About new lenses


The “next week” is over. So @xunshu , did the new lenses arrive or not? Let’s have another delay?


It’s good practice to under promise and over deliver, if they’d updated their estimate to Q4/2018 in the beginning there would have been less drama. Backers have held up their end of the bargain.

Imo the delays won’t matter to the success of the 8K, it only leaves a bad impression to the backers. Probably there is little brand loyalty in the VR space, so there’s little impact except for killing their chances for further kickstarter campaigns.

Like George W. Bush said: “I know the human being and fish can co-exist peacefully”, or something like that.


Hmm why do you believe that? I think that the (high end) VR market is quite small therefore it’s important you can keep fishing in the same pool. For example, I backed NoloVR, they made SUCH a mess with their kickstarter and product, that I’d never back them again. Even if they’d come up with a VR device with the greatest specs, I’d have 0 confidence in them and would not back them in kickstarter. So I do think it’s really important how you manage your kickstarter. Then again, most of my criticism is actually directed at the product itself and the (total lack of) help/service from NoloVR.


Imo especially early adopters/enthusiasts look for the most promising products and are willing to switch from one brand to another and currently there are a lot of companies competing in the VR space. Maybe some company will truly make a breakthrough and ensure that they’ll stay on top with their patents, but that is not what I imagine to happeb. There’s no prestige attached to which company manufactured your headset, only if it is the best matters. So it’s different than driving a BMW or owning the latest MePhone.


Ok, gotch you now. Yes I agree, I’d switch to a better product in a heartbeat. However I’d never consider to buy again from NoloVR for example, so past VR product experiences surely do matter for future buy decisions.


Backing an inferior product must truly suck. Maybe you’d reconsider if NOLO’s next release would be much better than everything that is available right now. If in the future there is a Pimax 16K with good reviews and specs, I’d buy it. Unless the 8K turns out to be like StarCraft: Ghost


i’m almost curious to ask what happened with nolovr?

what mess did they make?


Long story short they overpromised and very much underdelivered. That damn thing drifts so much that I can’t even use it. Really worthless piece of crap.


did they also had a deadline?


I think all Kickstarters have a deadline. I know lots of people are disappointed about the delay, but imo the original 8K shipping date was extremely optimistic. I was hoping for actual delivery in March (and I am disappointed that didn’t happen), but I’d much rather Pimax take the time to ensure the headset is good (instead of rushing out an inferior product).

Honestly, I’m more disappointed in NVidia’s delays of their next GPU, since NVidia’s delay is almost certainly intentional and I think that the 8K will need at least an 1180 to reach its full potential.


My Nolo VR worked fine. It really did. I’ve actually considered using it with my Samsung Odyssey so that I can play VR Regatta because it needs tracking behind me. Haven’t had time to set it up though.


In this affair it is not necessary to have the faith but to have some patience. You do not seem to realize the difficulty which represents the fact of passing of an any small company in the elaboration of a mass production. It is very difficult to realize.

In addition, I am sure that employees, technicians and senior executives are doing everything in their power to fulfill orders. So do not put these hard-working people under inhuman pressure. Let them work in peace. If I were in their shoes, I would like to be treated like that.


You’re necroposting old thread from may.