About M1 closed beta


I’m also interested to being part oft he Closed Beta.
I’ve had quite a few HMD. (even before the oculus DK1).
I’m a professional software developer and hobbyist game developer, I’m used to look for bugs and fix them.


Audio quality is not a high priority IMO. It only adds to the cost and the vast majority of people already have high quality headsets.


I am a backer but not interested in being part of the beta, I have no time to test. I just want to say that I am glad you are on the beta team. Love your reviews. Not only are they informative, but you are always having such a good time it makes the videos a joy to watch.


No no no, setting up headphones every day just to use it is a total PITA.


I agree. So many youtubers are over the top, not themselves personalities that it always ends up being boring and hollow. I agree, I’m the same way as swe I just really get the same way in game.


Agreed. One of the features I really like about the 8K is the integrated headphones and mic. I don’t want yet another thing to put on my head.


Yeah seriously, hopping into vr needs to be as streamlined as possible. And yes hopefully the mic is much better than the vives, and decent audio.


I’m a bit confused. Are these testers, to help figure out if and where the headset is still falling short, or reviewers, to tell us how its gone, with little impact on the final product?


That’s one thing I’m afraid of. We haven’t seen or heard anything about the headphones or microphone.

The vive’s mic position is awful! Smack in the middle right in front of your mouth. Result: Everyone sounds like a mouth breather…

So let’s hope the pimax team put in a decent mic in a good position & the headphones are good as well!


Real talk to testers. Near end of test period, would really like someone to give it the sweat test. 2 hours of active game use like Gorn , to see how much internal condensation builds up. As an active user this is amongst my top design concerns .


The mic quality on the vive is terrible as well as not being in a good position. The oculus mic is waaaay better. The audio indeed in the vive is nice though.


I keep posting under the 8k youtube videos asking if he can record a voiceclip with the 8k’s mic but so far no luck.


That would be nice. What if there’s no mic in it yet?


I just wanted to add that there has been a mistake since I’ve not gotten my invitation yet.


:joy: Right, and my lottery number for the Cannonball has not been drafted either, must remember to file a complaint…


Cannonball run? Is Dom Deluise partnering up with Burt again? :beers::joy::+1::sparkles::dash:


Wow so fundamentally wrong about so many even basic things.
I hope you’re not one of the m1 reviewers.


I would suggest you goto Tom’s Hardware before jumping to that kind of conclusion.


Lord of the Beta’s what?
There is a word missing from the title of the Film.

Lord of the Beta’s Testing Period.
Lord of the Beta’s ongoing program.
Lord of the Beta’s final stretch.

Still, nice try. :wink:


Testers, I would like to know your thoughts from a slight business perspective:

  1. Would you recommend it over a Vive Pro, if so why. Assuming here you have experienced the Vive Pro for the same amount of test time.

  2. Is the HMD useful as a business display. e.g could you have written your review, edited photographs all inside the HMD using a VR desktop app in comfort or would you still prefer to use a monitor for regular day to day work. Assuming the benefits of multiple apps open in VR being a main benefit here. Obviously text and icon eligibility.

  3. Does the HMD fit a variety of head shapes. Not talking about a child’s head as I think VR is bad for younger generations where eyes are still developing but for small, big, wide, narrow heads etc.

  4. What is your experience with Pimax as a company when accepting the HMD for testing. Did they communicate clearly with you, do you feel they understand points you raise? Granted this would be a later update past initial reviews.

  5. What is the build quality, will it break if dropped from desk height for example. Did everything feel solid enough to be passed around a group on a daily basis. Are the lenses easy to clean, is the face foam easy to replace, clean or wash, is the cable lightweight and wired in the optimum place to not pull. All expected points on ergonomics.

  6. Are drivers mature enough to send the HMD to somebody new to VR and expect them to figure it out without a printed guide.

  7. Obviously want to know if VR Sickness is more of an issue with the extra peripheral visible. This is one area that I think holds back others creating FOV above 140-160 degrees but would be great to know your personal experience, or at least somebody who is prone to VR sickness and how they felt in it.

  8. Does the HMD take into account spectacle wearers, people with facial hair, long hair, piercings etc. Or has no thought gone into this. At the moment I assume little has been done in this area other than a basic head strap?

  9. Is the HMD coating a fingerprint magnet.

  10. Was any warranty info or other printed info included when you received the test unit.