sounds like the testers have been decided to me.


Do us proud swe.


As long as i am one off the enthusiasts play chosen am happy :slight_smile:


I think it is more to give time for reviewers to be able to publish a polished report of their experiences. (Which makes it fair to testers)

It also gives pimax time to address an issue should one appear (if any).

With only 10 test units available. Setting a date to release info also saves the Testers being plagued with questions during the testing.

The good news is that once the date is set after testers receive the m1. It is a date that can meet target with no delays.


@aesopfabled wow that poster is so cool :grinning: I promise I wont let you down. Despite being a vr youtuber, I will set full priority on the M1 testings, eapecially during that period. I will of course prepare videos meanwhile, but the main focus is to test and evaluate the unit in every possible way. I will consider to take some vacation days from work during that period as well. Btw can I use the poster image on my community tab?


@xunshu We would love to give a professional feedback about every hardware detail and test it from a developer standpoint as well as for the upcoming VR experiences that are in development. Many Greetings Michael


Of course! I can clean it up if need be to look a bit better


This is awesome. Thank you for the update. Keeping our fingers crossed to be a part of this.


Maybe it’s a stupid comment but …

Will you provide basestations and pads to the beta testers ?

  • If the answer is yes, it may have a bad influence on their judgment, if the pads and station are far from the final version.

  • If the answer is no, you have to choose Vive users only (but please choose at least one who owns a large amount of Revive games and apps, to make the test significant also on a oculus users point of view)