About M1 closed beta


I hear you the estimated ship date was too generous. Which also suggests they had been very confident on the progress they had made at the time. Hindsight is 20/20; foresight is often short.

Often what seems to be small detail can be often harder to nail then a major one.


Well, I am certainly curious about the latest revision lenses, because, ever since it was mentioned, intuitively I can’t help but imagine the stated addition of “structure” to the backside, should have the opposite effect to the intended… :7



Thanks for the update. Of course it is not exactly what we hoped to hear, but it is good that you let us know that we should not expect shipment to the beta testers to be just around the corner. This is managing expectations.

Please do the same if & when you realize that Q2 shipping to backers will no longer be achievable. If it takes until end of April to ship the M1, depending on the shipment time the testers will be doing their thing somewhere in May, so end of May seems the likely time of getting to the final design for mass production.
That is, if from now on everything goes well, and no beta tester notices substantial flaws which require correction of the design or production process. Even then you would only have June for the production and shipment - meaning that it will be quite a narrow window to meet, and shipment time again comes on top until the backers hold their 8K in their hands.

So I fear a delivery seems rather likely to move into Q3 almost irrespective of how well it goes from now on.

This is not nice to say, I know, but again - it helps to manage expectations.


I don’t see the point of sending units to testers with known issues…



I begin to find unnecessary, the idea of sending some units to tests by the “users”. It seems like it’s going to be a waste of time. It would be much better to have a local team to test the headsets and thus continue the development / completion process faster and more efficiently.

And only after, with the finished product and entering the production line, send units for some users to do a review.


i could not agree more…and i think they should just test the units with a local team and then finally send the headsets to backers.
this all thing will take ages :pensive::pensive:


I strongly disagree - you do remember the V5 fiasko, don’t you ? Somebody thought it was okay to show up at ECS with that device in its then-current state.

The issue is, if you work with such hardware all the time, you get blind for certain flaws, because your brain has learnt to filter them out. So do not expect their dev team to notice all flaws.

Getting decent testers from their city would of course make access, communication etc. much easier, and I hope they are dong that too. But then again, perhaps there are cultural differences in how one uses such HMD, what one considers to be acceptable in terms of flaws, and in that sense I like the idea of e.g. Youtubers to get their hands on it. If somebody like Tested, Sweviver or Linus have their say, I have an idea of what to expect from them and how to view it. And I know their use of & expectation towards VR is similar to mine. I would not be as sure of that if it were a Chinese Youtuber, in the same vein a Chinese backer might not be as sure about Sweviver’s considerations…

Bottom-line: as Pimax are enthusiastic but not exactly the most professional bunch around in terms of QA, I really appreciate the outside view on the product before getting it shipped.


i am sure they could fine people from different culture in China or where ever they are for beta testing and massive time saving (=Happy Backers)
i don’t think youtubers or Devs or Vr experts will spot something i or you couldn’t.
Massive fail from them with timescale, and lack of communication.
i am really looking forward for my 5k but my trust in Pimax is down to 0.


I don’t totally agree with you. Effectively we didn’t backed this project to have reviews but to have a hmd. Otherwise they need their product tested by some people outside their company. I guess people selected aren’t just youtubers that will ‘‘lost time making videos’’, but also people that know what they are talking about and will be able to say to Pimax what they need to change to improve our product.


Exactly, i think the same :wink:

What will happen if each of those who test the headset has a different impression / opinion?

But is just my opinion…lets wait and see what happens


I would say that “that’s the expected outcome”. That’s why you have multiple people looking at it; each will have their own opinion, prejudices, etc. That’s a good thing. Chances are someone will notice an issue that others might overlook.

I’d rather Pimax take their time to produce a good headset and not rush something out the door, with flaws which could have been fixed.


My take on this is the testing is partially a PR exercise for people to look at independent users enjoying the product. The people who test the M1 units will be getting near finalized builds which I assume Pimax will hope to be received positively. Once the testers post their impressions all eyes will be on them and if all is good then this will lead to a gain in interest for the CV1 release. The reason this whole process seems to be dragging its feet is because (obviously) Pimax don’t want to send out buggy units to the outside testers. They want gushing previews/reviews to share to the world not the kind of negativity we saw during CES.


Yes I don’t want anything rushed they should take there time they are not trying to beat anyone else to market. We all want a great experience with the headset we backed and that takes time. I really look forward to the M1 Tester reviews when they are released. I like watching enthusiast reviews.


What does eye tracking do? What apps can use Pimax eyetracking? SDK? Demo? maybe its 100000$ but without proper use who cares?
Fan is really working here but 20$ okay, coupon well, more question raised than answered


Sooooo any update how M1 assembly is going @xunshu? Any idea when we can expect the units to be shipped out? Thanks


Better ask if all the needed prototypes are assembled and in testing process.

Are they, @xunshu? Thanks again for the update.


That’s what I’m asking :slight_smile: With ‘shipped out’ I mean shipped out to the testers


Whether you find a free addon included useful isn’t really the issue its the value of the item.

Example once the consumer version released you could sell the items you don’t find usefull. Even prior some things like the frame adapter if you don’t need them.

As for eye tracking use? Have to wait & see. Minimally map user eye movements onto avatar (easy), foveate? Well could have use even on a headset side to reduce some overhead on the driver side even if a game doesn’t directly support it.

*But only time will tell. & the community asked for the eye tracking module.


There is a new thread posted last night.


Ah, missed that one, thanks