About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


Dear Pimax-Team,

I really want to thank you for your fast support for sending me this “new” cable which solved my Problem. I had realy bad snowing Pixels which startet to get heavier during the use of the 5K+. I have used it since yesterday in 2 Sessions first one arround 90 minutes and now already over 120 minutes and I couldn’t detect any snowing Pixels anymore.

Thanks again for your assistance!

Best Regards



Dear pimax-team,

I can´t open a supen-ticket since 3 days. The page you´ve linked in the first posting sadly don´t work. Tried it with chrome and firefox 3 days different times of day.

Kind regards,



Not sure why it’s not redirecting, but here’s a direct link until they fix it:


All data entered on helpdesk, video attached (14mb), error message: “an error has occured, the form has not been sent.”

After that I tried to make a new account with another error message: “500: internal server error”.


Try a search using @Matthew.Xu i believe he posted an alternative link.


I will send you a private message to help you solve this problem. Thanks.

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