About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


you sure?

I just sent it this morning = =


Dear Pimax Team, Dear Derek,

Many thanks for your quick response. I’am awaiting the new cable then. You didn’t however answer my request about the possibility of buying few units of proper working cables. I’m using my Pimax 5k+ for competitive play and use it on daily basis. It would be great that you provide me few more units to prevent such unfortunate in future. If it’s only possible pls contact me in that matter. Other than that i’m enjoying the hmd very much. It’s the best i have experienced so far so keep it up with good work on support and software improvement!

Kind regards


absolutely sure! (also nothing in the spam folder)
cable has been send at the 18th,
info from you received this midday (greek time) via forum.
but … thx again! :slight_smile:


Good morning ,

cable $36 / pcs,

you may PM me for the quantity you wanna purchase , and for your address which is needed to calculate the freight,.


You really should make them available on Your shop (and Amazon too).

At that price I think a lot of people would buy an extra cable.


Agreed. A spare cable or 2 folks are likely to grab. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


yeah we are actually considering that.


I would like to buy an extra cable as well, I had the snowy pixel issue from day 1 . PM me as well @DerekVVV


open a ticket on SUP, if it is a quality problem , we will send you a new one.


[Pimax Support Center] SUPEN-4928

< michael wang 2019/05/20 16:44>
Thanks for your information the cable will be sent soon Pls be patient

I don’t have a reply after answering the above.
Here’s another question.

Has the replacement cable been sent?
If you didn’t send it, when would you send it?

Please answer.


Thank you for your help, i have notice relative to respond your ticket.


hi, I have replied your ticket , also post here
LL352120112CN EMS


I have been trying to contact support via email for months until I found this forum.

I lodged a helpdesk ticket #15,896 hopefully to be attended by ventripotent.sun孙立

Hope to hear from you soon regarding my snowy picture in the 5k+

Many thanks.


@SweViver might be able to help as well.

Welcome to pimax forums. Have upgraded your user level by one


I have snow dot problem since Feburary but still can not create supen ticket.

I could not join surpport page in March.
Now the link denies my access.

How can I get new cable without create supen ticket?

I found pimax web page made new Order support button.
So I sent my information with that and get massege

Your Ticket Number is #16,132.

Thank you for submitting your issue, our team will get right on it!

Is that works?
The link “http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/” is closed.
So I used “https://pimax.odoo.com/helpdesk/order-support-1/submit


Some people just had to seat the cable better and it cleared up their snowy pixel issue


What do you mean “seat the cable”…?

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Push the cable in tighter at the headset


Hi Sean -Thanks for the update.