About M1 closed beta


It’s spelling could of been better.
/troll :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How about the progress update? @xunshu


That might be the controller update.


when are the M1 units supposed to ship to testers?



IMO …they will get headsets end of April. then results end of May ( or half way IF optimistic)
then update in May saying : tweaks and stuff now looking Q4…
Just a guess but Pimax got me down with the way this goes.


Well they said they would test the newly arrived lenses for about a week before producing the tester units and I am hoping it doesn’t take a month to make 10 units or we are in real trouble.


first Kickstarter experience for me…and not going to repeat (or recommend)
if I knew it was going to be like that, i would have waited for costumer release and make use of all this time for something more constructive.
Now, here I am, backer 2000+…
{off topic sry)


I mean… you knew what you got yourself into right ?
It will be worth it. I guess you saved 200$.
And you wouldn’t be getting the hmd sooner.
You should also be fine to lose that money you gave them.
It’s kind of like a bet with very good odds.
You gain little but the chance that you will get the hmd is high.

I’m totally enjoying the time I’m waiting on this KS. The joy that you feel waiting is still the best :grin:.
Enjoy that you can influence the future dude !
By giving our opinions on this forum we already accomplished a good deal of changes to the hmd.


well, no I didn’t…now I do and I wont repeat for sure.
I really hate waiting.i’am too nervous.
Would have felt better if from the start they would have say Q3, would still have pledged.
But now I just expect a delay update.
we’ll see… :slight_smile:


Indeed alot of folks don’t realize that a kickstarter is often more like a rollercoaster ride where you don’t see the track til your strapped in heading for the top of the first peak.


That’s part of the excitement: Being at the dawn of something new.


its also the reason when the kickstarter started i decided not to support financially but would contribute to forums and beta testing. I can wait for the consumer release.


That’s exactly what you SHOULD do, if you’re uncomfortable with the risk. Personally, I decided to back it, since this is the first headset which (theoretically) meets my requirements and I didn’t want to wait until it’s finally released to retail. I expected it to be delayed (but perhaps not THIS delayed). Still, I’d rather it be good, instead of rushed. Besides, NVidia still hasn’t released the next iteration of enthusiast video cards and (imo) that’s a requirement for the 8K to shine.


Do we at least get to know when testers received their units?


Good question. I imagine once all units are confirmed rec’d; we’d likely/hopefully receive an update stating testing will commence & stay tuned for the results.


Biggest trouble with something like this is experience. Hard to have a good proper understanding without really researching or experiencing the process.


I do understand the process and the risk, which is that the final product might not EVER ship (some Kickstarters have completely failed) or meet the promised specs. Delays are very common. I thought Pimax was overly optimistic, but given their experience with the 4K, I felt like they could deliver an actual “next gen” headset before any of the “big” players, who seem to be more interested in mass market, not moving VR forward (increasing FOV and significantly increased resolution).


I didn’t mean necessarily yourself. Lol

Its a general problem. Like when ppl say “It’s common sense.” Common sense only applies if one has past experience with something or something similar. If one has no frame of reference ie an unfamilar tool; its brain dead to expect one to use common sense. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Please make the estimated dates much more visible. I’m out of forum life for some time and now i’m confused catching on. What is current plan for delivering product? Thx


@xunshu At which step from your list are we right now?