About M1 closed beta


looooool this is amazing.


Unfortunately, as a Software Engineer, I’ve learned it goes like this: Double your “worst case” estimate; then discover you were woefully optimistic and deliver weeks or months late. :frowning:


The test headsets will almost certainly be shipping without additional hardware. The first batch of Kickstarter headsets were solo headsets without base stations. The packages with base stations were scheduled to ship a month later.

As it stands, if Pimax is going to ship Steam VT Tracking 2.0 base stations, we won’t see those for quite a while. Valve hasn’t officially released the second gen tracking. If Valve had released SteamVR Tracking 2.0, HTC would have released the full Vive Pro package.


haha nice picture. but did you see the LOTR release date in the picture ? December 19…hopefully that’s not a bad omen for the pimax release :slight_smile:


They can simply ship them with the old base stations for the test if they don’t have 2.0 base stations ready. The tracking should almost deliver the same results with V1 and V2 base stations so it would be good enough for the Beta Tests.


Can anyone tell me why Nov/Dec is expected for full consumer release, assuming these tests go well.
Why would it not be sooner? Time to set up production and manufacture?


Haha. This is amazing!! I have high hopes for the efforts of our testers.

I truly hope that their feedback will actually sponsor the necessary changes to the unit before shipments. My biggest concern is the lenses… Projecting a 3d world into your head through the use of pixels right in front of your eyeballs is not trivial in any sense, it should be paid more attention to than anything else IMO. I really hope that they do a killer job with this and that our brains are able to interpret the 3d environments as they are meant to be interpreted. And also that developers make their games with this headset in mind, that they don’t use any tricks that work for smaller FOV headsets that will be glaring problems with this headset.

I’m hoping that our testers spend many hours in VR so that they can determine any issues regarding this, and correctly address them as well.

All in all I’m very excited to get these headsets out to testers! Do your best work, guys! :smiley:


Not saying that will be the date, it could be sooner. Just stating that it would be a good time to have the consumer release at the latest. After all backers have received the headsets the team will want to collect feedback from backers on a whole & have time for software debugging/optimisation tweaking etc.

But as they say it will take the time needed.


Please test Project Cars 2 in details. I have yet seen a test on Project Cars 2 using Pimax 8k. I only seen glimpses and video without car moving.



I attended your demonstration in Amsterdam and i was quite disappointed with the version you guys showed there… i found it warping and made me feel sick to my stomach…

Fingers crossed for you actually having found the solution…



Between all the positives sometimes i see someone like you… Even though that was v2 then, it still scares the sh/t out of me!
I need the 8k to be good, if i turn out to be dissapointed… I don’t see myself using my vive for the next few years and be happy about it. I might just grow tired of it and give up/stop playing…

I don’t know about you guys but i was hungry for a fov & res upgrade after the first 5min of using my new vive a year ago…


Yeah. I wasn’t going to buy any headset that didn’t have a higher resolution than the current ones and I wanted a larger FOV. I sure hope the 8K meets my expectations!


Thank you for the update.


If I were you I would have kept a minimal decent attitude, no need to beg for something that doesn’t threat your life (was it really the best decision of your life ? Do you have a life then ?)
Why need to be a tester ? Lack of patience ? Never seen VR in your life ? Are you a collector ? Are you the type that “look mom, I got a Pimax 8K” ?
Let the adults test M1 and stay calm and patient. You don’t want to be in their shoes when everybody will curse them for giving bad news.


“If I was to have the one ring, I would only use it for good.”
-Sean bean, cool dude.


It couldn’t be a bad omen, because apparently that date is merely the date of the original world wide release of the fellowship of the ring lol.


I don’t have all headset, but I already test all headset.

vive, oculus, psvr, mixed reality, wearality, mojing s1, daydream view 2, pimax 4k , star vr.

Only one problem is english is not my native language, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Infact we should not only test, but we have to recommend any useful info.

example the acer mixed reality have a fixed hdmi cable and how it can be used with tpcast 2.0 while
the hdmi cable can’t be removed (except HP mixed reality, it can remove the hdmi cable).

p.s. Don’t forget to collect IPD and focal length of each tester.

People ever recommend pimax to making the headset can open up the front of HMD like mixed reality, from my test, I don’t recommend (if the cable holder of acer mixed reality is broken and you don’t tie cable by anything, the front of headset can move out from your face when you look to the floor, I ever found this problem in wearality, this is special case, you may don’t know if you not try enough).


“Has all headsets…plays vr once or twice a week” lol.

Just a reminder to testers:

My review requests major points for a reviewer:

1. Reference Display replication. Test it with an amsler grid to check for warping and make sure you make the grid span your entire fov. Example of an amsler grid:http://cdna.allaboutvision.com/i/amsler-grid.gif

2. Tracking. Is it rock solid or even improved due to 2.0 lighthouse tracking sensors? Note that all pimax 8k m1 test units would be tested with lighthouse version 1.

3. Screens. If screen is 90hz: verify that it is. Analyze ghosting with high fps camera.
If it isn’t: does it make games behavior strange? Some games that tie their game engine logic to 90hz or a divisible of 90hz. notice any bizzare or glitchy gameplay or game crashes? How’s the brightness?

4. Performance assurance/software: is brainwarp working? If it is: the frame rate should feel dramatically higher in scenes of motion. Do extensive tests.
Is ASW working? There shouldn’t be any lag on your hands in states of reprojection.
Is ATW working? Compare it on versus off looking at steamvr frame timing. Any crashes or instability with software in general?
Does piplay work yet? Or only steamvr rendering?

5. Lenses. Look for anomalies, godrays, chromatic aberration, mura and unspecified artifacts that are not part of the reference image. Is the fov truly 200 degrees? A test for that should be possible to set up by opening an image of 200 degrees and the line from origin to infinity should be just on where the lens ends horizontally. How is the vertical. Check for 120 degrees.

Secondary points:

1. If all is well (gulp) to this point, and what was advertised on the Kickstarter is all there, how is the wow factor? Make a separate portion of review for exciting gloating if it’s awesome here.

2. How is the halo headstrap? Comfort? How’s the audio?

3. Build quality. Will this thing last a few years?

4. Stability of any mechanical/moving parts. These tend to break first god forbid. Does it seem robust enough?

5. A review of how hours of pimax 8k affects you. Does the wide fov affect you any more than regular vr or is it simply more immersive?
If display is lower hz, how has that affected you?

Please be as in depth and thorough as possible. Don’t be a lone wolf, the community may ask you to test things too.
No shorty 5 minute videos. This should be an hour as it’s not an entertainment video, but an informative video.
Please make at least three reviews. A unboxing. One after a few hours. And one a week later.

Any other intelligent tests and observations you can think of.

Thank you.

To any reviewers.


I would think the questionnaire will be broad enough. The process they propose at the top of the page seems to show they already have this all setup. Certainly by step #8, any concerns will have the opportunity to be expressed,


IPD is very important , hope the testers are not all 6.3/ 6.4 cm

edit /
They should find someone with larger IPD ie 7cm and lower IPD 5.8cm or so
otherwise how can they test the IPD adjustment