About new lenses


@xunxu wrote:

“The new lenses will arrive next week, we will start to assemble asap and then ship to testers this month.”

@xunshu Are they already here or are they still coming by the end of this week?


I’m starting to lose faith in Pimax’s capability to make an usable headset. All i have heard are just words and excuses and more excuses…


And now it seems Pimax is not even responding anymore … I’m also starting to lose hope here.


We never even really have heard WHY Pimax is even making new lenses. Xunshu said something about that those lenses will be better than all versions before. But better in what way? What exactly was the problem with the V2 lens for example? It all makes no sense and I’m starting to think they’re just making excuses. Next week we’ll hear something about the controllers and that we’ll need to wait 3 weeks on some controller part …


It blows me away to read the oculus go has better optics than the new vive. Watch MRTV’s full review. The side by side screendoor comparisons are night and day due to the sub pixel layout. Blacks and brightness are better than the rifts OLED. No god rays??? WTF is going on


Rift March 2016 release
GO May 2018 release.

There is your answer.


Do you have a link? I’d like to see that. I was astonished when I saw the gear vr lens swap mod personally. Really made me feel like the fresnel tradeoff was more for entry level vr than the preexisting vr community.
Really, pimax is the only company that seems to care about real vr users, and not the ever expanding entry level.


About 14 minutes in


maybe the V2 lens too expensive/difficult to mass produce
two lens fused together , possibly ok if done carefully by hand but mass production could be a big hurdle , They sold the theory and now have to face reality with all unknown’s/difficulties


This would make sense. Yet Pimax doesn’t want to tell us anything anymore about the lenses. Xunshu said the lenses were better than all previous versions (without even having tried them). I asked what exactly is better about it but never gotten an answer. And now we don’t know if they’ve received them or not, and/or if they’re any good or not. She did say that they will ship to the backers this month but who knows, they’ve made so many promises …


Not necessarily Pimax’s fault , their lens manufacturer /supplier probably over-promised , not as though these lens are easy to manufacture , cutting edge tech etc


Well the lack of communication IS their fault. They could have at least explained WHY the new lenses are needed. They chose to avoid answering that question, yet they give it as THE reason for this delay in the process of shipping out. And now we don’t even know if they already have the lenses or not, if they’re any good etc. We’re pretty much in the dark.


I doubt they will ship to ‚beta testers‘ this month. Her last update stated they will have assembled M1 this month so I‘m pretty damn certain testers won’t receive anything before June/July best case.

After assembly will be fine tuning etc.


Agreed. I don’t think they’ll be shipping out to backers this Q2, like they’re still claiming, in fact I highly doubt it will be Q3. I’m guess Q4 first shipments


I don’t think that the problem it is about the physical lenses, unless they have to be unhomogeneous in some directions to adapt to angled panels, which is very hard if not impossible to research and test.

I rather tend to believe that they cant’ find the right software algorithm for rendering corrections due to angled panels.

Maybe this time sfeje’s friend might give a hand if this is the problem.

Or maybe there is not yet a mathematical solution to the problem of a pair of angled panels.Other companies afford much more resources than Pimax and still they keep delivering one or two straight oriented panels.

Expect huge impact announcements about the topology of the next versions of the headset. And forget about 200 FOV.


Apparently they just created a topic for weekly updates that they find convenient to report and seemingly ignore any new questions, leaving those we’ve already done with no response.


Yes, that’s the new pimax style. Feedback but not open for questions anymore. I guess it could be worse. But also way better.


You guys seem like impatient children who just did your first investment and think because you put your own lawn mowing money up you should be rich in two weeks later. Even with hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars at stake I’ve never seen a group who needed so much hand-holding.



You are right, they act like spoiled little children.
Its been 3 months ago i spent here checking post etc, it seems the same guys are still complaining and pouting and creating negative and wasteful energy.

there is a company called blizzard, and their motto is : ITS DONE WHEN ITS DONE…

they never put timelines, therefore they never give you hopes. And thats how they work, because they know most people are impatient little kids when it comes to their toys. SO they rather work behind doors and cut off connection with the kids 100% because in t he end…it doesn’t help them at all to do the opposite.

And not only do i question you constant nagging for updates and crying that it will never come out etc, being little fear mongers as you are.

I wonder do you have a life besides this forum and pimax 8k?
Just go to your basement and shut up already lol, so fck sad some people have become.
And i dont need to hear your reason why you crying and nagging because i already read it 50x in 6 months.

Too bad pimax can’t refund people like you, would make this forum a lot nice to skim trough and not read comments from the impatient folks.

I hope just to fck people up like you there comes a M2 a M3 and up to a M65 LOL


But they don’t do kickstarter. Of course in such a case there’s 0 responsibility towards their future clients. However with kickstarter it’s very different. We’ve invested our money in this company and are now waiting for the results. Of course a company could just ignore the investors who put their money into the companies pockets after they’ve received it, but I highly doubt those investors would invest again. So it’s really not only extremely impolite, it’s just bad business.

Why can’t they do that? All they need to do is refund anybody who wants a refund in turn for their kickstarter ‘contract’. I don’t think it happens with kickstarter but it surely is possible. After the kickstarter deadline, kickstarter pays the creator the funds (less the kickstarter fee). Those funds then can be perfectly legally transferred to the backers again if both backer and creator would agree.

I’m not saying Pimax should do this. But it’s not impossible at all.