About M1 closed beta


Somewhere between step 1 and 2. Before we ship M1 to testers, we would need some time to do testing.


Please start a new thread when you ship to beta testers, this one is getting a bit messy :slight_smile:


@xunshu How Pimax will Use the time after M1 testing are doing now ?

Pimax will send M1 to beta testers but there are many days (some weeks) until they have it and beta testers can communicate with Pimax team what they want to know.


The team will keep testing the prototype and preparing for mass production.


@xunshu if pimax find some issues in few M1 samples (for example numbers 2, 6, 7 of ten) while the others are ok.

What is your decision ?
a) you send M1 samples 2,6,7 to beta testers without changes
b) you send M1 samples 2,6,7 to beta testers after solving the issues manually in the lab
c) You do not send these M1 samples to beta testers. M1 beta testing go forward.
d) You delete M1 Beta Testing for a new M2 beta testing round up

I make this question because (i think) until now pimax has a perfect headset in the lab and now is checking the first production batch


If M1 units happen to have some issues, we will notice the testers in advance and then send out the units.


OK thank you

it’s the answer A).

So you can use the time to solve issues with production and meantime you will have feedbacks from M1 Beta testers


Maybe you should consider selling your Kickstarter place… I’ve seen now a couple of people asking around if anyone was willing to sell!


I am a bit worried too… Maybe we won’t save 200$… Maybe the retail price won’t be any higher than 100$ more… Maybe they will find retailers in other countries that save shipping costs and customs costs. So at that point I quite agree with Jean-Medhi, I could have done something else with that money (like keep my Vive…).

We still don’t know when they will start to sell the public model once they shipped every backers orders. Maybe it will be a month later, maybe it will be the same week. I don’t see why they would wait, or why they would produce 1000 headsets for backers, then close the factory and wait a month to produce more… I think they will mass produce. First units will be for backers, and the following for other people. So we don’t earn much time.

On top of that, well… first delay was understandable. Now if they are late again (and it would be again understandable), and if I receive my Pimax after july, holidays will be over, and I won’t have time to enjoy this great product (I would like to do 24h of Le Mans on Project Cars).

Many reasons to be worried about, but I also knew it would be part of the kickstarter experience. I just hope the future will prove that I’m wrong. Maybe the Pimax 8k will sell 2500$ :wink:


Your looking at Kickstarter wrong. You shouldn’t back things thinking you are getting an early deal. You back things that you think are a good idea and that need support and development. Odds are you aren’t going to be getting a deal here in savings (almost everything drops over time due to improved manufacturing or availability)… but you will get to be an early adopter… whether that is good or bad thing.


Right, it’s a matter of getting the product early, before anyone else can buy it retail. The Kickstarter provides money for product development. If the Pimax Kickstarter failed to meet their initial goal (iirc, $200K), the 8K would not even have been produced, at least not in this timeframe. As to the price, remember that you are getting a lot of goodies (like eye tracking) for free (since the Kickstarter met all of its stretch goals). Retail, you’d probably need to spend an extra $100 for the eye tracking module.

Pimax does not own their own factory, so the factory won’t be idle while headsets are not being produced. Instead, they hire out 1 or more production lines at a factory which can produce “clean room” products (which is required so that there’s no dust behind the lenses). I believe Pimax said that the factory will be producing something like 800 units a month. (Remember that the factory has other commitments and those 800 units might all be produced in a few days.)

Manufacturing time

Too late now, would not be a clever move selling now.
We are getting close to release


You mean you hope right? I’m backer #352 and a long time Pimax 4K owner… and I personally don’t think we’re close to receiving the unit at all. Though I think it will arrive… but I suspect by the end of the year if we’re lucky.


Still…already waited nearly 5 months (7 since November)
Delivery date is pure speculation right now, let’s wait and see how it goes with test units.
But thanks for your input


Even if the headset retails for +$100-200 more than ks price; your forgetting the extras are likely to “cost extra”.

So breakdown (estimated values)
-lens adapters + $10 to $30
-delux audio headstrap +$40 to $70
-fan +$20 to $30
-eye tracking +$70 to $120

  • $100 off wireless coupon
    -extra content (unknown)


I completely agree with you!!! And I really do hope I’m wrong!!!


To be fair, you said March 9 you just got the new lenses and would need about a week to test before producing tester units. Are you saying now (1 month later) that you still don’t know if you have issues? or are you saying there are issues and the timeline is in jeopardy? This far along it doesn’t seem like it should take a month to know this. Have you actually produced some M1’s for testers and found issues?


We really need answers, some people are thinking in selling there pledge…
Some saying one thing and some another…
Pls stop editing update and create a clear topic with details since March and Schedule.
When will test unit arrive? are they ready ? what about the new lenses?
And also, will any of the test unit be a 5K in order for us ( very few of us ) to have an idea on picture quality/Colors/SDE on that modele ?


Yeah you’re right ! I forgot that… It makes sense. However it will ship later (and we all know what it means ^^), and I also will probably pay customs on it. But you are right it makes it economically interesting.

By the way, I don’t expect any precise answer from the Pimax team. I mean you can’t decide when you find a solution to a problem, you can’t decide when your supplier is on late, you can’t always decide when you discover that a component isn’t suited… You can just expect to face some problems, so you don’t say you will ship in january ^^. I guess they are doing everything they can to make the best product as soon as possible. But hey they also have the right to eat and sleep you know :slight_smile:


I think it would be much more useful to fix those issues first and then send the units; some issues could mask others.
I don’t see the point in sending M1 prototypes that are already known to be defective.